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  1. Anthony Hom

    Steve Hoffman Site hijacked

    Anyone here read the Steve Hoffman music forum? I think it's been hijacked. http://www.stevehoffman.tv/ unless he moved it and not told anybody where it is. Hopefully someone here has the news on what is happening that site.
  2. Anthony Hom

    Are portable DVD players anamorphic?

    I noticed there are many hand-held DVD players out there with 5" to 10" screens that play at 16x9, do they support anamorphic 16x9? If so, which ones? I cannot find any specs on these players that say they do, so I think the chances are slim any of them can. Thanks!
  3. Anthony Hom

    PSP and Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Anyone here use Pro sticks instead of standard Duo? It says in the manual that MP3 and ATRAC will only play on Memory Stick Duo and not Pro Duo. Can anyone verify this to be true? It's in the PSP manual but wondered if anyone actually tried to play MP3s on a Pro Duo stick.
  4. Anthony Hom

    Simpsons-End of credits outtakes

    Has anyone noticed since this new season started, they put unused scenes at the end of an episode? It happened in the Chloe episode (Lisa praying to SpongeBob) and in the T-Shirt one after (Bart taunting Nelson to hit his tooth out). These look like completed scenes but maybe left out due to...
  5. Anthony Hom

    Pioneer LD-909, Dazzle DV-Bridge, PowerMac G4

    HI, I am trying to play a Laserdisc through the Dazzle bridge and capture in iMovie to make a DVD. The problem is everytime I do this, the images that get captured appear jaggied. I thought it was the DV-bridge or the Mac until I recorded directly to a DV-cam (Canon ZR70) and it appeared with...
  6. Anthony Hom

    Local PBS station to go all digital

    In San Mateo, California the College run PBS station that shows telecourses will stop broadcasting its analog signal starting next week and only broadcast digital. Viewers will have to get a DTV or a converter box. For more info, look at: http://www.kcsm.org/
  7. Anthony Hom

    Capture with Dazzle DV-Bridge problem

    Hi, I have a Power Mac G4 with 1GB of RAM and 300 GB of Hard drive, running system 10.3.2. I use Dazzle DV bridge to copy from VHS tapes, 8MM tapes and segments from DVDs successfully and the picture quality is the best it appears from its source and it looks good both on TV and my monitor. I...
  8. Anthony Hom

    Film Credits basics

    Can someone give me the basics on how and when certain credits are used at the beginning and end of films (and even TV shows)? Here are some questions: Why is a director typcially the last in the opening credits and the first in the end credits? and what about "A Film", when do they do that...
  9. Anthony Hom

    The Simpsons and Alfred Hitchcock

    Awhile back, a thread was created to see how many people can spot references to Stanley Kubrick films in the Simpsons. There is enough Hitchcock also in the Simpsons to see how perceptive the Hitchcock buffs are who watch the Simpsons. I'll get it started with an easy one: In the "Oh...
  10. Anthony Hom

    Portable SACDs and DVD- A players

    Any word on the consumer electronic frontier on boom boxes, small cd players that will play either of the above formats? I know that those formats are of a higher fidelity and they should only be listened to on home theaters and expensive European cars, but if that is the case, then that might...
  11. Anthony Hom

    Rock Videos- okay to share?

    I 've always wondered about this. I noticed many rock videos, many from the 80's and 90's are being shared through the usual pipelines on the internet. The question is: are these files subjected to the same piracy laws as the songs by themselves? I know you cannot sell them or use them as a...
  12. Anthony Hom

    George Harrison in film

    Today we mourn the passing of George Harrison and his monumental contribution to pop music, he will never be forgotten. i would like to take the time to mention many contributions to film George Harrison has done after the Beatles. His company, Handmade films produced such films as Life of...
  13. Anthony Hom

    Invisalign braces - anybody using it?

    I found an ad for Invialign braces that are clear plastic forms that re-align teeth. Anybody here get them and what do you think of them. After reading about them, I think I fall into the group that can use it (pending a consultation, of course). My upper front teeth have moved further apart...
  14. Anthony Hom

    70's show - what happened to Midge?

    I saw the season opener, and just recently last weeks show did not show Tanya Roberts in the credits or the titles when they are in the Vista Cruiser. Is she out of the show now?
  15. Anthony Hom

    Bonds 70th, is it that important he not get there?

    I couldn't help but notice that the Giants Vs. Houston the other day wherer the giants won 11-8. Each time after his first at-bat, Bonds was walked. The problem is they walked him in each situation which is textbook wrong. You walk Bonds to load the bases to put last years MVP up to bat? The...
  16. Anthony Hom

    Benny Hill on DVD - yeahhhh baby!

    Critic's Choice listed in their catalog a 2 DVD set with 6 hours of Benny Hill skits. It may not be the original episodes (it's a compilation), but we have Benny Hill!! And on DVD!!! The release date is 8/21/01.
  17. Anthony Hom

    Is it sony Vega or Wega?

    I always thought it was Wega because my local home electronics store called it a Wega, but a recent Sony made TV ad called it a Vega. Which is it? Also, for those with Sony Vega/Wega at 27" or larger, there is a 16x9 enhanced mode. Is it any good? Does an anamorphic image in this mode look...
  18. Anthony Hom

    Simpsons on DVD- no more syndication edits!

    I watch the Simpsons on my re-run channels all the time. I just pulled out some old tapes of the early seasons, from 4-8 and notice that the re-runs are edited! They take out some parts of jokes that make more sense when included. As an example, the Radioactive Man move episode, they leave out...