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  1. Yumbo

    QUICK/VIEW: The International (BRD)

    I like Tom Tykwer. This movie was GOOD! Good picture. Good sound. Great subtle score. Where is it iTunes??? Recommended! Now to continue with True Blood...
  2. Yumbo

    Total HDMI dropouts - FOX DISCS?

    Hi all, Last week with Notorious, and last night with The Wrestler, there was a total loss of HDMI signal, which only a removal of cable solved. VERY embarassing for me, and VERY FRUSTRATING for wife, with guests over. Using Panasonic BD 55 firmware 1.8 to Yamaha RXV-3900 out to...
  3. Yumbo

    $10 retail price drops on new titles?

    Just checking: Revolutionary Road Defiance $20 DVD $30 BRD Someone verify please. If true, can we expect some serious volume and adoption?
  4. Yumbo

    IPHONE: Travelling to US - prepaid SIM with data available?

    Hi all, Will be in LAX December 23rd, and travelling to New York and Colorado until January 2nd. Can I buy a local SIM to use, and also use the 3G network? Cost, sources? Thanks!
  5. Yumbo

    BR QUICK LOOK: Harold & Kumar 2

    Hi, The BR does not have the theatrical cut found on the DVD edition. The Digital Copy is for Windows only (boooo). The sound is good. The picture was ok. The nudity was hilarious (crudely). The song soundtrack was amusing. For fans of the first movie.
  6. Yumbo

    Which HD camcorder?

    Hi all, What is your experience and buying plans? Sony or Canon? Compatibility with iMovie? Hard drive, flash memory? Battery life? etc. Any comments appreciated!
  7. Yumbo

    Safe to update Jailbroken iPhone?

    As in header. Friend has a 1st gen iPhone which was jailbroken. Safe to just update via iTunes?
  8. Yumbo

    HD DVD: August Rush

    As a music and Mancina fan, this is a great wait. Good picture, very good sound. Singing is also good, but the music performances are best. Hearing and seeing Jamia Simone Nash on the Rhapsody will make you rain tears. Recommended!
  9. Yumbo

    TIME MACHINE keeps crashing

    So much I can't stand it!!!! PowerMac G5. OWC external via FW800. No matter what drive I use in it, I end up having to erase and start over again, as it won't resume after a crash. RANT OVER. Ideas?
  10. Yumbo

    Hitman (Unrated)

    Hi, Watched this late last night after Atonement (which was interesting). The opening with 'song' is reminiscent of The Transporter opening (which was better). Getting used to Timothy Olyphant is ok as soon as he goes into action mode. His voice just needs to be heavier. The score by...
  11. Yumbo

    HD DVD: Atonement

    Hi, Just finished watching this. A very bright picture, with wonderful colours and detail. Great sound, and interesting sound design/score. Just listen to the Dunkirk chorus. Another fantastic VISUAL shot was the shadow into light in the library - amazing. James McAvoy continues to...
  12. Yumbo

    QUICK LOOK: Death at a Funeral

    What a hilarious experience! Great BRITISH cast, outstanding comedy. Take A FISH CALLED WANDA and mix it with BOWFINGER. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  13. Yumbo

    QUICK LOOK: Bee Movie

    Yes I'm a Mac fan, lol. Anyway...it's playing in front of me...WOW. Fantastic picture and colours. Hopefully the HD comes out next week.
  14. Yumbo

    BR: 30 Days of Night

    This was our 1st test of a borrowed BR disc on a borrowed PS3. Note that we are/were an exclusive HD DVD retailer. The quick loading was nice. Setup was done. The common BR trailer played then into the movie menu which I guess is consistent with the DVD one, which I guess makes sense...
  15. Yumbo

    Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on price drop -> $50

    Now $50 in Australia!
  16. Yumbo

    AMAZON: 360 add-on $79

    Anyone lucky to snag one? It sold out before I could click proceed to cart!
  17. Yumbo

    HD DVD: 'The War Within'

    Hi, If anyone has had trouble finding this, DVD PACIFIC just shipped ours!
  18. Yumbo

    HD DVD: NEW Import Listings

    ATONEMENT (Universal) - March 10. Amazon UK. Others to be scheduled by Warner Germany through June: Golden Compass Mystic River Dirty Harry Series Rendition
  19. Yumbo

    HD DVD: The Invasion

    is on its way. As hinted at earlier. Been sitting on it since last weekend! I just realised this could have been the January 5th stock being held back. In any case - 5-6 weeks before OFFICIAL street date.
  20. Yumbo

    HD DVD: American Gangster

    DVD Pacific have a listing for February 19th! Thought I'd give some good news. Smiles. ps. watched this at the cinema last night. Left frame was not masked. Sound was stereo only. Door was left open. And air-con was too cold. Projection was flickering. Things I have to do to keep the...
  21. Yumbo

    Heads up: Toshiba A35 $420

    At Amazon.
  22. Yumbo

    Amazon HD DVD sale

    Buy 2 get 1 free (including 10% if you have it) - average price $11.33! http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.htm...22571&plpage=1 It's technically a player promotion - 3 free. But if you don't want the player, 2+1 works. Happy shopping! I've stopped at 21 titles = 14 paid, 7 free...
  23. Yumbo

    Mr. Bean's Holiday HD

    Good transfer, making of extras. From Australia.
  24. Yumbo

    The Contract

    Hi, This is a good transfer. Also has trailers for other First Look movies - possibly more HD releases. I didn't bother with the INSIDE LOOK feature (their version of IME). Sound was good. Movie was not bad. Menu is similar in design to Weinstein titles.
  25. Yumbo

    360 add-on: New software update

    Hi, Just loaded Scary Movie 4 (on special from Amazon), and it prompted an update. Relentless enemies still does not play! What is the update for? Anyone?
  26. Yumbo

    Amazon HD sale

    Hi, All Weinstein and a few Paramount titles are 40% off. Fox BD is also on sale.
  27. Yumbo

    Stories from a Hollywood set on location

    So there I was on a rare day away from work (renting HD/DVDs), on a beach, on the wrap day of an upcoming independent adventure thriller from some young Hollywood heirs, as board adviser for our Film Commission. And on the drive back, I ask one of the producers (think son of studio head) if...
  28. Yumbo

    QUICK/VIEW: Night at the Museum

    FANTASTIC picture. Haven't seen one this good since Robots. Soudn was pretty good. Score by Alan Silvestri was noticeable. Movie was entertaining. Carla Gugino is always a soft spot.
  29. Yumbo

    HD DVD: Smokin' Aces

    Yo, Didn't load on first add-on (serial 07xx). It was then a random thing as with Hollywoodland. Second add-on (serial 02xx) loaded but then started to stutter after I had let the screensaver come on from menu mode. It's playing ok now after reloading. Picture is great. The info grid...
  30. Yumbo

    Amazon 1st HD DVD anniversary buying

    Hi, AVS guys have organised a buy HD DVD tomorrow. Trouble is the checkout screen isn't coming up at all! Anyone else having trouble?