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  1. MarkDude

    Default Using four bookshelf speakers and one floor speaker?

    (The word "default" should not be in the thread title) My living room only has three walls. From the position of sitting on the couch, there is no right wall, and instead there is an open space that leads to the kitchen. I want to set up a 6.1 system, but obviously I would have no place to...
  2. MarkDude

    Help me figure out this whole surround sound thing

    I've been living with my HDTV for over a year without a surround sound system (I use a 400W stereo system) and I've really just been too intimidated to figure it out. I haven't been able to find any good online guides and when I look at user manuals I am still confused. I think I've figured out...
  3. MarkDude

    Please help me figure out this movie

    I've been Googling like crazy and haven't been able to find this movie, so I really hope someone here can help me out. It's a movie about an aspiring screenwriter who keeps getting rejected. He takes out a small apartment in or near Hollywood and gets a job as some kind of assistant. While...
  4. MarkDude

    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....p=1&id=1687006 Best Buy, my foot! I wanted to redeem a gift card today and noticed that the price was magically $30 more expensive than it was a couple weeks ago. How dumb is that?
  5. MarkDude

    Help! I think my Westinghouse 42" LCD HDTV is broken

    My circuit breaker killed the power to my main living room circuit this morning and now I cannot get my TV to turn back on. The power button on both the TV itself and the remote control do nothing. All my other electronics that were plugged into the same circuit at the time are now fine. I have...
  6. MarkDude

    Is Philips Ambilight worth it?

    I've been shopping for an HDTV for months now and can never make a decision because I'm afraid that I'll later realize I made a bad choice. But something that's always been on the back of my mind is the cool-looking Ambilight TVs from Philips. However, I want to go for an LCD flat-panel as...
  7. MarkDude

    Where can I buy this (for my ancient TV)?

    I'll leave out the details as to why I'm using this TV right now, but it is very old (like, from the 1970's). This old TV does not have a coaxial input. It has those weird knobs to which you have to attach two wires (I don't know what they're called). I know there's such a thing that lets you...
  8. MarkDude

    Would like your professional opinions - which is better?

    I'm just a college student so I don't have a ton of money but I do want to create some kind of home theater set-up. Right now I'm looking at two different HDTVs, each priced at $600. I'm not an expert, especially when it comes to all the HD technology, so if you could give me your opinions on...
  9. MarkDude

    Musicland's Replay Website Domain Not Renewed

    If you have (or had) a Media Play, Sam Goody, or Suncoast in your area I'm sure you know a ton of them went out of business not too long ago (including all Media Play stores). Originally they were offering refunds for their Replay frequent customer program. After about 7 months of getting the...
  10. MarkDude

    MTM Season 3 banner ad?

    I saw a Mary Tyler Moore Season 3 DVD banner ad on this forum but clicked on a new link before I realized what it was. I believe it said "free shipping" but I didn't see any other details. And now I can't seem to make the ad re-appear. Can anyone give me a link to this site (if it's a good...
  11. MarkDude

    Media Play going out of business chainwide -- 20% off all DVDs

    If you have a Media Play in your area, you probably already know about this, but they are shutting down nationwide. They've been scrapping stores here and there since the late 1990's and they're finally pulling the plug completely. Right now, all DVDs are 20% off (which makes some of them a good...
  12. MarkDude

    Reward Zone changes again! $250 to earn a certificate now....

    Looks like it's not happening everywhere (check myrewardzone.com to see if it's changing in your area). This completely kills it for me. Won't be shopping at Best Buy anymore. A 2% kickback is just pointless.... Here's the info from myrewardzone.com: -- Your Reward Zone® program...
  13. MarkDude

    BBY Reward Zone printable coupon for 2x points on one item

    http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US...2020050711.pdf Good July 15 - 17. Maximum of 50,000 bonus points. -Mark-
  14. MarkDude

    Burger King: Large & King size combo = $1 off at Amazon.com

    Sort of in the same vein as the McDonald's Monopoly Best Chance game, if you buy a large or king size combo at Burger King, you get an "Amazon.com cash card" which is automatically worth at least $1, and can be worth up to $10,000 ...Except that you cannot stack these, so you can only really...
  15. MarkDude

    Best Buy RZ: Check website for free Fantastic 4 tickers

    [Title should read "tickets"] http://www.myrewardzone.com "First 75 to respond receive a pass for 2 to an advanced screening of Fantastic 4" --Mark--
  16. MarkDude

    New "Alienate Mike Frezon" coupons (i.e. BBY coup.s) -- Memorial Day weekend

    Standard 10% off coupons plus a nice "5,000 bonus points with a $25 Best Buy credit card purchase" coupon for me. --Mark--
  17. MarkDude

    Best Buy Reward Zone Members: Check RZ site immediately!

    http://www.myrewardzone.com There's some special event that's available for only the first 25 members who respond. I didn't quite catch it because I just clicked the "I accept" button, thinking I'd be taken to some confirmation page or get an e-mail about it or at least be able to see it...
  18. MarkDude

    How does everyone feel about UMD (PSP) movies?

    The first batch come out this week. Pricing seems to be a lot like DVD's (good price cuts during release week), which is good considering some of the high MSRPs. In any event, I was thinking about getting House of Flying Daggers. Would you pay $18 (Circuit City) for a portable widescreen version...
  19. MarkDude

    Best Buy preferred customer coupons: 3/11 - 3/14

    Standard 10% off coupons plus a random coupon for a specific item (i.e. 10% off any digital camcorder $699+) An interesting note is that the 10% off music, movies, & games coupon is now about the same size as the 10% off any one item coupon (it used to be substantially smaller). --Mark--
  20. MarkDude

    Best Buy: Double Reward Zone points when you buy $299 or more (1/16 - 1/17)

    Some days are way better than others. January 16th and 17th will be huge. On Sunday and Monday, January 16th and 17th, earn double points on every buy of $299 and up in qualifying purchases at your favorite Best Buy™ store or online at BestBuy.com. Not just some things. Not just certain...
  21. MarkDude

    My parents finally got a new TV

    You have no idea how big this is. The TV they've been using (a 20" MGA TV) is 25 years old. It is the only thing that survived a huge fire in their apartment about 15 years ago, and my dad also was able to fix it after it got blown out from our house getting struck by lightning (about 5 years...
  22. MarkDude

    BB Preferred Customer Coupons: 1/7 - 1/10

    I got two sets of coupons. Aside from the regular 10% off video games/DVDs, and the 10% off any single item (no 12% off option this time), I got one for "10% off digital cameras & camcorders $299+" and "buy 2 ink cartridges, get 25% off the third". Since Mike got an e-mail coupon not too long...
  23. MarkDude

    What are your opinions on these cheap "home theater system"?

    I'm a college student looking to be able to have a good DVD-watching experience, but obviously I don't have the cash or the space to have a true "home theater". So until I graduate, what do you think of the inexpensive packages like this one...
  24. MarkDude

    Hanna-Barbera Rebate Question

    Hey everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm sure some of you know about the in-box mail-in rebate form for the classic Hanna-Barbera DVD's. (Buy 2, get $10 back by mail; buy 3, get $15 back) I don't see anywhere on the form that the titles have to be on one receipt, but it refers...
  25. MarkDude

    "Black Saturday" offer for Best Buy Reward Zone members

    Just like last year, BBRZ members who spend at least $25 on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (the day after "Black Friday") will get 10,000 bonus points if it's before 10:00 AM (5,000 points if after 10:00). You'll also get a free exclusive holiday CD ("Sweet Tracks 2004"). Full description...
  26. MarkDude

    McDonald's Monopoly Best Chance 2.0 game -- with Best Buy Bucks!

    McDonald's is launching their 2004 monopoly game on October 12, and there will be Best Buy Bucks again (you're guaranteed at least a $1 Best Buy Buck with every large fry or chicken selects strips purchase). Last year, using BB Bucks didn't affect your Reward Zone points (i.e. Buying something...
  27. MarkDude

    Spent $5,000+ at BBY in the last 11 months, so I got a great renewal offer...

    Yep, after earning $400 in Reward Certificates, I got the "3 months free if you pay $9.99 to renew" offer. I'm still going to renew, because obviously I frequent Best Buy. I'm just very displeased that I got this lowest-tier renewal offer (maybe the bigger offers were only for those who joined...
  28. MarkDude

    Best Buy ad: 39,999 RZ points = $15 in certificates

    In this week's ad, a Sony 8" 100-Watt subwoofer is featured, at a price of $99.99. They also mention you get 30,000 bonus points if you buy it. Then they say "39,999 total points = $15 in reward certificates". This offer started yesterday and goes through October 2. The new point-reward level...
  29. MarkDude

    Just earned my millionth BB Reward Zone point...

    Don't you think there should be some sort of tier of benefits for those who spend a lot at Best Buy? I really like the way how Staples does this with their Business Rewards program. --Mark--
  30. MarkDude

    Best Buy: getting sued for almost $2 million

    http://www.10tv.com/Global/story.asp...9&nav=LUERQ2ZQ 75 alleged offenses this year of questionable marketing practices, each with a $25,000 fine associated with them. --Mark--