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  1. Bill Cowmeadow

    Amy Winehouse - RIP

    Just heard Amy Winehouse has died. A shame, a young person with such talent gone. Rip.
  2. Bill Cowmeadow

    HD Radio - It is great.

    Living close to Los Angeles, I am able to receive quite a few HD radio stations. I just upgraded my receiver to the Marantz SR8002 which includes the HD radio feature. I have an external TV antenna (yes, the kind we used before the advent of cable). The SQ through my system is great. We...
  3. Bill Cowmeadow

    What about Blu-Ray Lossless Master Audio

    With the apparent demise of both DVD-Audio and SACD, is there any movement on the production of music only content on Blu-Ray discs using the Lossless Master Audio format, or is that going to be reserved as a track option for video titles only?  
  4. Bill Cowmeadow

    Spiral Frog, Anyone Use This Service?

    I know most use I-tunes for music downloads, but has anyone used Spiral Frog. Does not seem to have much to choose from.
  5. Bill Cowmeadow

    Summer Sandwich

    Just made me one of these, Yum! Begin with two slices of fresh potato bread. Lightly butter one slice with lightly salted fresh butter. Sprinkle this buttered slice with fresh parmesan cheese, not too much, about a half teaspoon. Next top this buttered/sprinkled slice of bread with two...
  6. Bill Cowmeadow

    Our New Toy

    just put this in the garage this weekend. 1999 XK8 What do you think?
  7. Bill Cowmeadow

    Just got High Speed Internet

    After almost 20 years of using dial-up, we just got wireless internet at home. I live on the edge of town, more than 17000 ft from the main phone trunk so dial-up (not even close 56K) was all we could get. Now we have a small radio on the eave of the house which is conected to our router...
  8. Bill Cowmeadow

    D-Link Media Lounge Movie Server

    I have been archiving some of my DVD collection to a 500 GB Drive and would like to know if the above mentioned Media Lounge could be used to serve these movies to any HD monitor/TV. This seems like a great thing to be able to do to keep small sticky fingers off of the DVD's themselves. Anyone...
  9. Bill Cowmeadow

    On Line Poker

    I joined PokerStars.net to play poker for fun. We play a lot at home to. While playing at home with friends for a minimal buy-in I noticed most folks play conservatively and bluff from time to time. On-line however, it seems to never play out that way. No matter what type of game I get into...
  10. Bill Cowmeadow

    Music Server, PC Software

    I know there are software packages that will do this job for me, but while looking at the titles in Best Buy and trying to figure out what to get, I decided to post the question here. I have no intrest in downloading songs, I just want to import all our CD's into a PC based server. I would...
  11. Bill Cowmeadow

    Samsung SP-R4212 42" Plasma

    First foray into Plasma TV's. The first thing that I must say is: If you only have a standard satellite or cable signal, the results are less than spectacular. That said, the panel is great for everything else. As a person who tweaks things for a long time, this was the easiest screen I...
  12. Bill Cowmeadow

    MacDonalds Gift Cards - Blatant Rip-Off

    I, along with thousands of other people rec'd a gift card for MacDonalds at christmastime. One minor problem, none of the Macdonalds I've been to will accept it. most have never heard of the cards... This seems like an un-ethical business practice to me, especially for a national chain. Or...
  13. Bill Cowmeadow

    Linksys Router ??

    I was running a peer-to-peer network of three computers and sharing a dial-up connection. I just installed a router and changed to an infrastructure setup. Now, no matter what I try, I can't get the other computers to get to the internet. I know, the obvious fix is to get DSL, but I'm too...
  14. Bill Cowmeadow

    Contact Dermatitis

    Two weeks ago I forgot to take my watch off when I went to bed. In the morning I noticed a large area of redness on my left lower chest area. Two days later the redness became blistered and incredibly painful. Today, two weeks later, it looks like an ulcer gone very bad, it still hurts like the...
  15. Bill Cowmeadow

    New Car

    Wife just got this thing. She got the 'Cool Vanilla' version. I got to say, I really like it. What do you think?
  16. Bill Cowmeadow

    Norah Jones - Million Copies In A Week

    On a CNBC talk show this afternoon, I heard the numbers for her latest CD. Everyone in the discussion said the same thing about the numbers and how most of the sales were $9.99 to $12.99 for the new release. They agreed that the music industry should take heed that if they price good music at a...
  17. Bill Cowmeadow

    FS, Sega Dreamcast and Games with VGA Adapter

    Everything listed for $125.00 Plus S/H ($15.00) I would prefer to sell it locally if possible, but will ship if required. Please E-Mail or PM if interested. Sega Dreamcast 2 Controllers 2 VMU’s All Cables VGA Adapter – Allows it to be used with projector or computer monitor Gameshark...
  18. Bill Cowmeadow

    Place Names - Just Plain Odd

    Here's one; Toad Suck, Arkansas. Where did you go to school? Toad Suck High. Honest, This is a real place. How do you suppose it got its name? Got any others? Bill
  19. Bill Cowmeadow

    Breaking News...What Happened Local News In LA?

    I've been in S. California for over a year now and the one thing I miss about the Mid West is the local news. In the Mid West there might be 'Breaking News' once or twice a month. You could count on the standard format; Local headlines National headlines Local interest items Weather...
  20. Bill Cowmeadow

    The Sandwich Thread, Who Can Make The Best.

    Start with a loaf of uncut crusty white bread. Using a sharp knife cut two slices from the center portion of the loaf about a half to three quarters of and inch thick. Lightly butter one slice and put aside. On the other slice sparingly spread some dark honey Dijon mustard. Break off two leafs...
  21. Bill Cowmeadow

    Need Help With Movie Title.

    The synopsis of the movie is: Man travels across the country using a John Deere Lawn mower to see his estranged best friend, stopping at every town along the way where individual stories unfold. The man shoots the first mower with a shotgun because it breaks down early on the trip. Please...
  22. Bill Cowmeadow

    $49.00 SACD, DVD-A, DVD, CD Player

    $49.00 is not out of the question in about a year. The question I pose to is this: If SACD, DVD-A is the nirvana of playback in the audio world, what argument will the golden ear crowd have to quantify/qualify spending more than $49.00 for a player. If the spec for SACD/DVD-A capable...
  23. Bill Cowmeadow

    Music You Should Never Have Parted With

    I've never seen a thread like this so I thought I bring it up. In 1970 or 1971 I was given copies of the Steelers Wheel (Stuck In The Middle With You) and Mad Man Across The Water (Tiny Dancer) albums. These weren't the copies you could buy, but salesmans demo copies without labels on the...
  24. Bill Cowmeadow

    Need help with title of Jackie Chan movie

    In the movie, Jackie Chan plays the part of a garage owner and is forced to race cars when his friend is kidnapped. My son want's this movie, but we don't know the title. Thanks Bill
  25. Bill Cowmeadow

    RCA DTC-100 with VHDC-300

    Ok, I never got to use this as I would have liked. I only get 1 OTA HD station where I live. This unit has never been used with a Sat Dish and has never had the card registered. The Card in in the slot with the cover in place. The VHDC-300 has never been used, and will allow the RCA DTC-100 to...
  26. Bill Cowmeadow

    Panasonic PT-L300 A Quick Review

    I was never a fan of LCD projectors because of the ‘Screen Door’ effect of the display. And I can say that it’s not an issue with the Panasonic PT-L300 (I sit 13’ from the screen). That said, here are a few words about my first impression of the unit: This was the easiest projector I have ever...
  27. Bill Cowmeadow

    Took The Plunge - New Projector On The Way

    I just ordered the Panasonic PT-L300U 16 X 9 LCD Projector. I was on the fence with DLP projectors, and just couldn't find a true stand-out in the sub $2,000 range. In the past we had a Barco 801s CRT, which was almost HT nirvana, then I had to move for a job, so we left the Barco with the...
  28. Bill Cowmeadow

    Our Great Dane Died This Morning

    Nammy Boy was nine years old, a large dog even by Dane standards. The Vet said it was normal for him to go suddenly. We knew that was a possibility when we rescued him eight years ago. The greatest pet we ever had, and the most mindful animal around children and especially careful around ladies...
  29. Bill Cowmeadow

    Moved to CA....

    Well I made the move to California in Sept. and am now in a house in Rosamond. I thought Ca. was a progressive state, but I could not have been more wrong. I have been waiting for a drivers license for almost three months, Buying a house was simply a nightmare, Groceries at the local Albertsons...
  30. Bill Cowmeadow

    My House Is For Sale, Includes Barco 801s Home Theater

    Seriously, just north of Wichita Kansas (Kechi). $129,000 Ranch Style 1 Acre Lot 5 Bedrooms 2400+ Sq Ft 10 years old Just painted New Roof Lawn tractor included Immaculate landscaping Now, If only I can get the same thing in Lancaster California...