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  1. Alex-C

    Superbowl 42. Play for Today.

    Who are you pulling for ? (not who do you think will win)
  2. Alex-C

    Help me I.D. this old sci-fi episode, please. Possibly Twilight Zone.

    This is probably easy and will take less than 5 posts to i.d. Its probably Outer Limits or Twilight Zone. It's an episode where some guy who has committed a crime is sentenced to be "invisible", so I think he has it stamped on his forehead and everyone in this society is ordered to ignore...
  3. Alex-C

    Great Flash animation: Animator vs Animation

    Have a laugh and enjoy ! Animator vs Animation
  4. Alex-C

    You guys see the size of this hog ?

    Maybe I am showing my naivete, but I didnt even know things like this existed. I know there are wild hogs. I may have dated a few...I kid, I kid, but they might as well have posted a picture of big foot (and I dont mean Andre the Giant in half a bear suit). I mean look at that thing. You...
  5. Alex-C

    Pulp Fiction question.

    Tarantino threw in 1,000 references to films and popular culture of the past in PF. I have always wondered about this one: During the Jack Rabbit Slims scene, just as Vincent and Mia are being seated, there is a deliberate shot of a little person dressed in what looks like a bell hop outfit...
  6. Alex-C

    Simple question re: LED lights, how to...

    I want to light up a few eyes behind some things for Halloween and would like to utilize a simple LED setup (i.e. DC power, not a keychain taped down). Can someone explain how you do this using a simple LED light like these: http://www.jab-tech.com/4000MCD-5mm-...k-pr-2391.html I have...
  7. Alex-C

    Simple question re: LED lights, how to...

    I want to light up a few eyes behind some things for Halloween and would like to utilize a simple LED setup (i.e. DC power, not a keychain taped down). Can someone explain how you do this using a simple LED light like these: http://www.jab-tech.com/4000MCD-5mm-...k-pr-2391.html I have...
  8. Alex-C

    Simple Infrared Repeater

    Hi everyone. Request: Suggest options so I can operate one component remotely (wired). The component is my receiver, and all I want to do is volume control from the poker room (maybe change inputs). Research: I did HTF search, been to Xantech, smarthome, crutchfield, hotlink...
  9. Alex-C

    Stupid Question, kinda "corn"y

    Question: why is it I cannot find yellow corn anymore ? All the fresh corn in all the supermarkets in our region (nor cal) is white corn. Apparently for some, there is a difference. I am asking for someone else. Frankly I couldnt care less, but what is weird is the predominance of yellow...
  10. Alex-C

    Watching TV in the garage, possibly thru a computer...

    Your help is greatly needed. I have a simple need with several possible options. The basic need is a television in the garage. (ok, go buy a tv and put in your garage, run the coax or antenna and your done, right ?). Right ? But let me complicate things a bit to see if I can get HD and/or...
  11. Alex-C

    Cooling the HT cabinet with a computer fan

    Can this be done without a computer power supply in the cabinet ? I have done this with my computer desk...adding a separate computer fan outside of the computer, attached to a part of the desk to help the air flow out; it gets really hot in there especially in the summer, etc. etc. My HT...
  12. Alex-C

    HTF World Cup Fantasy Challenge

    free. everyone is welcome. doesnt require a lot of time. http://espnsoccernet.fantasyleague.com/Index.aspx pin # is 3609
  13. Alex-C

    HD PPV...does it exist ?

    Hello All. Comcast cable subscriber here. I enjoy a good boxing match or other ppv event like anyone else and so I was wondering: When they show the replays of boxing matches on HBO, they are in HD, but why is there no HD ppv channel on Comcast ? I have to believe this is not a...
  14. Alex-C

    question about mp3.com

    This site used to be a site filled with amateur/inde/d.i.y. artists that you could freely stream covering all genres...and there was some good stuff on there. Anyway, I haven't been there in a while and it seems that it has been sold/bought out/transformed into a legit music site (i.e...
  15. Alex-C

    What was this movie, possible after school special. 70s

    This is not that obscure so I am sure someone will nail it for me quickly. All I can remember is the rowdy kids locked all the parents in the school auditorium and had a little mini riot outside while panicked ensued on the inside. I must have seen whatever this flick was a number of...
  16. Alex-C

    Charlie Brown 1970s SPECIAL intro

    First does anyone remember the following....and secondly, anyone know where I can find it on the net... Before the Peanuts specials in the 1970s and 80s, they would run this 5 second intro...imagine the word "SPECIAL", rainbow colored, spiraling outward leaving trails. I dont think they...
  17. Alex-C

    Spider I.D.

    Where is a good place to get help identifying a backyard spider ? For those interested, look here: http://home.comcast.net/~achetley/spidersm.JPG and here: http://home.comcast.net/~achetley/tobeymaguire.jpg
  18. Alex-C

    Is there a boxofficemojo for music ?

    Sometimes, my mind wanders, and I wonder how many albums say R.E.M. has sold versus Queen. Boxofficemojo.com is a fine place to find out sales of movies, but does something like that exist for music (albums and singles) ?
  19. Alex-C

    Tobey Maguire - vegetarian...

    This I don't understand, Tobey Maguire, a vegetarian, does a scene in Spiderman 2 where he has to eat a hot dog. So to film it, he actually eats tofu hot dogs. okay..cool, whatever. your perogative dude. If red meat or any other color meat turns you off...that's understandable. Then I am...
  20. Alex-C

    Looking for info on custom media center pc...

    Not a HTPC per se, but something for a bathroom. Custom built, media playing small, nice looking PC for mostly playing music but also maybe outputting to a mounted flatscreen. Not necessarily videos, maybe something as simple as winamp visualizations. Think along the lines of something you...
  21. Alex-C

    Have a friday laugh

    ok...maybe its just me and my weird sense of humor. http://media.skoopy.com/vids/vid_00478.wmv this short video which is safe for home/work viewing shows a guy apparently breaking his wrist while hitting his buddy in the arm...test of manhood, stupid human trick, whatever. But what is...
  22. Alex-C

    Sony DVD player Super Audio CD ?

    I just bought this Sony DVP-NS775V DVD player which also does other things too, but I mainly bought it for the DVD player capabilities and I needed one that plays DVD-R/+R etc. Since it also plays super audio CDs, I figured I'd pick one up just to check out how it sounds. Anyway, does...
  23. Alex-C

    In-wall dipoles, B&W, AT, etc...

    I am looking for some in wall dipole speakers to replace my Klipsch RS-3s. B&W makes a CDS6 S3 model and so does Atlantic Technology (system 20 THX). Does anyone have these or have any recommendations ? I did a search in this forum on the B&Ws and didnt come up with much. Apparently...
  24. Alex-C

    Long lost brothers...? (humor)

    Harry Dunne. Editor of Vanity Fair.
  25. Alex-C

    Day spa tipping

    If you're going to pay $60 - $80 on a salon service such as a massage or a facial, what do you think is an appropriate tip for the person providing the service ? It seems that the 15-20% rule is a litle excessive. You come out spending about $100 when you're finished.
  26. Alex-C

    Shane McGowan of the Pogues assaulted !

    Article I guess he got into a brawl into a pub or something and was beat up. . . . . Also, he lost his teeth. . . . uh, these stories aren't related.
  27. Alex-C

    The Leap year bonus - 27 paychecks this year !

    If you are a salaried person and if you are paid bi-weekly and if your first check of this year was on Friday, January 4th, 2004, then you will be receiving an extra paycheck this year (unless your payroll department prevents it). Apparently this occurs every 7 leap years or every 28 years...
  28. Alex-C

    Lawsuit Lunacy.

    it's official....I've gone crazy. And I know I've gone crazy, not by the pinwheels in my eyes, but by what I see around me. ;)
  29. Alex-C

    Best Buy - worst luck.

    From the local headlines.... Tim Bennett recently walked into a (local) Best Buy to buy a laptop computer. "I wanted to utilize their 18-month, interest-free offer they had, which required me to apply for a Best Buy card," Bennett said. To get no-interest financing, Bennett had to...
  30. Alex-C

    Hilarious. G.I. Joe toons overdubbed.

    Search didnt reveal this has been posted. My apologies if it has....but this had me crying. I still can't get enough of the ice movie. G.I. Joe toons Nice balance of bizarre humor and classic cartoons. :)