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  1. John-D

    Need good place to buy new Canon Digital Rebel.

    your safest bet is B&H Photo video or Adorama. Ritz is offering free shipping and some software extras. Or you could pre-order at a local Best Buy and they will get it for you in about a week. OR you can be brave and get the brand new ones being sold on e-bay.
  2. John-D

    Difference between JBL NSP1 and JPL NSP1 II

    Is it just a model replacement with all specs remaining exactly the same or are there any changes? cosmetic or driver etc?? thanks for the responses.. i checked out the archives but didn't find a discussion on the subject.
  3. John-D

    !!!! GROUP PURCHASE SURVEY: What would our members like to see offered? !!!!

    Outlaw Audio's upcoming Pre-Processor nOrH LeAmp Monoblocks nOrH Speakers ------------------ The things we own, end up owning us [Edited last by John-D on October 14, 2001 at 03:52 PM]
  4. John-D

    S&V tests the Marantz SR7200

    The 696 doesn't look that bad now does it? ------------------ The things we own, end up owning us
  5. John-D

    Help! ISF or Progressive scan

    I'm with Kwang. It's an accepted fact that the source is everything. Many are living happily with their displays after having calibrated it themself using a good test DVD. Read up on several websites and perform the simple tweaks outlined. Get a progressive source. Later, when you have more...
  6. John-D

    OT: Anybody know where I can check out a CRT in action?

    Michael, There may not be many places these days which have CRT's on display. However you can find many proud owners who will be glad to have you over to display what their setups. Visit the CRT Projectors Forum on AVS Forums and post your desire to preview a CRT. I'm sure there'll be many...
  7. John-D

    How important is having low THD in a receiver?

    Some THD figures.. Bryston - around 0.007% Classe - around 0.03% Conrad Johnson < 1% (FET designs) Krell - around 0.03% Mark Levinson - around 0.3% McIntosh - around 0.005% Plinius - around 0.05% It's accepted that THD above 1% is audible. ------------------ The things we own, end up...
  8. John-D

    test sig

    nt [Edited last by John-D on September 30, 2001 at 12:47 PM]
  9. John-D

    test sig

    and another ------------------ The things we own, end up owning us
  10. John-D

    test sig

    and one more ------------------ The things we own, end up owning us
  11. John-D

    test sig

    test ------------------ [size=1]
  12. John-D

    test sig

    test ------------------ The things we own, end up owning us
  13. John-D

    Is this a good deal? (CRT for HDTV)

    A 40x81 today would be worth a $1000... tops. You need to be sure that the unit does not have burn or heavy usage wear. Seems like either that person doesn't know what his unit is worth, or is really not into front projection. Visit AVS Forums and check around the experts there. Ask if...
  14. John-D

    Upgrade Time! Big Screen HDTV or Audio/Speakers?

    or you can go with Mitsubishi which will stand behind it's products sold today.. either way.. go for the big screen TV.. ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  15. John-D

    Obi's Tower of Power!! **Updated (new pics)**

    .. reminds me of Shrek "Do you think he's trying to compensate for something...??" .... just a joke Robert.... just a joke.. ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  16. John-D

    People in New York are selling "commemorative" World Trade Center" disaster T-shirts!

    Not long before someone catches on the President's Wild West Dead or Alive theme with Bin Laden's mug on it. ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  17. John-D

    Anyone ever meet someone for a date after chatting online?

    Yeah.. one should always exchange pictures and politely check the timeframe when they were taken.. many a chatter doesn't move forward from pics of when they were 20 Be on time.. I didn't once .. pissed her off big time obviously but then I have better friendships with those I know I...
  18. John-D

    FPTV: How to deal with cathedral ceilings and windows?

    Go for a digital projector with >2000 Lumens rating. Some of them are bright enough and actually look better with some ambient light.
  19. John-D

    4k on a projector...which would you get?

    Lack of blacks is just ONE of the problems with digital projectors. In fact the lack of good blacks can be corrected to a greater extent to be close enough to theater levels. Remember CRT's give blacks that are blacker than those at the theater. Digital projectors need not be that dark. They...
  20. John-D

    WTC Recent News

  21. John-D

    What compares to SVS 16-46

    Subwoofers are still speakers so the choice remains a little subjective as well. Audition subwoofers from Velodyne and Paradigm.. especially the PW2200 and the Servo 15 from Paradigm. Also consider Adire Audio's Dharma.. Good Luck ------------------------------------- The things we own end...
  22. John-D

    Sony VPH-1272Q - is this unit a good one to buy used?

    1450 hours WITHOUT BURNS OR WEAR for $2000 and NO shipping or tax (neighbour's PJ) for a 1272Q (CAN do a fantastic [email protected] for excellent DVD playback for 16:9 screen widths less than 80") seems to me a VERY GOOD deal. Good Luck... the image will BLOW you away.. no digital projector...
  23. John-D

    Joe Kane's Digital Video Essentials

    I believe an enthusiast should have access to both disks. Waiting anxiously for an anamorphic DTS-ES discrete AVIA... ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  24. John-D

    “dts” vs. “Dolby Digital 5.1”: Which one is Superior?

    .. and DTS claims independent survey's reveal a higher public preference for DTS encoded material over DD. ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  25. John-D

    What about Legacy Audio Speakers?

    Jeff, You might have better luck with responses at the Audioreview.com message boards. Serious Legacy owners and admirers lurk on that forum. ------------------ The things we own end up owning us
  26. John-D

    DPL-II vs. DTS-Neo. Who wins here?

    Ron Boster's thread of Outlaw 950's Oct shipment in question. Here's a quote from what Outlaw told him quote: DTS has once again changed its code for Neo:6, and it is still not quite settled quote: Also, I thought DPL-II and DTS-Neo were sufficient to use in a 5.1 setup. Here's a...
  27. John-D

    Outlaw says the Oct release of the 950 in question

    TTT ------------------ The things we own end up owning us