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  1. Michael Pakula

    Duke Nukem The Movie

    If they made the game Duke Nukem 3D into a movie who do you think should star in it and who would be the best to direct it?. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger would be great in the movie with James Cameron directing. -Mike
  2. Michael Pakula

    Will the airport X-Ray damage my XBOX?

    I will be going to Saratoga Springs,NY at the end of October and will be flying to the Albany,NY since that is the closest airport but here's the thing I would like to bring my XBOX since the hotel I will be staying at offers Free Broadband Internet Access So I would like to play some online...
  3. Michael Pakula

    Video Game Bilingual Packaging

    It started with dvds and now just today when I bought my copy of ESPN NHL 2K5 I looked at the back when I got home and it had Bilingual packaging. I hope this won't become a standard thing now too with video games. I will keep my canadian version for now but I really hate how everything is...
  4. Michael Pakula

    The A-Team Season 2?

    When could we expect a release for The A-Team season 2?. I noticed Quantum Leap Season 2 will be released in October so could this mean The A-Team Season 2 will be out around the same time?. -Mike
  5. Michael Pakula

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure

    I recently picked up Big Top Pee on DVD and would like to get Pee Wee's Big Adventure too but I noticed there are two different covers. Does one of the two covers come in a keepcase or is it a snapper like the old release?. -Mike
  6. Michael Pakula

    Dawson's Creek Season 4

    I was just on tvshowsondvd.com and they had an announcement for Dawson's Creek Season 4 which will be released on October 5th. This was a pretty fast release since season 3 just came out last month. The fourth season will again have new music selected by the executive producer. I will be picking...
  7. Michael Pakula

    Red Heat Special Edition

    I was on the digital bits browsing the upcoming covers and noticed that there is a special edition coming out for Red Heat. I don't remember hearing about this one. I will pick it up either way for the new transfer alone. Here is the details below and the cover art listed on amazon's site. It...
  8. Michael Pakula

    ESPN NBA 2K5 for $19.99

    I was checking out ebgames website and I noticed the game's price has been changed to $19.99. This is a great new trend from ESPN and I hope ESPN College Hoops will get a price drop now. -Mike
  9. Michael Pakula

    Circuit City, FYE, and Media Play Best Prices?

    I will be going to Cheektowaga, NY around the end of the month to pick up some dvds on my ever growing bilingual packing list. So I would like to know which one of these retailers has the best prices?. The retailers that are in the area include Circuit City, FYE, and Media Play. -Mike
  10. Michael Pakula

    School Of Rock Insert?

    I picked this up recently but there was no insert. There was just a white piece of paper with a white sticker on it. Im sure someone here can confirm this for me. -Mike
  11. Michael Pakula

    Back To School Remake In Works

    There is a remake in the works of the 80's classic Back To School with Rodney Dangerfield but this time Cedric The Entertainer will be the main star who also did a remake for the 80's vacation movies starring Chevy Chase. The writers for the remake are David Ronn and Jay Scherick who brought us...
  12. Michael Pakula

    Making The Grade Anamorphic?

    This is the only other 80's Judd Nelson movie I liked besides The Breakfast Club. I would like to pick it up on dvd but is it Anamorphic?. -Mike
  13. Michael Pakula

    Anyone Getting Powerdrome?

    This game is a futuristic racer like F-Zero,Quantum Redshift,and Wipeout. It is sopposed to be 8 players online and its by the same people who made the jet ski game Carve so it should be pretty cheap. I think it will be alot of fun so I will be getting it. Powerdrome Website...
  14. Michael Pakula

    Field Of Dreams Question

    I was watching Field Of Dreams recently and there is something I do not understand and hopefully someone here can clear it up for me. I just wanted to know if James Earl Jones character Terrance Mann was a ghost the whole movie as he does walk into the corn field at the end of the movie...
  15. Michael Pakula

    Robocop Criterion Collection Question

    I just wanted to know something about the packaging of the Robocop Criterion. Does it come in a metal case like Terminator 2 or does it just look like metal?. I will be getting this off ebay soon so I just wanted to know before I bid on one. -Mike
  16. Michael Pakula

    D.C. Cab On DVD?

    Does anyone know if this movie will be released soon?. I would like to get this Mr. T movie but The A-Team release next week will keep me busy for now. -Mike
  17. Michael Pakula

    Predator 2 Special Edition?

    Is there a chance we could see a special edition of Predator 2?. The Alien VS Predator movie will be coming out in August along with the Predator Special Edition DVD. So you think Fox would like to cash in on the franchise. The alien series also did last year. This would leave Predator 2 as the...
  18. Michael Pakula

    TV Shows Widescreen Question

    I just wanted to know that if certain shows are shot in film than shouldn't the dvds be widescreen or were some shows shot in super 35 this why all the dvd releases are full screen?. Im just a little confused about the whole process so hopefully someone here can clear things up. -Mike
  19. Michael Pakula

    Dave And Steve's Video Game Explosion

    Does anyone remember the tv show Dave And Steve's Video Game Explosion on TBS?. They reviewed games and also had video game sketches too like interviews with the head people from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. It was on TBS on weeknights at 2 am est in the morning. It was on a tv show called...
  20. Michael Pakula

    Anyone Find Stay Hungry in Stores?

    I called a few places today and no one seems to have it in stock. They even offered to special order but I don't want to wait 3 months. I'm suprised considering arnolds fame now you would think they would at least get one copy in stock. -Mike
  21. Michael Pakula

    Falling Down On DVD

    Is the current Falling Down DVD Anamorphic and should I pick it up or is there a planned special edition?. -Mike
  22. Michael Pakula

    Frasier - Series Finale 5/13/04

    The Frasier Series Finale will be on tonight at 8:55 PM. There will be a recap show starting at 8:00 PM. Im actualy surprised there are no threads about the finale here. Anyone else watching the Series Finale tonight?. -Mike
  23. Michael Pakula

    EA On XBOX Live

    It was announced at the E3 pre-show conference that EA will be going on XBOX Live this fall. I think this is great news as we will now be able to play games like like Battefield, Burnout 3, and Goldeneye 2 online now. Official EA XBOX Live Press Release...
  24. Michael Pakula

    snappers and cardboard cases

    I recently was looking at some of the few movies I own that has the honour of being either a snapper or a carboard slipcase. While I was looking at them I noticed some of them have a bit of damage like line scratches of sorts you can't tell by just looking at it but rather look closey. I also...
  25. Michael Pakula

    Grown Up Simpsons

    Is it me or does the current simpsons episodes seem quite awful compared to the earlier seasons?. I think it would be interesting if they took it in a direction where the characters were older like the kids in their teens. Would anybody else here be interested in a new simpsons?. -Mike
  26. Michael Pakula

    U.K Exclusive Simpsons DVDS

    I noticed on the TV DVD Listing topic that some one owned the following simpsons dvds below. I thought they were made up at first but after doing a search on amazon sure enough they were in fact true. So Im wondering if there was a chance we will see these DVDS in North America. Has anyone heard...
  27. Michael Pakula

    Best Online DVD Retailers?

    I wasn't sure where to post this so I just posted it here. Im looking into importing a select bunch of DVDS because of the bilingual packaging issue here in canada. I would like to know which site has the best prices and service?. I usually would just order from Amazon but I would like to try...
  28. Michael Pakula

    Predator Special Edition Announced

    I just saw the news on DVD File and can't wait for it to come out. Im kind of dissapointed though as I bought the previous release few months ago. Here is the details. "If it Bleeds... - 3:19pm ...We can kill it! So what if it only took five tries? After years of waiting for fans, Fox...
  29. Michael Pakula

    Predator Special Edition Cover Art

    I found this on DVD File's forum. It looks the special edition release will come out sooner than expected. -Mike
  30. Michael Pakula

    Good Morning, Mrs Bliss and Saved By The Bell: The College Years

    Does anyone know of any release for these two series on DVD?. The third and fourth season will be out next week so Im wondering if something was announced. I would also like a release for the Saved By The Bell movie specials. -Mike