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  1. Brad Vautrinot

    To Live and Die in L.A. (1985) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    What's the difference between this release and the Blu I already have from MGM (other than the price, of course)?
  2. Brad Vautrinot

    Any word on The Keep....

    being given the Blu treatment? Directed by Michael Mann and released by Paramount in 1983? B.
  3. Brad Vautrinot

    Any Word On The Following Becoming BluRays---

    Thanks for the info. B.
  4. Brad Vautrinot

    Any Word On The Following Becoming BluRays---

    12 Angry Men - MGM 3000 Miles To Graceland - Franchise Pictures A Fish Called Wanda - MGM Arsenic And Old Lace - Warner Back To Bataan - RKO Basic - Columbia Bataan - MGM Beau Geste - Universal Billy Budd - Warner Black Sunday - Paramount Boys Town - MGM Broken Arrow - Fox Bug - Lionsgate...
  5. Brad Vautrinot

    They Were Expendable coming from Warner Archive

    Now available from Amazon as a pre-order. B.
  6. Brad Vautrinot

    Billy Budd

    Would be nice.
  7. Brad Vautrinot

    Billy Budd

    Anything new on a possible Blu release of Billy Budd? According to the theatrical poster Warner Bros. made this one. Don't know if they still have the rights. B.
  8. Brad Vautrinot

    Summer Visions

    I've been waiting to see if and when there would be Blue Ray releases of two decent summer comedies: Summer Rental (John Candy et al), and Summer School (Mark Harmon et al) Has anyone heard anything? B.
  9. Brad Vautrinot

    The Dream Team and The Money Pit

    Don't know if this has been raised before on this forum but I see Best Buy has exclusives on these titles: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/bd-dream-team-the-bby-xcl-bd-blu-ray-disc/5143718.p?id=3561405&skuId=5143718&ref=199&loc=TnL5HPStwNw&acampID=1&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-9FkosY6BqewIZwdZmtfGgg The...
  10. Brad Vautrinot

    What Player and TV for 4K UHD and 3D?

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll wait and see what develops. B.
  11. Brad Vautrinot

    What Player and TV for 4K UHD and 3D?

    Howdy Folks, I’m thinking of going 4K UHD and 3D for my viewing pleasure. What I’d like are some recommendations as to hardware, I guess - what kind of player as well as what kind of TV/monitor. Thanks much. Brad V.
  12. Brad Vautrinot

    Where The Sidewalk Ends

    Where The Sidewalk Ends is now available for pre-ordering from Twilight Time. Brad
  13. Brad Vautrinot

    What would you like to see next from criterion?

    Billy Budd and The Reflecting Skin
  14. Brad Vautrinot

    Billy Budd

    Has anyone heard if this terrific movie will be released as a BluRay? The 1962 version starring Peter Ustinov, Terrence Stamp, Robert Ryan & Melvin Douglas. I believe it was made by Warner Brothers and was filmed in glorious black & white. Brad
  15. Brad Vautrinot

    Want more "older, unreleased" stuff on DVD?

    I surely do want older stuff released on Blu-ray. Here's a partial list. Some may be already in the works: 3000 Miles To Graceland A Fish Called Wanda The Abyss Alamo, The Arsenic and Old Lace Angels With Dirty Faces Bad Day At Black Rock Big Sleep, The Billy Budd Blade: The Complete Series...
  16. Brad Vautrinot

    Fury (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Just pre-ordered it. Can't wait. B.
  17. Brad Vautrinot

    What's on your Daily Viewing List?

    Just finished watching Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (Digibook) The Killer Elite The Dogs Of War Planning on watching: The Signal Distant Drums Run Silent, Run Deep The Innocents South Of St. Louis The Young Savages I’d love to see ALL the Charlie Chan movies on Blu Ray B.
  18. Brad Vautrinot

    Three Most Wanted Oldies

    Has anyone heard of the following terrific movies being prepped for Blu-ray release?: Sahara (starring Humphrey Bogart) Lifeboat Macao Brad V.
  19. Brad Vautrinot


    Any chance of the X-Files, t.v. series and movies, ever making it to Blu-ray? B.
  20. Brad Vautrinot

    Twilight Time announces Blu-ray releases March-June 2013

    I've accessed the Screen Archives/Twilight Time site and cannot find any announcements or listings for the above mentioned BD's. Am I missing something? Brad
  21. Brad Vautrinot

    Twilight Time September/October 2012 Releases

    I stand corrected - it is on the dark side but not as bad as the YouTube video. Also, there is a bluish cast when Barbara first enters the house. This cast is gone in another 10 or so minutes of playback. I have to agree that the trailer looks better than the BD. Brad
  22. Brad Vautrinot

    Twilight Time September/October 2012 Releases

    I watched mine yesterday and am very happy with it. It's NOT dark as shown in the split screen YouTube video. I suspect the youTube video is fake. Brad
  23. Brad Vautrinot

    Twilight Time Announces Nov/Dec 2012 Releases

    I see that Twilight Time no longer has Blue Lagoon or Night Of The Living Dead (1990) listed. Sold out already? Brad
  24. Brad Vautrinot

    Humphrey Bogart and Warner Bros

    I love all the Bogie movies and would jump on all of them in BD. What I would really like to see is Sahara on BD. Brad
  25. Brad Vautrinot

    Westerns year by year--recommend the best for blu

    Ben, This thread has been a fount of Western knowledge that I am so grateful for. This, and the books I'm now reading, are filling a void in the evolution of the Western film. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their knowledge. May I ask where you.re getting all those wonderful pics of...
  26. Brad Vautrinot

    Westerns year by year--recommend the best for blu

    This has been a terrific thread and one that I read every day. I'd be hard-pressed to pick a top 10 list but two of my favorites would be most welcome on Blue-ray: Shane The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Any thoughts? Brad
  27. Brad Vautrinot

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Alien Anthology -- in Blu-ray

    I just cancelled my order with Amazon until this problem is resolved.