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  1. Douglas Monce

    Happy Birthday Indiana Jones!

    This maybe the wrong place for this so feel free to move this thread as needed. Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 30 year ago today. Some talk about the influence of Star Wars on modern cinema, but I think the Raiders films have had a bigger impact both visually and in story structure and...
  2. Douglas Monce

    Netflix streaming

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread or not so moderators feel free to move it. I heard some interesting info on the radio as I was driving this afternoon. Almost 15% of all internet traffic between the hours of 5pm and 11 pm can be attributed to Netflix streaming. They...
  3. Douglas Monce

    Sony: "Do not use your PS3" until glitch is fixed

    This is interesting... tech.yahoo.com/blogs/patterson/65898
  4. Douglas Monce

    Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie on blu-ray

    I guess this was released on blu-ray back in November. Who knew. Where ever it was possible, the director used 35mm footage for this film, so it should look pretty good. Plus it has a fantastic score recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra...
  5. Douglas Monce

    True 5:5 pulldown or 24fps with out added frames

    I did a search, and I can only find threads on this subject that are about 2 years old. Does anyone know if there are yet any HDTVs that will display 5:5 pull down with out adding fake frames between the 24 frames of a theatrical film? I can't seem to find any that don't do some kind of...
  6. Douglas Monce

    This is interesting

    Just saw this press release. www.videobusiness.com/article/CA6685873.html Interesting. Doug
  7. Douglas Monce

    Blade Runner's different versions.

    Charles, I've spent the last week or so obsessively going back and forth watching the different version of Blade Runner on the new set. I'm curious about the source material for the different versions. For instance on the theatrical/international/director's cuts I notice quite a bit of...
  8. Douglas Monce

    Sony has lost over $3 billion on the PS3

    This is interesting. Sony has lost over $3 billion on the PS3 - Video Game Feature - Yahoo! Video Games Doug
  9. Douglas Monce

    BCI Cancels Upcoming HD DVD Slate

    This is interesting... BCI Moves to Blu, Cancels Upcoming HD DVD Slate | High-Def Digest I got my copy of 'My Favorite Brunette'/'Son of Paleface' in the mail the day before yesterday. Son of Paleface in particular looks great. Doug
  10. Douglas Monce

    More Bob Hope films on HD!

    Sweet! More Bob Hope Flicks Bound For HD DVD | High-Def Digest
  11. Douglas Monce

    Dragon's Lair on Blu-ray

    Well I rented Dragon's Lair on blu-ray. I was thinking about buying it for nostalgia reasons, but wanted to try it out first. I also wanted to check out the PIP feature to see if it would play on my non 1.1 compliant Samsung BD-p1000. First off the PIP feature works so it must not be 2 video...
  12. Douglas Monce

    The Godfather restored.

    Now we know what Robert Harris has been up too... http://hollywood-elsewhere.com/archi...ther_resto.php Doug
  13. Douglas Monce

    Panasonic's next generation Blu-ray Disc player, at a SRP of $599.95

    This is interesting: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070515/nytu008.html?.v=71