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  1. Frank Anderson

    FT - La Femme Nikita and Forever Knight

    I would like to trade La Femme Nikita season one and Forever Knight season one for Wonder Woman season's 1 & 2
  2. Frank Anderson

    Please help me find this chair

    I am looking for a chair like my mother had about 5 years ago. If I knew the name of it I might be better able to find it, unfortunately I don’t know what it’s called. So far I don’t believe it is called a futon although it is similar. Basically it’s cloth (denim or corduroy would be nice)...
  3. Frank Anderson

    Which Star Trek series is your favorite?

    Vote for your favorite Star Trek series.
  4. Frank Anderson

    I need more info on Steel Angel Kurumi

    First notice how the thread title reads I need more info on Steel Angel Kurumi and not I need more info on…. :D Anyway I just read on Cinescape.com: “Claudia Black on FARSCAPE and her new voice acting gig, STEEL ANGEL KURUMI Thursday, May 30, 2002 Claudia Black is best known as former...
  5. Frank Anderson

    The Rat Patrol

    I just got Desert Rats on DVD and am reminded of another TV series of a similar name, The Rat Patrol. I sure would love to have this series on DVD. Loved watching it when I was a kid. There are only two seasons. Season one has 32 episodes and season two has 26. Each episode was 60 min. It aired...
  6. Frank Anderson

    Cliffhangers! Why?

    Why in the hell does every show have to end its season with a cliffhanger? I am so sick of them. Do they think the loyal fans who have watched the show throughout the season won't return? A cliffhanger for next week fine. Next season no. Of course one of the shows to have started this whole mess...
  7. Frank Anderson

    Friends 05/02/02

    Someone post a recap. My power has been out since 7:55 and I missed it.
  8. Spider-Man (2002)

    Title: Spider-Man Tagline: Go for the ultimate spin. Genre: Fantasy, Action Director: Sam Raimi Cast: Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Cliff Robertson, Gerry Becker, Bill Nunn, Jack Betts, Stanley Anderson, Ron Perkins, Joe...
  9. Frank Anderson

    ***Official SPIDER-MAN Review Thread***

    [b][SIZE=2]This thread is now the Official Review Thread for "Spider-Man". Please post all HTF member reviews in this thread. Any other comments, links to other reviews, or discussion items will be deleted from this thread without warning! The Official Discussion Thread for "Spider-Man"...
  10. Frank Anderson

    When did Wonder Woman start to fly?

    My daughter and I just watched Justice League on DVD. I was very surprised to see Wonder Woman flying (without her invisible jet). When did she get this power?
  11. Frank Anderson


    Any one else see the preview to this "Mega Series" during the showing of Superfire? Starting Sunday May 12th. It looks interesting other than that I don't know much about it. Wasn't it based on a PC game or book?
  12. Frank Anderson

    Star Trek The Next Generation CD-ROM

    Since this little jewel was not included in all sets, is there a place it can be ordered from (other than eBay)?
  13. Frank Anderson

    Do I have the best wife or what?

    She sure was the pick of the litter :) Now before you jump down my throat that was actually her phrase. Anyway she came home just a few minutes ago with a bunch of bags. And like I normally do I ask her what she got me. 99% of the time her response is "Nothing", today she said "Something". And...
  14. Frank Anderson

    A special thanks to a HTF member

    Several years ago, I was fighting a bout of insomnia. I turned on the TV and started watching a movie on Showtime I had never heard of it. The name of the movie was Chasing Amy. Although I enjoyed it, I never really thought about owning it. Pretty much the exact same thing happened the first...
  15. Frank Anderson

    Who would buy this?

    Ok... I might be interested in a test drive. :)
  16. Frank Anderson

    Unbelievable, just another day on the river

    Is this the right way to operate a towboat? http://koti.mbnet.fi/~soldier/towboat.htm
  17. Frank Anderson

    Paramount - Star Trek TNG season sets & bonus

    I remember reading that Paramount was considering making some sort of reward program for those who purchased the first six season sets of Star Trek The Next Generation. I believe there was discussion on possibly having substantial savings on the purchase of the final set. Is this still being...
  18. Frank Anderson

    Just finished Roots - It's time for North and South

    I just had the pleasure of watching Roots on DVD. Thank you Warner Brothers. I hope the sales were good and you learn there is interest in TV mini series. Now I hope you will get North and South out on DVD. Please
  19. Frank Anderson

    Simpsons Season One DVD cover

    Anyone out there want to make a new DVD cover for Simpsons season one to fit Alpha slim triple case? I have the ones from DVDcoverart.com but they are for individual keepcases. I would like to have the entire set in a single case. Edit: Now that I think about it the regular 3-disc case would...
  20. Frank Anderson

    Survivor Africa (and Survivor Marquesas)

    I know we will never see box sets but will Survivor Africa ever be release like the first two?
  21. Frank Anderson

    New Buffy Season One cover for triple Alpha case

    As promised I scanned and resized the Buffy Season One cover. It is for the Amaray SLIM triple DVD case. The same case used for M*A*S*H complete season one TV series. The picture dimensions should be 11.8 X 7.527 when you print it. It is NOT for the regular Amaray 3 disc case. The regular...
  22. Frank Anderson

    FOX - Thanks for the packaging on M*A*S*H TV series.

    I really love the way you used a triple keepcase to hold the set vs a cardboard fold out. I can't wait to have all 11 seasons. (It is 11 isn't it?) As I said before when I got my Planet of the Apes TV series I think this is the best way to package a series. Now that replacement cases are...
  23. Frank Anderson

    Guess who's (possibly) been cast as Elektra?

    Jennifer Garner from ABC's Alias may have been cast as Elektra in the Daredevil comic book adaptation starring Ben Affleck in the lead role! Check out this link for more details and pictures http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=11152
  24. Frank Anderson

    Ordering info in The Final Countdown

    I just ordered mine. A little pricey but I love the movie. From Digital Bits: We'll be back with that review this afternoon, but I wanted to jump in here with a Final Countdown update. We have no idea whether the disc will be available in stores on January 15th, but you can indeed pre-order...
  25. Frank Anderson

    Can I have some kudo's?

    I worked long and hard on a new sig. My old one (Spiderman pics) was a little large so I changed it. I did of course keep my Spidey Smiley. All three pictures/butons are links. The first one of course takes you to My DVD Profiler Collection. The next one I put there since so many people...
  26. Frank Anderson

    Babylon 5 sales - How's it doing?

    Has any heard how the disc is selling? And/or if Warner has made any comments on future release of the rest of the series?
  27. Frank Anderson

    New stuff at inetdvd.com

    I just spoke with Scott (owner of inetdvd) and he will be getting some new stuff in about a week that is very exciting for me personally and hopefully for some of you. They are: White Alpha Double Metalic Bronze Alpha Double 3 Disc Alpha (Slim) 4 Disc Alpha 5 Disc Alpha 6 Disc Alpha 7...
  28. Frank Anderson

    Farscape question

    I just recently got into Farscape series and have all 8 DVD's (9th on preorder). I have two questions: 1) What season are they in on TV? 2) Does anyone have an episode list? Thanks
  29. Frank Anderson

    Spider-Man trailers

    The two new trailers on the Sony Spider-Man site are excellent. The Spider-Man one is much better than the one with the Goblin. I can't seem to save them to my computer. Does anyone have them in .mov form which they can email to me? ------------------ Frank...
  30. Frank Anderson

    Guess what I got for hooking up a friends Home Theater.

    My neighbors mother loves my Home Theater. She said she wanted something like that as well. So today she took me to Circuit City and said to pick out a system... but nothing like mine (she did not want to spend as much). She got a Sony HT in a box (sounds ok but not what I would want). A sony...