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  1. John Tillman

    Floyd's DSOTM preorder...

    Just got a SACD preorder alert from Elusive for 3/3!
  2. John Tillman

    Beatles Anthology audio quality

    I finally watched the last disc of my laser set tonight (which was great) but I then popped in my Anthology 3 discs for a listen on my main system (Sony 555es). I was blown away by the quality of the recordings. I guess I've always listened to it on inferior gear and never realized how good...
  3. John Tillman

    Stones, part II

    I stumbled on most of their Virgin stuff at Costco today while on a Monsters, Inc. run. It was all priced at $10.99, I picked up Sticky Fingers & Exile.
  4. John Tillman

    Counting Crows...

    I have copy of August which I enjoy but never picked up anything beyond that. Would you recommend Hard Candy or would following the chronological order be a better way to go? Thanks.
  5. John Tillman

    What are they pressing now?

    OK, both hybrid manufacturing facilities have been humming away pressing the 22 Stones albums while everything else gets backlogged. So now the 27th is almost here, they will probably switch gears and move on to other titles. How do they figure out the pecking order? Who are the players here...
  6. John Tillman


    I just pre-ordered Hot Rocks I & II from Amazon to start off with. How about you? Amazon has free shipping > $50. What about the other half of their catalog? Any chance of it making it to sacd?
  7. John Tillman

    Chicago remasters

    Has anyone any experience with these yet? Rhino just released CTA, II & III and they seem to be a mixed bag from what I've read. They always seemed like an AM radio thing to me, yet they have huge body of work, some of it is very good. I picked up the Very Best of Chicago (also a new...
  8. John Tillman

    MIB 2 question

    So what happened to Linda Fiorentino for the sequel? This girl with a great voice seems to have a great vanishing act.
  9. John Tillman

    Mennen Pre-Electric Skin Bracer...

    Been using this stuff for 20+ years but distributors (retail outlets) have slowly stopped carrying it. Went to the one & only in my area and they no longer carry it. I'm talking about the Blue Pre-Electric not the Green After Shave. The stuff on the shelves smells like chemicals for...
  10. John Tillman

    Ban question

    When a HTF member is banned, is this a permanent banning or suspension based on infraction severity?
  11. John Tillman

    Record Labels - SCAD or DVD-A

    How would you know if Led Zep on Atlantic would be a SCAD or DVD-A? Sony or Warner are obvious but what about all the others? Is there a list somewhere that shows what agreements have been made? Seems to me, they would want to be forthright about this information because many people on the...
  12. John Tillman

    Fleck DVD-A problem...

    OK, I've got a Bluegrass DVD-A from Bela Fleck and can't find the AR Stereo mix. It defaults to multi-mix and the top menu does not display an option of mixes. Additionaly, when I select group 2 on my RP-91, it recycles and goes back to group 1 (multimix). The rear cover of the jewel box...
  13. John Tillman

    SACD outer sleeve

    OK, once was frustrating, twice was weird, now it seems like every SACD has an outer sleeve stuck on the jewel with frikin' crazy glue. I can't slide the jewel box out. What is with these outer sleeves anyway? Even Redbook is into them (Sam Phillips-Fan Dance, Harry Nilson-Nilson Schmilsson...
  14. John Tillman

    DVD-A slowdown?

    Just looking at the Rhino upcoming titles site, and it looks rather sparse after Jan 8ths "The Captain and Me" by the Doobie Brothers. If they're going to get us addicted to this stuff, they're going to have show a little more effort ;).
  15. John Tillman

    Generic RG6-qs question

    I'm currently doing research to build some DIY audio interconnects. In the process, I'd like to see if I can put a better plug on existing (Home Depot) RG6-qs video runs. I'm using an Ideal (crimp) F-type connector with a RCA screw on adapter. A couple of these have failed and it would be...
  16. John Tillman

    C555ES first thoughts...

    Well first off, this is a large and substantial unit. I had some space allocated on my flexy rack and thought it would sit on top of my RP-91 and accommodate some small switch boxes. Wrong. The 555 muscled its way in there forcing the RP-91 on top of it, leaving no room for the switch boxes. No...
  17. John Tillman

    C555ES first thoughts...

    * sorry, wrong forum *
  18. John Tillman

    DVD player questions

    How would a computer DVD drive give you a progressive signal? Is it the player, software or video card that would yield progressive rather than interlaced? Also, are computer DVD players able to play all regions? Thanks...
  19. John Tillman

    Small speaker for stereo use?

    I have a VSX-07 (120wpc & dd5.1) to put back into service as a stereo receiver for our 14x19 Living Room. My SO's wish is to keep the speakers small as possible, as she is making the Living Room comfortable but not Den-ish. Wall mounted won't work as big French doors are in the way. I've...
  20. John Tillman

    Need new 6.5 Drivers...

    I've got an old pair of BA A-40's that need new drivers. The BA website says new ones would be at least $150-200. My original receipt for the speakers was $145 in 1986. Am I being cheap by thinking $150 plus shipping is a stretch? Can anyone suggest other decent 6.5 inch drivers for the...
  21. John Tillman

    X-box won't power up

    Picked up an X-box last Friday and it played fine till today. For whatever reason, it will not show any sign of life. My son left it powered up over night and when I left this morning, it was a little loud. I thought, maybe a fan was working to cool it down and I left for work. When my son...
  22. John Tillman

    Web radio

    I've been listening to a local college radio station (WFUV) for a few years and have enjoyed much of what they offer. They even have a webcast at www.wfuv.com that I listen to as well. If you listen to web based radio and think it is good, please post a link so we can all enjoy.
  23. John Tillman

    1080i games on XB

    Are there any 1080i games for the XB out at this time?
  24. John Tillman

    Real Estate post 9/11

    Just want to start a discussion about Real Estate in your area in the post 9/11 aftermath. I've noticed that my area (Huntington, LI) for this time of year, has more residential for sale signs out for this time of year. Its not a flood of properties on the market, but about 10 to 20 percent...
  25. John Tillman

    New DVD-A player

    A friend I work with brought this to my attention. A Panasonic DVD-Audio player for $229. http://www.thewiz.com/wiz/app/CeProd...=CeMain%3Fnull I couldn't find it on the Panasonic website but the wiz seems to think it exists. THUD!... Hordes of people getting off the fence.
  26. John Tillman

    Too late for 1st batch of X-box?

    Checking local EB's and they say buzz off. Gates don't want my $500?
  27. John Tillman

    Wolfenstein question

    I'm now running Windows 2000. The specs for Wolfenstein state that it runs on 95/98/Me. No mention about 2000. Does that mean forget about 2000?
  28. John Tillman

    Full Metal Jacket HBO-HD

    Saw FMJ on HBO last night and thought it looked great. Vertical bars present because of 1:33 AR but the sharpness of the picture looked very good compared to SD version playing at the same time. My first viewing of the movie and I enjoyed it very much. Hope to see it again.
  29. John Tillman

    My 1st HD Baseball game

    Yea I know we are spoiled in this area, but courtesy of Cablevision (optimum online) I watched the Yankees play last night. Simply beautiful picture. Great stuff. Sports is definitely the HD killer application. Hope they keep it coming!