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  1. LDfan

    New job, new location, moving to Chantilly, VA!

    I can take a wild guess or two at where you'll be working at . I haven't been on this forum in a long time but I think I remember what you got your PhD in years ago so it is a good match. Lived in this area my entire life. Let me know if you have any questions or need help. Jeff
  2. LDfan

    Vertigo, how many of you have had it?

    This article sums it up and describes how to immediately cure it   http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2008/11/how_to_treat_vertigo.html   J
  3. LDfan

    So, Aberdeen Maryland?

    Wow. Didn't think the BRAC migration was starting so soon. I'm in the Northern Va area but BRAC is huge around here since FT Belvoir is taking on a bunch of people. I'm not sure about your list of choices but I'll ask around to see what I can find out. Jeff
  4. LDfan

    Am I overreacting or should I be this upset with my girlfriend? (long read)

    Man, sounds like stuff I went through in my early/mid 20's. Ughh, headaches and BS. There are a couple of ways to handle the situation. Getting worked up and jealous will do NOTHING except mess with your head and slowly screw up everything in your life (such as your job). Anyone that is truly...
  5. LDfan

    CLD-99 won't play after shipping

    Kurtis is "the man" as far as laserdisc player knowledge goes. I feel quite lucky to have him in the area (as does Phil). He built me a Pioneer 704 player a few years ago from several different broken players, tested it out and the darn thing still runs like a champ today.
  6. LDfan

    Experimenting with long exposure

    Nice. I love nightshots and long exposure photos. Thanks for sharing.
  7. LDfan

    Holy crap! I've been a member here over 10 years!!!!

    Me too. Time flies. Hell I remember back in 95-96 seeing Ron's postings in the alt.rec.laserdisc newsgroups about this new "home theater forum" on the Delphi online service.
  8. LDfan

    Cheapest honorable software store?

    Dennis, if you are still looking for Adobe Acrobat shoot me a PM. I can get fully licensed copies for a cheap price using my student discount at school.
  9. LDfan

    Article: Apple to AT&T: Drop Dead

    To be fair to AT&T these problems would have happened to any other carrier had Apple signed with. I don't think AT&T (or Apple) ever imagined the strain on the wireless network that the iphone can use. Things will improve as the network infrastructure improves. Growing pains should be expected.
  10. LDfan

    My next scanner

    Fujitsu scanners rock! They are highly regarded in the legal industry for their fast scanning and quality. We have a few 6120 scanners (which offer TWAIN compliance) at work and they run circles around the other HP and Canon models we've had in the past.
  11. LDfan

    I need to learn .NET fast!

    A good friend of mine that I've known for 20 years has a free website just for this sorta thing. He's a damn good programmer and isn't trying to sell you anything. He just loves to teach people how to program. CSharp University - practical C# and ASP.NET online learning portal Welcome to...
  12. LDfan

    Slow Cable Internet...help

    If things don't improve you have a couple of options. Maybe you could look into wireless internet service via your cell phone carrier. You can usually get DSL-like speeds. Or if you want to pay the money you could check into getting a dedicated business line such as a T-1 or fractional T-1...
  13. LDfan

    Slow Cable Internet...help

    Not much you can do except call them and have a technician come out. Sounds like that have an old and not properly designed network if you are seeing performance drops of that magnitude. The cable tech will probably check the signal strength on your coax. Are you running many splitters...
  14. LDfan

    Learn from my pain: backup BootCamp

    Dang, Are you sure SuperDuper will see the entire drive and not just the Mac OS? You might have been able to just copy the HAL.dll file back into the windows directory. That may have fixed the issue. If you couldn't boot up into Windows you could go about the old school method by...
  15. LDfan

    Has anyone used Spectracide brand "Terminate" Termite spikes..Thoughts?

    The big name companies like Orkin and Terminix charge way too much. Termite bait systems are good (at least the brand name ones) but they are entirely dependent on the termites finding the stakes. Termites travel in random paths underground and if they take the bait it's a slow and gradual...
  16. LDfan

    How To Remove “Reminder Pop Ups” When Using Atlantic 8300 HD DVR?

    The fanatics over at avsforum are constantly tweaking these things and have all kinds of tips and tricks you might find interesting. Scientific Atlanta HD PVR's / HD STB MASTER THREAD: General Posts/Links Here Only ! - AVS Forum J
  17. LDfan

    Thats it I have to quit smoking

    Being that my wife is in fairly poor health I've spent many a day and nights sitting in ER rooms. Since most of the rooms/bays are designed for 2 patients there is just a curtain separating one patient from another. I've sat there one night and heard the doctor come into the next bay and give...
  18. LDfan

    Disk Repair utilities: what tools, what tricks?

    Spinrite **Home of Gibson Research Corporation** Every week in his SecurityNow podcast (which is great btw) there are always a few added emails from listeners chiming in with Spinrite stories. This program has been around for a long time. It has saved my butt many times. For a Mac you...
  19. LDfan

    Free Pioneer DVL-919 Laserdisc Player

    Sweet! I'll take it if still available! I live in the Alexandria area. I will PM you. Jeff
  20. LDfan

    Anyone try dropbox yet?

    Hi Ron, Log onto the dropbox website. Once logged in you can send invites via the invitation box in the lower left corner. Jeff
  21. LDfan

    Anyone try dropbox yet?

    Hi Ron, I will shoot you an invite. Doesn't hurt to give it a shot. Now that I think of it I think I was the one that gave you a gmail invite waaaay back when before it was released to the world. Let me know if Dropbox works for you. Update: Just sent you an invite to your hometheaterforum...
  22. LDfan

    Anyone try dropbox yet?

    I'm been trying to find a decent solution to the problem of trying to keep files sync'd between multiple computers. Finally stumbled across dropbox and finally got hold of an beta code. One word....awesome! I do have a few invites left if anyone wants one. Take a look at the website and...
  23. LDfan

    I've got a Kidney Stone!

    Damn. I've known a couple of former coworkers that had them. They said it was the worst pain ever. Grown men curled up and screaming and crying from the pain. Hope all goes well with getting that damn stone out! J
  24. LDfan

    "Breaking Bad" on AMC starts on 1/20/08

    What a great show! HBO quality here folks. Some interesting character development going on. The conversation with this brother in law about crossing the lines of good and bad was great. Just watching Walt and Jessie 'mature' from the start of the season to the end. Wow. Some funny stuff mixed in...
  25. LDfan

    Verizon FIOS vs Cable Company vs Telephone Company

    Wow. Verizon here in northern VA is charging $89.99 for the 30/15 plan. My cable company (Cox) actually beats them on pricing for 5/2 and 15/2 plans. I have the 5/2 plan and on my testing I always get about 8 down and 1.5 up. I did try their 15/2 plan but was never able to get past 12. They...
  26. LDfan

    Verizon FIOS vs Cable Company vs Telephone Company

    Verizon FIOS does have advantage over the CableCos and the battlefront is just now getting started between the two camps. Cable does have plenty of bandwidth to compete with Verizon. With the new Docsis standard coming out soon cable internet speeds should be able to compete with FIOS. Cable...
  27. LDfan

    I Bought an Apple TV Yesterday

    I'd snatch up an Apple TV in a hearbeat if they were able to DVR tv shows. Hopefully some day that may happen with these things. Jeff
  28. LDfan

    Possible Macbook purchase. Have some questions.

    Thanks! I know that RAM is cheaper elsewhere like on kingston.com but I never gave much thought to the hard drive. On another note: I'm amazed at the enthusiasm that you all show for this stuff! I'm hoping to rekindle some excitement of learning new IT stuff by getting a Mac. I think that...
  29. LDfan

    Possible Macbook purchase. Have some questions.

    Awesome. Thanks for the input guys. Jeff
  30. LDfan

    Possible Macbook purchase. Have some questions.

    I might be making the plunge for my first Mac and was looking at the Macbook. How do you keep the white finish from getting all dirty and dingy? The black is nicer but not worth getting nailed for a couple hundred bucks. Has anyone here ever regretted getting a Macbook instead of a...