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  1. Matty B

    Bad news for Xbox owners

    Here's why XBOX games don't support 1080i The biggest reason isn't performance, but memory footprint. The XBOX has 64 MB of unified memory. Any leading-edge game will fill all the memory with sounds, textures, frame buffer, etc. There isn't enough memory left for the high-def modes. For...
  2. Matty B

    I need ONE B&W DM602 speaker

    I want to have 5 identical speakers and I have 4 B&W 602 speakers right now, and I want to complete the 5.1 with a fifth, where can you get single speakers that are normally sold in pairs?
  3. Matty B

    Please help! 1920x1080i is NOT a good resolution on my HTPC

    My HTPC works fine at 640x480 with a picture that is MUCH better than any hardware DVD player I've seen in action, but at 1920x1080 it wont even play the movie. Well it will but it looks HORRIBLE. I can't even explain how the screen looks. I guess the best way to describe it is that it starts...
  4. Matty B

    DVD players not letting you fast forward when you want

    Is there a Progressive Scan DVD player that will let you fast forward through the FBI warning and the previews? I find it ANNOYING that when I make a purchase I am still forced to see advertising!
  5. Matty B

    Mordaunt Short vs B&W

    What is the general consensus on how these two british speakers fare against each other? I would IDEALLY like to finish the rest of my HT with B&W speakers to match my DM602s but that would be pricey, and im worried about the DM602s not being enough for front speakers, I feel like the acceptable...
  6. Matty B

    Help me find a good price LOCALLY!

    Im in the market for a new reciever, and ideally I'd like to buy one TODAY, but the local stores charge SO much more than their internet competition it's a joke. IE: I want to get a Marantz SR-6200. Online price is $529. Local price is $700. (Which is the MSRP). I asked the guy if he could...
  7. Matty B

    Please help me find the BEST A/V Reciever for under $600

    Im looking for 5.1, DTS, and DPL II. I listen to Jazz and Techno and Blues, and will be using this for Video Games and Home Theater as well. I have a set of B&W 602 for my fronts, and Phase Tech 325s for my rear speakers. I plan on adding a HSU Research Sub or perhaps an SVS 25-31 depending on...