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  1. Jodee

    Touchstone/Disney/Buena Vista DVD Requests for 2007

    CRAZY MOON - 1980's flick starring Kiefer Sutherland. You would think with the success of 24, this would see a US release.
  2. Jodee

    FOX DVD Requests for 2007

    Peter Bogdanovich's AT LONG LAST LOVE.
  3. Jodee

    Weekly RoundUp 1-30-2007

    Does anyone know if Costco wil carry the Almodovar box set? They usually have good deals on box sets. I can only make it to Costco about once or twice a month and I am not due to go for another week or so.
  4. Jodee

    The Heiress SE?

    Special edition? I'd just be happy to get a barebones DVD. I'm still amazed that this has never been released.
  5. Jodee

    Weekly RoundUp 2-28-2006

    Does anyone know if the SE is worth it on Walk the Line? I haven't heard much about the contents and haven't even seen the movie yet. But I know me, usually when I see a bio-pic I want to learn even more about the person's life, so I am guess ing the SE is the way to go? I am with the...
  6. Jodee

    Time After Time - SPOILER

    This would be a good question for Roger Ebert's "Ask the Answer Man" column. He'd probably be able to directly contact the filmmakers for an answer.
  7. Jodee

    Any New Paramount Catalog Titles for 2006?

    Where is Soderbergh's KAFKA ?
  8. Jodee

    20th Century Fox DVD requests

    My sole remaining Fox title (besides the already mentioned HIGH ANXIETY) is: AT LONG LAST LOVE Peter Bogdanovich's 1975 musical starring Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd, and Madeline Kahn.
  9. Jodee

    Sony to release Torture Garden, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane and more!

    Davis DVD has a more complete listing, including one of my holy grails: I never thought I'd ever see the black comedy classic The Girl Most Likely To... released on DVD!!! It was a TV movie penned by Joan Rivers and starring Stockard Channing. I don't believe it was ever even released on VHS...
  10. Jodee

    Weekly RoundUp 4/5/2005

    I didn't see Mischief on the list. That is a must-buy for me this week. My copy is on the way from DeepDiscountDVD - $8.99 shipped.
  11. Jodee

    What Back Catalogue Titles Are You Now Missing?

    African Queen Americathon At Long Last Love Baxter Breaking All the Rules Chan is Missing Crazy Moon Cry-Baby Drowning by Numbers Eddie Murphy: Delirious Getting it Right Girl Most Likely to…, The Heavenly Kid, The Heiress, The Hot Stuff Icicle Thief, The Illegally Yours...
  12. Jodee

    High Anxiety is FINALLY coming out

    Anyone who does not buy this DVD will not get fruit cup. :D
  13. Jodee

    Soderbergh fans: his directorial debut coming out on DVD!

    I just saw this is coming out on DVD on March 22nd: Since I am a big Soderbergh fan, I knew that he directed this. I am not a Yes fan, but am considering adding it to the collection, for completion's sake. :) Now we still need Kafka and King of the Hill.
  14. Jodee

    What a Way to Go brief review

    This has been a favorite movie of mine since I was a child and first saw it on TV. It was NEVER released on VHS and it is a title I never thought I'd see get a DVD release. I can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  15. Jodee

    Airborne (1993) on DVD

    I wish you had used a question mark in your thread title-- I got my hopes up in clicking on this thread that this was finally coming out. :frowning: I have a soft spot for this movie. It was filmed in Cincinnati around the time I used to live there and the scenery brings back lots of memories.
  16. Jodee

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Live Aid: The Day the Music Changed the World

    [Mandatory "'Heathers" quote]Aren't they fed yet?[/] :D
  17. Jodee

    Where is John Waters's Cry Baby?

    I remember Universal was supposed to release this last year, and it even had an announced street date, but then they cancelled it about a month or two before it was supposed to come out. Never heard anything about it since. It's a shame-- I love this movie and would buy the DVD in a heartbeat.
  18. Jodee


    Arthur 2 has never before been on DVD, so of course Warner is going to do it correctly now. The original Arthur disc was done in the earlier days of DVD before they knew what they were doing. From reading some of these posts here, it sounds like you guys think Warner should have released Arthur...
  19. Jodee

    Was "The Thing Called Love" DVD cancelled?

    I remember a few months back Paramount's fall DVD release schedule was posted here, and Peter Bogdanovich's "The Thing Called Love" was set to come out on 10/26. Now I can't find it listed at any online retailer for sale. Does anyone know if this was pushed back, shelved indefinitely, or...
  20. Jodee

    Eddie Murphy Raw...is it true???

    The CD of the same material is entitled "Eddie Murphy: Comedian". It is available at Amazon.com.
  21. Jodee

    Young Doctors in Love! 12/7! Thanks, MGM!

    Michael McKean is hilarious in this movie as the doctor with no bedside manner. "Doctor, I can't piss anymore." "How old are you?" "I'm 87 years old." "You've pissed enough." :) I love this movie. Especially the scene where Sean Young is teaching the orphan children how to dance and...
  22. Jodee

    What's going on with Chapter list inserts?

    The worst was when I once sold an MGM disc on Half.com and the buyer gave me bad feedback because the insert was "missing"! :rolleyes
  23. Jodee

    DVD Forum Cliches

    My favorite has not been mentioned yet: "What are Criterion DVDs and what makes them better than regular DVDs?" or interchangeably: "Criterions are over-priced!"
  24. Jodee

    Paige Davis from Trading Spaces....WOW!!

    Her husband is a Broadway actor, I have seen him with her on "Oprah" and also on TLC's "Wedding Story" special about their wedding. He does not exactly come across as being straight.
  25. Jodee

    Paige Davis from Trading Spaces....WOW!!

    Given who her husband is, she's probably used to being groped by gay guys. :D
  26. Jodee

    Big Brother 5

    I wasn't surprised that Lori took the money after Julie told her that everyone else would get the same offer if she turned it down. I would have initially turned down the offer, but after learning that I probably would have taken it also. What are the chances that none of the other houseguests...
  27. Jodee

    Six Feet Under 4.01 - Falling Into Place

    I remembered back to a previous episode, when David & Nate were in the basement and they showed the shelf that contained all the ashes of people who had never been picked up and one of them commented on it. I thought it was cool how they worked that into the storyline. I assumed that David...
  28. Jodee

    Columbia DVD requests

    Hot Stuff Modern Romance Nickelodeon Skatetown U.S.A.
  29. Jodee

    ***Official SUPER SIZE ME Discussion Thread

    I think the reason they don't try the same tactics here is the huge difference in libel laws in the US compared to the UK. In the US, speaking the truth is a protected defense against libel, which is not the case in the UK. If they had tried a similar libel lawsuit here, it would have...
  30. Jodee

    ***Official SUPER SIZE ME Discussion Thread

    Hmmm, I guess its entirely outside the realm of possibility that maybe they could be right, isn't it? God forbid the film-maker (who is not even a vegetarian) call a spade a spade. Should he have not even mentioned these things, just because PETA also claims this? If that's the case, then...