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  1. FanCollector

    Young Maverick

    Not sure if there's any frequent poster on here who is interested, but... http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/Young-Maverick-The-Complete-Series/22011
  2. FanCollector

    Lou Grant listing!

    Real? And on blu-ray? https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01BHCPQE4/ref=mp_s_a_1_10?qid=1454630988&sr=8-10&pi=CB192198896_AA75_QL70&keywords=lou+grant
  3. FanCollector

    Odd Couple on Hulu

    Just wanted to let people know in a clearly labeled message that Hulu has 66 episodes of The Odd Couple on their service right now. This fact is only newsworthy because the episodes are fully uncut, and there are a few episodes on there that were edited on DVD: "Strike Up the Band...or Else"...
  4. FanCollector

    In the Heat of the Night Remaining Seasons from TGG

    Amazon is now showing listings for season 6, season 7, and a combined season 2/3 package. As with seasons 4 and 5, there are missing episodes--six from season 2, ten from season 3, one from season 6, five from season 7. The anticipated release date for all of them is March 11th.
  5. FanCollector

    Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts

    Just received the 25-disc set yesterday. The shows look good, considering they were videotaped. I watched a couple of the documentaries and they were well-edited and pretty enlightening. The new interviews range from charming to strangely irrelevant, much like the ones on the Dean Martin Show...
  6. FanCollector

    CBS Status Report

    With the increased output from CBS/Paramount, I thought it would be worth looking at the series they have begun but not finished. As series like The Streets of San Francisco, for example, are completed, perhaps it will open up slots for continuing other shows. Cannon, for instance, would seem to...
  7. FanCollector

    Ironside vs. The Virginian: Classic TV Profitabilty

    I have always wondered about the different thresholds for profitability in vintage TV releases, and some recent news has given me the perfect comparison for my question. I recently wrote to Shout Factory to ask about the status of Ironside. I was informed, very openly and cordially I might add...
  8. FanCollector

    Barnaby Jones hope?

    For what it's worth, the Paramount Syndication Bible indicates that, as of last month, HD transfer was begun on Barnaby Jones. Makes me feel good about Cannon, too. (That one still isn't being transferred, but if Cannon were bombing, they wouldn't release Barnaby.)
  9. FanCollector

    Monologue episodes

    I was looking for a list of television episodes that consist entirely of a monologue. Although there are numerous examples of lengthy speeches, and even whole scenes, in which one character alone speaks, I could only think of two one-person shows: "Hawkeye" on M*A*S*H and "The Analyst" on Maude...
  10. FanCollector

    CBS/Paramount and Public Domain Songs

    I got a little curious after noticing that "Give My Regards to Broadway" was edited out of two episodes on the last set of The Odd Couple. I knew that song was in the public domain, but thought it was an isolated oversight. In fact, seven Odd Couple episodes are edited unnecessarily by removing...
  11. FanCollector

    Perry Mason Arithmetic

    Any idea why Volume 1 of the 26-episode third season has only twelve episodes? I know the second "half" is due in December, so I'll live, but CBS is getting very loose with these volumes.