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  1. Greg Rowe

    Charcoal Grills

    There have been a bunch of grilling posts today, so I started a new thread to avoid hijacking another... I was wondering if I am the only one left who prefers a charcoal grill over a gas grill. To me, a gas grill is nothing more than an outdoor oven. Food cooked on it tastes a little better...
  2. Greg Rowe

    Sony kv27fs13 reliability?

    The Sony kv27fs13 is the low end 27 inch Wega. I have been planning on purchasing this TV since I love the picture quality and the 16:9 compression feature. I have read on a few sites that there has been some reliability issues with the Wega line. This is a bit of a concern as Sony's warranty...
  3. Greg Rowe

    Good Inexpensive DVD Player for interlaced output

    I am going to be buying a 27" Sony Wega (kv27fs13) and an, as-of-yet undecided DVD player. Since the TV isn't 480p capable progressive output is useless to me. My first thought was the JVC fa90bk. I figured it would be a great player and I could keep it for a very long time because of the...