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  1. GortWillSaveUs

    Completed my HTPC Build and an unRaid server. Woohoo!!

    After much researching, I finally completed my HTPC as well as an unRaid Server. Thanks to all who gave comments on their systems and helped me decide on this system. All the parts are solid and it is silent. Here are the parts: [CASE] SilverStone Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX Media Center/HTPC...
  2. GortWillSaveUs

    Optimizing a 42" Hi-Sense LED TV

    Purchased this TV a few weeks ago. So far, really happy with the purchase. The sound is not that great, but I plugged it into my surround sound system and no more worries. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has experience with or ideas about how I can best optimize this TV for best movie viewing...