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  1. Kelly W

    Resolution Problem Connecting PC to TV (LN52A650)

    I recently purchased my first HDTV (a Samsung LN52A650) and I really like it. I have a laptop computer that I want to connect to the TV, but I'm having a problem that I am unable to solve. The TV manual states that the optimum resolution is 1920X1080. The laptop has both VGA and HDMI outputs...
  2. Kelly W

    This Film Is Not Yet Rated is Not Yet Anamorphic?

    I'm surprised to see no threads about this yet, but despite what I've read in several online reviews, the DVD of This Film Is Not Yet Rated is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. The back of the box reads: This is 2007, right? I'm disappointed with the transfer of this otherwise great...
  3. Kelly W

    Region-Free Player Advice (Cambridge Audio Azur 540D)

    Hello everybody, My father is interested in buying a region-free DVD player in order to watch a few DVDs out of Europe. Here is what he's looking for: 1. Good PAL>NTSC conversion 2. Region-free out of the box (I don't want him to have to go through a complicated firmware upgrade...
  4. Kelly W

    Graham Norton on DVD

    I was wondering about the recent release of the "Best of" So Graham Norton DVD. My wife and I really want the "Si Graham Norton" special where he travels to Mexico. Is this part of the "Best of" disc? (From what I've read, I don't think it is.) Does anybody know if this (Si Graham Norton) is...
  5. Kelly W

    NBA Live 2004

    I'm surprised there is no thread about this game yet. I picked this up last week, and it has taken some getting used to. At first, I hated it, but it is growing on me. There are a lot of things I like: *you (and the CPU) can finally have a real effect on defense *fouls are called...
  6. Kelly W

    Is Total Movie Dead?

    Hey guys, Well, Total Movie (the magazine) was supposed to go monthly starting with the September issue, which I received around the 20th of the month. Alas, I have not seen an October issue. When I tried calling the customer service number, I got a message saying that the phone number had...
  7. Kelly W

    Reservoir Dogs and Pioneer DV-414

    Does anyone have a copy of the new Reservoir Dogs release and a Pioneer DV-414 player? I do, and disc one of the set will NOT load. The machine will spin it, display that it's a DVD, and open the tray. The disc works in my other players, and disc two works in the Pioneer. Does anybody else...
  8. Kelly W

    Buster Keaton's "The Paleface"

    I just picked up an "El Cheapo" DVD containing a few shorts by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. One of the shorts is "The Paleface" and looking at the title card of the film, it APPEARS like a black box was pasted over the original credits so as to re-name the film to "The Paleface" from...
  9. Kelly W

    Please Help Me Diagnose This Laserdisc Problem

    I'm a new to the world of laserdiscs, and I've got a problem with my laserdisc of Star Wars (the THX "Faces" edition). Periodically, I see horizontal wavy lines that travel from the top to the bottom (and sometimes in the opposite direction) of the screen. Then, at the end of "Side 2", it...
  10. Kelly W

    Does Laser Rot Always Get Worse Over Time?

    Okay, I've read all the posts I could find about laser rot, but I still have a question. I just bought my first laserdisc player (thanks to Star Wars, of course) and I found a copy of Yellowbeard (not on DVD) at a local used bookstore. When I play the disc, I see a bunch of...
  11. Kelly W

    *** Official "MR. DEEDS" Review Thread

    I just caught a preview screening of Mr. Deeds yesterday, and I have to say that I'm glad it was free. I've liked a few Adam Sandler movies like The Wedding Singer and even Happy Gilmore, but I just can't recommend seeing this movie. To say that I didn't laugh at all would be unfair. John...
  12. Kelly W

    What do you think of the Amazon.com Exclusive Limited Edition Kurosawa DVD Set?

    I could have SWORN that I read about this here, but searches for Kurosawa and Amazon turn up nothing. Anyway, I'm curious to know what the general opinion is on this set. Its a very limited run (only 5,000 units) and only available through Amazon.com. I am ashamed to admit this (especially...
  13. Kelly W

    Origin Of The Term "Sleeper"

    I'm pretty sure that most people have heard the term "sleeper" as in, "My Best Friend's Wedding is the sleeper hit of the summer." In this context, it means that said movie was a "little" film that wasn't expected to generate much business, but instead, went on to become somewhat of a hit. I...
  14. Kelly W

    Clarinex Commercial Music

    I guess this is the best place to post this... I'm interested in knowing what the music is that is currently being used in television ads for Clarinex, a prescription anti-allergy (I think) drug. I swear that I've heard the music before and would really like to know where it comes from...
  15. Kelly W

    "Trailer A" on Say Anything Won't... Umm... Say Anything

    I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this problem. On my Pioneer DV-414, "Trailer A" on Say Anything is completely silent when played through my TV speakers. When passed through my receiver, I get loud "cracks" and "pops" and no other audio. The trailer plays fine through my...
  16. Kelly W

    Snow White + 2 Disney DVDs = 1 Free DVD Offer

    Well, I was fortunate to get both DVDs from the Jurassic Park III offer, but now I'm still waiting for that Snow White free DVD offer. I'm talking about the one where you had to buy two Disney DVDs in addition to Snow White and you could choose from a short list of discs for your free movie...
  17. Kelly W

    How To Irritate People on DVD-- How is it?

    How is the How To Irritate People DVD? I've never seen it in stores, and I wasn't even aware it had been released until Amazon.com started recommending it to me. My big concern is that one of the customer reviews makes the image quality sound terrible and says that the audio is out of synch...
  18. Kelly W

    My DVD player is not "Nuon-Enhanced"--- What am I missing?

    Like most people, I don't have a Nuon-equipped DVD player. I remember hearing about this "technology" when it was announced, and I read that it is basically a chip developed originally by the guy behind the 3DO for a new game system that never took off. Occasionally, I see it listed on a few...
  19. Kelly W

    What is the OAR of Christopher Nolan's FOLLOWING?

    I just picked up the DVD of Following at Fry's and noticed that it says "Fullscreen Presentation". I looked at the discs and didn't see any inidcation that there were two separate releases of the film (i.e., widescreen and fullscreen). Amazon.com says that the disc contains the film in an...
  20. Kelly W

    DVD Preview with Leonard Maltin-- Where is it?

    I subscribed to Leonard Maltin's DVD Preview a long time ago, but with the big delay, I kinda forgot about it. I checked that email sent out back in June and saw that the next issue was the "up-coming 'feature-packed' Fall 2001 issue which [was supposed to] premiere mid-November". Unlike some...
  21. Kelly W

    FOX: Contact Information Needed (Re: Die Hard 2 Missing Disc)

    Hey all, I posted this in another area, but maybe it should be here... My wife bought the Die Hard Trilogy Boxed Set when it was released back in July (it was on sale). She put it in the closet until this week because it was to be my birthday present. Well, I opened it on Thursday and found...
  22. Kelly W

    Can Someone Please Explain This Joke To Me? (Re: Heist and Roger Ebert)

    Hey all, I have not seen Heist, but I've read Roger Ebert's review. In it, he says:
  23. Kelly W

    My Best Friend's Wedding: SE

    I thought that the special edition of My Best Friend's Wedding was to have been released on 8/28, but I haven't heard anyone mention it. I haven't even seen an online review. Does anyone have this yet? If so, how is it? Thanks!!! -Kelly