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  1. Dan B

    Cat Power/Chan Marshall

    I somehow missed out on this artist-who has several albums out already, but I've listened to a couple of songs after a recommendation on a Fiona Apple fan site & I love what I've heard. Can someone who's more familiar with her recommend an album to start out with and similar artist...
  2. Dan B

    5.1 speaker placement - DD vs. SACD & DVD-A

    I'm moving into a new dedicated theater room shortly (yet to be constructed) & I'm wrestling with a speaker placement that is the closest to ideal for all of these formats, but it seems that I need to compromise one or the other. There's also the issue of back surround channels for DD-EX...
  3. Dan B

    Wal Mart 5.88 DVD sale

    I noticed a large display of DVDs for $5.88 at my local WalMart - I think I saw at least 20 different titles, maybe more. I'm sorry I can't tell you exactly what they were...my memory fails me. There was a crowd of people going through them...so you may want to act fast to take advantage of this.
  4. Dan B

    Halo 2 FAQ from Bungie

    Halo 2 F.A.Q. A lot of new bits of information here...I am drooling... -Destructible environments & lighting; w/enemies & friendlies taking advantage of it -New covenant races (concept art included in above link) -Enemies AI improved w/ ability to hunt you down by climbing & jumping...
  5. Dan B

    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb

    I've been playing the Xbox demo of this game, which is in the March issue of the Official Xbox Magazine. Although the demo is fairly brief, my experience with the demo has convinced me to purchase the game when it is released...hopefully later this month, February 18th. The game is developed...
  6. Dan B

    Rayman 3 demo - it's here.

    You can download it here. Gamespot Complete members can also get it over there. Post impressions if you do check it out...I'm on dial-up so I'll probably get it overnight. It's over 180 MB large.
  7. Dan B

    November Sales data from TRSTS

    Found at the Link Removed forum. Click this link to download the Excel spreadsheet. The usual warning: (Sega fans with weak stomachs don't look) :frowning: In related news, Sony is claiming to have sold 8 million PS2s between November and December. (lost the link...I'll post it in a bit)...
  8. Dan B

    Moto GP Live/Full version question

    I just got this game...don't know why I waited so long. :) My question is: I'm not happy with the way the controls are mapped in the full version of the game. Specifically, I can't find a setup for manual transmission that suits me. I understand that the Live version of the game allows you to...
  9. Dan B

    Gamespot's Best & Worst of 2002

    Click here for the feature. Discuss.
  10. Dan B

    Official Xbox Magazine #14 (January)

    The new OXM #14 came in the mail today. The demos include: -Blinx (I guess I can stop bugging Romier now) -Deathrow -Loons -Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 -Nascar Thunder 2003 -Quantum Redshift -Rally Fusion -Rocky -Sega GT 2002 Holiday Drive (add-on) -Splash Down -Tiger Woods PGA Tour...
  11. Dan B

    Bargain-priced game recommendation for this weekend. (Xbox)

    Wal-Mart has Splashdown for the Xbox for $19.82, so I picked up a copy today. My first impression is that it's a fun game, looks good & has solid control. It supports custom soundtracks. :emoji_thumbsup: So far, the waves are nothing on the level of either of the Wave Race games, but the...
  12. Dan B

    Xbox Catch-Up

    I've been away from Xbox gaming for a few months & I need to know which of these games are must-haves so I can get caught up with the latest & greatest. -Enclave -Buffy -Hitman 2 -Timesplitters 2 -Blinx -Turok: Evolution -Moto GP -The Thing Feel free to get into heated debates...
  13. Dan B

    Toshiba TW40X81

    I see that Best Buy is selling this model online right now for $1399. Isn't this an older model, and what are the disadvantages of this model compared to the newer Toshibas? At this price, I am thinking this might be a good purchase for me. (and my limited budget) Here's the Best Buy page...
  14. Dan B

    Cornell/Rage live on as Audioslave

    I saw this article at the Rolling Stone website here.
  15. Dan B

    My Generation - Deluxe Edition

    It's finally here & I've given it a brief listen. Disc One Some general notes: The overall fidelity is much improved over the previously released CD. There's more top & bottom end than before. There is noticeably less distortion in the drums, guitar & vocals. My Generation: Sounds...
  16. Dan B

    FS: 2 Adult DVDs

    The Pyramid Pt. 1 SOLD The Pyramid Pt. 2 SOLD Shipping within the continental USA is included. Payment by PayPal is preferred. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks! -Dan B. ---------------------- Link Removed Home Theater Forum Good Trader!
  17. Dan B

    FS: Monster Cable Interlink LightSpeed 100 (2 meter)

    2 meter fiber optic digital interconnect cable in very good condition. Used a few months with Xbox videogame console. I've sold my Xbox so I no longer need the cable I bought for it. Includes all of the original packaging. $25 $20 includes shipping in the continental US. Payment by PayPal is...
  18. Dan B

    FS: 15 black armaray DVD cases

    $12 includes shipping cost in the continental US. Payment by PayPal is preferred. Email me with any questions. Thanks! -Dan B. ------------------------------ Link Removed Home Theater Forum Good Trader!
  19. Dan B

    Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip

    Has anyone found this in stores yet? I'd like to hear some impressions of it before making a purchase. For the record, I like Alice In Chains, but I never listened to Cantrell's previous solo record & I don't know what to expect. I've checked out the samples at the Amazon.com page here, but...
  20. Dan B

    3 word reviews - my weekend Xbox rentals.

    Burnout - "Generic arcade racer" Spy Hunter - "It's too dark" Sigh. I wasn't expecting much from Burnout, and that's what it delivered...not much. A nice looking, but generic arcade racer. High point is probably the large amount of traffic. Spy Hunter. This game seems like it would be...
  21. Dan B

    Blinx - The Timesweeper

    I hate starting a thread just to post screen shots, but...there are some nice screens of Blinx at the Japanese game page. Lots of wacky facial expressions, too. They look better than the ones released previously, IMO, so check 'em out by clicking on the pic:
  22. Dan B

    Mario Sunshine video

    Heads up Mario fans! There's video footage of Mario Sunshine on Lou Dobs Moneyline (CNN) tonight. It should be re-airing shortly. Someone has also put up a vid clip of it here: http://www.geocities.com/gamefr/mariosunshine.MPG Found these mirrors at the GA Forums: Link Removed...
  23. Dan B

    Xbox Online

    I just read this in the article at the NY Times
  24. Dan B

    Software Bargains for new & old Xbox owners

    Here are a few current markdowns on Xbox games that you might want to check out. Most of the games listed are quality games worth owning at the reduced prices...in my opinion at least. $29.99 KB TOYS (Follow Link Removed Dave Mirra: Freestyle BMX 2 Madden NFL 2002 NBA Live 2002 NFL 2K2...
  25. Dan B

    Six Feet Under - "The Secret"

    Did everyone stop watching this show? Let's get a discussion going on this week's episode.
  26. Dan B

    Good deals on Gamecube games (+ DC & more)

    If you haven't checked out Mojo Gaming recently, you may want to give it a visit. There are a bunch of good deals on Gamecube games listed there, including a couple under ten bucks! -Dan
  27. Dan B

    Sega's Got More Balls...& Monkeys Too

    Super Monkey Ball 2 has been announced & the first screens & details are at Link Removed & Link Removed -Dan enjoys his balls...& monkeys
  28. Dan B

    Super Console Wars: Part I - flash movie

    Very amusing flash film. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=49482 -Dan
  29. Dan B

    The Clash - Westway to the World

    Does anyone know anything about this upcoming DVD release? Here's a link to info from Amazon: Westway to the World -Dan B
  30. Dan B

    F-Zero to Gamecube & Arcades - Developed by AM2 (Sega)!

    Gaming Age has the story Link Removed -Dan B