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  1. John Stockton

    Please help me find speakers for 2 channel music

    I am looking for a pair of speakers that are only going to be used for listening to music. So naturally they would have to reproduce music as accurately as possible. My budget is $200-300. Can anyone recommend any speakers at that price range?? Thanks
  2. John Stockton

    Blu-ray Player with built in Wi-Fi ... best one for streaming?

    If your primary use is streaming then the 2012 Sony line are great. The S390 and the S590 are both available at reasonable price. Both do 1080P and 5.1 audio from Netflix. They also stream 5.1 audio from Amazon on Demand, something that the Panasonics do not do. The main difference between the...
  3. John Stockton

    The Message and Lion in the Desert DVD; cropped from 2.35 to 1.77 ???

    I just recieved the new 2 disc edition of both of these from Deep Discount dvd and was shocked that in the back it states that both films are presented in the 1.77:1 ratio when both were shot in Anamorphic Panavison and should be 2.35:1 . Now I am hoping that this is just a typo on both...
  4. John Stockton

    Battle Creek Brawl AKA The Big Brawl aspect ratio

    I picked up the DVD for this film today but noticed that in the back it states that the film has an AR of 1.78:1 when in theatres it was 2.39:1. Has anyone viewed this DVD yet to see what the actual ratio of the picture is?? I don't want to open the shrink wrap if they have screwed up. Thanks
  5. John Stockton

    Hidden Fortress Criterion

    I saw this at local store at a bargain price and I wanted to ask anyone who has seen this DVD, how good the transfer is?? Thanks
  6. John Stockton

    Scarface 20th Anniversary reissue: Where in the Bay Area??

    Does anyone know which theatre Scarface will be playing in the San Francisco bay area?? It is supposed to open tomorrow but I cannot find anything on the internet. Thanks
  7. John Stockton

    Wedding Singer DVD

    I saw this at a bargain bin and wanted to pick it up but I noticed from the back cover that the disc is not 16x9 encoded. Is that a misprint?? Also how is the picture and sound quality?? Thanks
  8. John Stockton

    "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" DVD

    Can anyone comment on the transfer of this DVD?? Thanks
  9. John Stockton

    Costco: Preorder Die Another Day and recieve another Bond DVD Free!!!

    I saw this at Costco so I thought I should pass it along. If you Preorder "Die Another Day" SE 2 disc DVD for $17.99, you will recieve your choice of "The World is Not Enough" or "Moonraker" SE DVD for free. You can preorder at any local Costco store or online. Here is the link. With the Free...
  10. John Stockton

    Jesus of Nazareth DVD Aspect ratio

    As I recall, this was shot as a mini series for television with an intended ratio of 1.33:1 , yet the back of the DVD cover, it states that the film has been reformatted from its original version to fit the 1.33 screen. Does anyone know what the intended Aspect ratio for this film is, and...
  11. John Stockton

    Best price for City Slickers II ??

    Does anyone know what store offers the best price for City Slickers II?? Thanks
  12. John Stockton

    2010 DVD

    Is the Warner Bros. version of 2010 Anamorphic? Also how is the Picture and sound quality? Thanks
  13. John Stockton

    how do I change my local time?

    I looked at the front page but I did not find anything. I need to change my local time from London to Pacific.
  14. John Stockton

    ATTN Paramount: Please release Star Trek VI in its original 2.39:1 ratio!!!

    First, I would like to thank you for the latest Star Trek IV DVD. I was quite happy with all the extras that were included. :emoji_thumbsup: Second I would like to bring up the issue which has plagued all of the home video releases of Star Trek VI. Both the Widescreen Laserdisk and the DVD...
  15. John Stockton

    Mitsubishi 65100 DLP: Has anyone seen this in action??

    I was searching the Mitsubishi site and came across the WD-65100 65 inch DLP rear projection television. If I am not mistaken, this is one of those rare HDTV upgradable Tvs that can display both 1080i and 720p signals natively. I have not seen this model in any show rooms and I was wondering...
  16. John Stockton

    Are the MPEG decoders different inside the RP-82 and the XP30 ??

    I have read conflicting reports. Some say that the Decoder found inside the XP30 is inferior while the Secrets Page reports that they are the same exact make and model :confused: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-b...asonicDVD-RP82 http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/cgi-b...asonicDVD-XP30
  17. John Stockton

    Panasonic RP82 Vs. Panasonic RP62

    Since finding an RP 82 is as easy as finding a virgin in a maternity ward, I was wondering if anyone knows if the picture quality from the 62 is the same as its bigger brother. I ask this because I heard that they both use the same chip, and the only major difference is that the 82 has DVD audio...
  18. John Stockton

    Malata DVD-520 Vs. Malata N-996

    I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between these two machines. It seems the 996 is discontinued. Is the 520 the successor of the 996? Also I remember the 996 being regarded as one of the best players for the buck with fantastic PAL to NTSC conversion. Does the 520 also have the...
  19. John Stockton

    Any reviews of Star Trek III SE

    I just saw an add in a magazine stating that the 2 Disc SE of Star Trek III is due out on Oct 21(or 28) and was wondering if anyone has read any early reviews for it. Looking forward to adding this to my collection. :)
  20. John Stockton

    DVD File's review of Pulp Fiction is up!!

    And the transfer is not very favorable. :frowning: Read here
  21. John Stockton

    ATTN Paramout: Gung Ho DVD has the wrong aspect ratio!!

    I just want to bring this to the attention of anyone from Paramount who may be reading these forums. Gung Ho, a 2.39:1 aspect ratio film, has been heavily cropped on the sides to a 2:1 ratio. A lot of information is missing from both sides of the frame. I hope this error is corrected in a...
  22. John Stockton

    Gung Ho... Another DVD with the wrong Aspect Ratio

    I finally got a chance to view a copy of this film and was furious to find that Paramount has transferred the film in the wrong aspect ratio. Gung Ho was filmed in Panavision(Anamorphic) with the aspect ratio of 2.39:1 but the DVD has been cropped on the sides to bring the film to a ratio close...
  23. John Stockton

    Can I record HD programms from a Dish 6000 reciever??

    I am considering buying a D-VHS machine and I was wondering if I will be able to record High Def material (dish and Over The Air) from my Dish 6000 reciever?? Thanks
  24. John Stockton

    How is the transfer on these titles??

    I know that some are available at review sites, but I wanted to ask the opinions of my fellow members regarding the picture and sound quality for the following DVDs Soul Man Blame It On Rio When Harry Met Sally Stand By Me SE Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Stuntman LE Thanks in Advance
  25. John Stockton

    Fight Gas Prices !!!!

    I hear we are going to hit close to $3.00 a gallon by the summer. Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. Phillip Hollsworth, offered this good idea: This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy gas on a certain day"...
  26. John Stockton

    Please recommend a nice DVD/VCR Combo player

    I am looking to buy a DVD/VCR Combo player and wanted to hear some suggestions from my fellow members. My budget is between $200 to $250 and am looking for the following features: 1) The DVD player should have a very good...
  27. John Stockton

    Please recommend a nice DVD/VCR Combo player

    I am looking to buy a DVD/VCR Combo player and wanted to hear any suggestions from my fellow members. My budget is between $200 to $250 and am looking for the following features: 1) The DVD must have a very good Anamorphic downconversion since it will be primarily used with a 4:3 monitor. 2)...
  28. John Stockton

    Another year...Another Oscar show...Still no HDTV broadcast!!!

    I cannot believe no one else has brought this up. I was told last year, that starting next year, The Academy Awards show will be presented in HDTV when the show debuts in its new location, the Kodak theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Today while browsing the titantv.com I was shocked to see that we...
  29. John Stockton

    What is the best price for Dish 6000 reciever + 8VSB module??

    I wanted to ask if anyone knows the best price for just the reciever, and the 8VSB OTA module?? Thanks
  30. John Stockton

    Any reviews for "Moscow On The Hudson" ??

    I really like this film but before purchasing it, I want to make sure the DVD has a decent transfer. Can anyone comment on the picture and sound quality or provide a link to a review? Thanks