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  1. Nate Public

    FS: SVS CS 16-46 Subwoofer

    I won this SVS subwoofer as a door prize at a local event, it was on display when i won it, reboxed at the end of the night and I have never taken it out of the box since. It's an older model (I think before the new speaker drivers were released, but don't quote me), and is technically...
  2. Nate Public

    revisiting older games to honor the new

    I traded in some X-Box games at the local game exchange and decided to pick up an old N64 for the fun of it. I had never played through the two Zelda games that were available for that platform, so I thought it might be good to play through before I buy Wind Walker for Game Cube. Along with...
  3. Nate Public

    WTB: Star Wars THX Trilogy Laserdisc

    Howdy, I am looking for a good to great condition copy of the Star Wars Trilogy on laserdisk. I am specifically wanting the THX version, not the Special Edition (sorry to the guys trying to sell SE!). I know they abound on ebay, but I'd rather keep it here in the forum if possible...
  4. Nate Public

    simplicity (prefab, all-in-one systems)

    Howdy folks, I am an official geek who has been roped into HTF geekdom in the last six months or so. Now, because of a vague understanding of technology, and helpful hints from HTF geniuses such as yourselves, I in turn am being asked about home theater items: A couple of folks have...