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  1. SteveMc

    iPhone and iPad update 2013, September 10th

    I suggest Not using Apple maps. it's been horrible. I still have used it by mistake when Siri gives me directions and its been wrong multiple times. Twice send me in completely wrong directions
  2. SteveMc

    Microsoft pulls a 180 (heh) on Xbone DRM

    They have. It's called downloadable content. I though MS was on to something when they have been offer free games to gold members. last month I downloaded Assassins Creed 2 for free, a title I was thinking of buying used. Its an older game, oine that already has a newer sequel on the selves...
  3. SteveMc

    speakers, BIC America?

    Just playing devil advocate here I don't quite follow your statements on BIC, can you elaborate? Do you mean they don't allow their speakers to be reviewed? There are many good user reviews of the speakers on Amazon. They obviously aren't audiophile speakers. Pro reviews are done by people...
  4. SteveMc

    Yes there really is a Kalamazoo

    indeed. I live north of KZOO in GR, and Bells brewery is great. All of West Michigan is booming with micro breweries now. In fact Grand Rapids is beer city USA (according to some internet popularity contest).
  5. SteveMc

    Why get a receiver instead of just a very good HDTV?

    as well as the other reasons mentioned, there is also component switching. Most Receivers will switch your speakers from your HT, to your stereo, to your game system, to your record player.
  6. SteveMc

    Help with hot cabinet

    yes, you definitely need a place for the hot air to escape. Can't tell what is above your cabinet but I assume it's the TV compartment? If you want the door closed, you need an inlet and outlet for air. You could rely on natural convection and just cut some type of ventilation holes. That...
  7. SteveMc

    Where's The Day After DVD?

    I've been searching for info on this title and can't find anything. I know Anchor Bay rereleased it on VHS a year or so ago, but why no DVD release? Are they planning on doing one? I've been wanting this one on DVD for years.
  8. SteveMc

    NEED HELP NOW!! new comp doesn't work

    I would double check all your conncetions inside your box, especially, CPU and fan, RAM, and video cards.
  9. SteveMc

    Problem completing downloads

    FYI, I have used Download Accelerator a lot, it works real well. You need to download from somewhere that supports resumable downloads, but most do now days. You can still DL from places that don't, it just DLs at normal speed. I usually use it for huge files...and i mean HUGE! Like linux ISO's...
  10. SteveMc

    *** Official "TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES" Review Thread

    I must admit that I was very nervous when I heard they were going to film T3 without Cameron or Hamilton involved. After catching a showing last night I can breathe a sigh of relief...it wasn't terrible. It definately more action driven than story driven than its two predecesors, but there is...
  11. SteveMc

    *** Official "THE HULK" Review Thread

    I must say right off that I am not an avid comic reader. I had watched the orginal Hulk back in the day and was interested in seeing what the new movie had in store. After see initial previews for the movie, I was less than impressed...trying to keep my expectations low so I wouldn't be...
  12. SteveMc

    *** Official "HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES" Discussion Thread

    I'm not really sure what to say about this one. I enjoyed it, but i was dissapointed about something...and I can't quite put my finger off. I really liked the first 20 minutes. Then it slowed down a bit and I was expecting to see all this gore everyone is talking about. I didn't see any. There...
  13. SteveMc

    *** Official "BASIC" Discussion Thread

    I thought this movie was horrid. I just saw it tonight. The first 3/4 of the movie is full of witty banter and military cliches. By the end, you're just praying for an end to all the logic twists and turns they try to throw you. I stopped trying to follow half way through. The dialog is lame and...
  14. SteveMc

    2003 Film List

    created Mar 22, 2003 Updated June 30, 2003 4 Star Ratings Total 2003 movies: 44 Total non-qualifying: 6 Total First time: 35 Total movies: 85 Honorable Mention: Theatrical showing of Ghostbusters (1984) 2003 Film List 28 Days Later - *** American Wedding - **1/2 Anger...
  15. SteveMc

    The simple things in life that annoy us.

    due to recent "news" Prime time shows are pre-empted with special reports with news that hasn't changed in 24 hours. Or our local stations love to break for Weather Bulletins for 90 mins every time it rains and gets windy at the same time. Cell phones that sound exactly like mine. TV that...
  16. SteveMc

    Buying income property

    My fiance and I are toying with the idea of buying an income property to rent out. We rent an apartment now, so ideally we'd love to get a duplex, live in one side and rent the other out. However we're both young (25) and my jobs haven't been steady for a year, so I don't know how that would...
  17. SteveMc

    The simple little things in life that we love...

    The smell of a new house or freshly cut lumber I tell ya if there was an air freshener with that scent. Starting to fill a new shelf on my DVD rack Buying new tools
  18. SteveMc

    I Can't believe it has Come to this

    Well what if i am lazy and need a PB&J now...I don't wanna wait for it to thaw...Ahhh. Pack it with a Hot Pocket like microwave crisper and voila...instant goo
  19. SteveMc

    I think Taco Bell is trying to kill people!!!

    Hey i should go eat at Taco Bell and sue them when I get fat.. $$$$$ :D
  20. SteveMc

    Using XP Pro on AMD K6 processor

    I tried running XP on my thinkpad that runs a PII Celeron 366 w/256 RAM and it was almost un-runnable. Would click and wait 5-10 seccs to respond. Stick with 98 unless you get a newer rig.
  21. SteveMc

    Wireless speakers

    I don't think you'll find any one on this forum that's a big supporter of wireless speakers. If there is absolutley no other way no run wires or fake rears through virtual sound, I suppose wireless is a viable solution. I, however wouldn't waste my money. If the attic doesn't sound possible...
  22. SteveMc

    Anyone here ever win something

    A local radio station used to have what they called "Stump the crew". Bascially call in with a trivia question and if they get it wrong you win. I won some barbecue set thing from that...not a grill,but some utensils, meat, and an apron. I was probably 12. I also won a bowling ball in a...
  23. SteveMc

    Building a Soda fountain?

    Just came across a link on Arstechnica about building a soda fountain. Has a lot of great info. I wish I had room for one :frowning: Thought i'd share... http://www.boneville.net/soda/default.htm
  24. SteveMc

    The simple things in life that annoy us.

    People who talk during movies People who talk at the movie Telemarketers in general - especially when they can't even pronounce your name. I always love when I get someone calling me about new local phone service...I tell them no thanks i don't have a phone. Or if they're in the middle of a...
  25. SteveMc

    No more Best Buy for me...

    if they ask you if you want netflix, just lie and say you already have it. The only time i had someone bug me was when I picked up Aramgeddon for a friends gift and it was when they were pushing some Pearl Harbor deal. So the guy was like "hey you should get the two pack is only 5 bucks more"...
  26. SteveMc

    Upgrade hard drive

    I would agree with John and say reinstall if at all possible on the new drive. I recently did this. Reinstalled XP pro, installed my basic application that i ALWAYS need, (Adobe, Office, winzip), then used Ghost to burn a backup base image to 2 CDRs. If i ever need a fresh install again, i can...
  27. SteveMc

    HELP!! My Computer Randomly Restarts Itself!!

    on the desktop, right click on my computer and select properties, click Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery, and uncheck the Automatically Reboot option in the system failure. In the Win98 days of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) you got an error message with the blue screen, but with that option...
  28. SteveMc

    Norton Ghost questions

    The only part of ghost absolutely essential is the ghost.exe file, which has to be run is a DOS environment. I have a 2002 OEM verision that came with my motherboard and thats the only file it has, so it doesn't have Ghost Explorer or the boot disk wizard. I just copied the EXE to a Win 98...
  29. SteveMc


    i would defineately rent these, but I don't remember them being all that great. Most were pretty boring and didn't even involve Freddy. I enjoyed Friday the 13th: The Series much more...also had nothing to do with the movies but had better stories.