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  1. Carlos_E

    Scarface on Blu-Ray?

    I love this movie. Just saw a special 25th anniversary screening of the movie in Miami. Has anybody heard anything about when this will be coming to Blu-Ray?
  2. Carlos_E

    Road Warrior question

    Hey guys. I have seen this movie many times before. I have a question about the character played by the actor Vernon Wells. He is the crazy guy with the mohawk. According to the Internet Movie Database, the name of the character in the movie is Wez. I cannot remember where in the movie he is...
  3. Carlos_E

    Need Comparisons between regular Road Warrior DVD and Blu-Ray version

    Hello everyone. The Road Warrior is one of my favorite movies ever. I have it on regular Dvd. I have not upgraded to Blu-Ray as of yet. I don't even have an HDTV. But i am hearing good things about this Blu-Ray version. For those that have both the regular Dvd and the Blu-Ray version...
  4. Carlos_E

    The Orphanage (El Orfanato) 2007

    Hello Everyone: I saw this film last night at the theater. What a fantastic discovery!!! I love seeing films that have not been released wide or that just have not been blockbusters at the box office and being unexpectedly blown away. In short, it is about a woman who grew up as a child...
  5. Carlos_E

    What are the best internet Dvd Review sites?

    Hi everyone. I am interested in opinions on the the best DVD review sites? My favorite right now is Digital Bits. But it frequently does not have reviews of the DVDs that I want. Secondly, I remember some years ago, there was a web site that compiled all the DVD reviews into one site...
  6. Carlos_E

    What cellphone/camera phone takes the best pictures?

    Hey everyone: Just wondering which of the new cellphones that also have picture cameras take the best pictures? I was at a baseball game yesterday. A friend of mine had one of these gizmos. I was impressed. It is so convenient. You don't have to remember to bring a camera with you since...
  7. Carlos_E

    I just saw Shawshank Redemption (1994) for the first time. WOW!

    I have been wanting to see this movie for a long time. I was curious about this movie because it consistently ranks among the top movies of all time in the polls at the Internet Movie Database. They way I figured it, all those poll participants can't all be wrong and they certainly weren't. I...
  8. Carlos_E

    When are we getting "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948) on DVD?

    Hello everybody. Does anybody know when we are getting this incredible film on DVD? Everytime I see this on TV, I am glued to the set. It is one of my all time favorites. THe story is phenomenal and the acting fantastic. An all time classic. Thank you. Carlos
  9. Carlos_E

    Lord of the Rings (regular 2 disc version) question :black bars and picture sharpness

    Hello everyone: I recently borrowed from a friend the regular 2 disc set of Lord of the Rings. This movie continues to grow on me. Saw it once in the theater and while I liked it, I was not mesmerized like many others. However, the more times I see this DVD, the more I am falling under its...
  10. Carlos_E

    Oh MAN!!!! First Enron, now Worldcom

    Another company cooking the books. This major telecommunications company used to have a market value of over $100 BILLION. Just came out over the wire that it will likely file for Bankruptcy. Price has gotten creamed in after hours trading. After the disclosure of the accounting...
  11. Carlos_E

    What is considered the best season of the "X Files"

    Hi guys: Is there a consensus as to what is considered the single best season of the X files in terms of quality episodes produced for the entire season? I did not watch the X Files during its intial run. I have become a big fan lately though as I have been purchasing the Season Sets on...
  12. Carlos_E

    Bought "Dances with Wolves" DTS for $25 at Best Buy. Am I lucky?

    I have been wanting to see this movie in its entirety for a long time. But haven't found it anywhere. I read in this forum that the Dolby and Dts DVD releases were pulled from the shelves in anticipation for a new release this year. Is this correct? Anyway, I think I got lucky yesterday...
  13. Carlos_E

    Fear Factor episode last night. Television has reached a new low.

    Hey guys. Did anybody see Fear Factor last night. I am talking about the segment of the show where the contestants ate those big (Malasian)hissing cockroaches which happened to be alive. When the first female contestant bit and swallowed the first cochroach, a stream of (cochroach juice?)...
  14. Carlos_E

    New Infiniti G35 Coupe

    Hey guys. Just wanted to know what you guys thought about the new Infiniti G35 Coupe that was recently unveiled. I saw the sedan several weeks ago and wasn't that impressed but now that I have seen the coupe, all I can say is WOW! And the V6 with 275 horsepower will not hurt either. ;)
  15. Carlos_E


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  17. Carlos_E

    Home Theater Forum Polo shirts question

    I remember that this forum once arranged with a manufacturer to produce yellow polo shirts with the Home Theater Forum logo. Are these shirts still available? I would sure like to wear one and announce to the world my Home Theater Forum membership. :) Carlos
  18. Carlos_E

    Finally!! My 100th post.

    It's about time! Sorry it took me almost 2 years to post 100 messages. I guess I have to make more productive use of my time. Anyway, GREAT FORUM. This is one of my favorite sites on the Internet. Extremely knowledgeable forum members always keep me coming back for more. Even when I...
  19. Carlos_E

    Are there receivers besides Denon which have 6.1 DTS discrete capability?

    Just wondering. I think it was Denon that first came out with receivers with DTS 6.1 discrete (not matrixed) capability. I think the model numbers were the 3801? and 5800 or 5801?. Have there been other companies that have manufactured these kind of receivers? Was Denon the first? Thank...
  20. Carlos_E

    What are the most replies a thread has ever received on the Home Theater Forum?

    Just wondering. Lord of the Rings: 1300+ replies Star Wars Episode 2: 1200+ replies WoW!! Carlos
  21. Carlos_E

    Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992). Need some feedback on this movie

    Hello everyone. I just got tickets to see this movie. It is being shown at the Miami Film Festival next week. I have never seen this movie but I have heard good things about it. The movie is being shown at a classic movie theater down here originally built in 1926. The Gusman...
  22. Carlos_E

    The Agony of Defeat. Hurricanes destroy Cornhuskers

    I am still relishing my Miami Hurricanes' football National Championship. The picture in the link below shows what it was like being a Nebraska fan on January 3, 2002. The feeling displayed came as the realization set in that Nebraska was getting absolutely HAMMERED!!! I specially love this...
  23. Carlos_E

    Fight breaks out at Lewis - Tyson Press Conference. What pure garbage!

    I just found out there was a brawl at the press conference. Is this boxing or wrestling? Mike Tyson does not deserve to be in this championship fight. Come on Mike. It is time to hang it up!!! I hope nobody supports this travesty by paying for the pay per view. This fight is total...
  24. Carlos_E

    I love this Gladiator DVD Extras disc feature

    Hello everyone. I just borrowed this disc from a friend. I had never seen this movie. What a great movie and what a great DVD. I am specially in love with the feature on the 2nd disc with the extras. Specifically the deleted scenes section. More specifically, the last option of the...
  25. Carlos_E

    After a 10 year absence, the National Championship is back where it belongs.

    Just reflecting on the events of the last 2 days. It has been a long ten years since the University of Miami Hurricanes last won the football National Championship and it feels great. I throughly enjoyed their 37-14 victory over the Nebraska Cornholders ( I mean CornHuskers). :) I can't...
  26. Carlos_E

    Spell Checker available when one writes new posts?

    Dear Administrators: Is there a spellchecker available when you write new posts? I remember using it some time ago but I can't see the icon anymore. Thank you
  27. Carlos_E

    HD-DVD players and software questions

    Hello everyone. 2 questions: 1)Just wondering whether HD-DVD players and software will come the market anytime soon. 2)Some people say that progressive scan Dvd players offer an image that is almost of High Definition quality on large screen TV's. If this is so, do we need HD DVD...
  28. Carlos_E

    Does anyone drive a Honda Accord (4 cylinder) of the 1998-2002 vintage?

    Hello everyone. I am considering leasing a Honda Accord with the 4 cylinder engine. Does anyone here drive a current model Honda Accord of the 1998-2002 vintage? If so, tell me about the experiences with the car. What things do you like? Do you dislike any aspects of the car? Thank...
  29. Carlos_E

    The Shining: Does anyone recognize location of the first 5 minutes?

    Hello everyone. I just recently saw again The Shining on Dvd. Great movie which gets better and better with each viewing. Incredible DVD (Digital remastered version) The clarity is amazing. I have several questions regarding the opening minutes of the film where you see the yellow...
  30. Carlos_E

    Mask DVD (1985)

    I just recently saw this movie on TV. I am talking about the one with Cher not Jim Carrey. I am thinking of buying the DVD. Does anybody have this DVD? How is the quality? Thank you. Carlos