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  1. Zack<P>


    my room i use for home theater and relaxing is 12'9 x 14. yeah i know kinda small by some of your standards. im looking into getting a projecter and was curious if this would be worth the effort. i currently have a nice 50 inch rphdtv that is multivision (US and Europe), but it just aint doing...
  2. Zack<P>


    ok just got my new B&W 602s3 for my mains .my speakers are now 601s2 for my rear a nero60 center channel and the 602s3 the sub is a validyne 10 inch powered sub .my room size is close 15 x 15 .does it matter if i put the rearsat ear level instead of mounting them on the wall pointing down .now...
  3. Zack<P>

    was offered

    i am new to the sound and vision thing still but lately ive been trying to revamp my system i recently started buying B&W speakers . powered by a yahmaha 1200vx . now my question is i have been offered a preamp and a tube amp for 2500 bucks . do i realy need these to increase my current setup ...
  4. Zack<P>

    my idea

    well my concept is rather simple being as i dont have a large budget to work with and i rent my current house . what im gunning for is a project and 100 in screen(any ideas on decent projectors for a decent price ?)i currently am running B&W 601s in the rear with a B&w center and 602s for my...
  5. Zack<P>


    hey whats up folks figured this would be the place to ask for some advice . here in italy all windows have this metal door(you could say)to keep light out and also for anti theft purposes . well when im sitting round watching a good action flick and a huge explosion hits . the bass is so hard it...
  6. Zack<P>

    just curious

    ok i know from experience the adire brahma is awsome. for car audio the 15 is capable of being used as a home entertainment sub but i have yet to hear it in action .any of you guys know anything about the b15 markII's for home theatre?
  7. Zack<P>


    just a quick question when it comes to speaker wires i have been told go with 12 guage wires but now im hearing that it doesnt matter. anyone got some answers for me?
  8. Zack<P>

    B&W 601 s2

    i just got a set of these off a friend i work with for about 400. needless to say these speakers just put my yahmahas to shame. the sound is crisp and clear specialy when listening to blues and jazz. now i need to find some new floor standing speakers. anyone have a good suggestion on this. i...
  9. Zack<P>

    pixels still

    like my last post stated i picked up a hitachi 50 rear projection hdtv. also its a multisystem unit being stationed in italy figured it was a good bet to go with. anyway i still have a problem with way too many pixels where it seems to be smearing the picture. currently the ratio is set at 14:3...
  10. Zack<P>


    i recently bout a hitachi 50 multisystem hdtv rear projection .anyway ive noticed lately on many of my movies the picture is pixelated heavily .is this normal if not how do i fix it or correct it ?
  11. Zack<P>

    decent price?

    just curious if 1200 for a set of B&W 604 s2 ?this guy asking too much or is it a decent offer . whats a good site to go to find home theatre speakers at a good price ?
  12. Zack<P>


    hey everyone this is my first time on the boards .afte hours of searching for a decent home theatre forum to join .i am living overseas in sicily and just recently bout a nice 50 inch hitachi multisystem HDTV.it is rear projection now my only problem now is I have been told the best place for a...