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  1. robbbb1138


    I'm not sure if it's happening everywhere, but Target stores where I live have now all more than doubled their space for Blu-Rays. Instead of it just being one side of a shorter aisle, the Blu-Ray section is now also occupying the other, full-sized side of that aisle. I know a lot of us buy...
  2. robbbb1138

    American Beauty PQ

    I couldn't find another thread on this release when I did a search, so I apologize if this is redundant, but how serious are the PQ issues on the American Beauty Blu? I've only found 1 review on this release so far and it's not exactly a glowing review, so I'm wondering if it's just that...
  3. robbbb1138


    I've never bought a Blu that had one of these. What's in them? Is it just still photos, behind the scenes information, or what? More to the point, is it worth the extra $?
  4. robbbb1138

    40" TV suggestion?

    I'm looking for a 40" TV for my basement, somewhere in the $800 - $1,200 price range. It will only be to watch Blu-Rays and I'm a stickler for proper 1080p/24 handling. The lighting in the basement is very bright (nearly a dozen lights on white walls), so anything too reflective is not going...
  5. robbbb1138

    recommendations for firmware updates?

    Does anyone have a recommendation about how to best notify Sony of a firmware update that I think is needed for one of their Blu-Ray players? I've e-mailed tech support, but I didn't know if someone knew of an address that would go above that level (I'm assuming most complaints die at that...
  6. robbbb1138

    need help with my new Sony Blu-Ray player

    I just purchased a BDP-BX57 to replace my BDP-BX1. Everything works fine, except that I can't get the video at 1080/24p, only 1080/60p. I've set the 24 fps to "auto" in my settings, which means that it should be picking up that my TV can handle this, but it's not. My BDP-BX1 never had this...
  7. robbbb1138

    Catalog sales down 20%

    That was a great piece today on Digital Bits about why no one should be shocked that catalog sales are down 20% and why it doesn't have to be this way. As someone who allots about $100 every month to spend on Blu but can't usually find more than $40 that's worth buying every month (and that's...
  8. robbbb1138

    need help with ethernet bridges

    I am planning to buy my first BluRay player (the S350) in the next day or two, and I've researched the manual online to see how I'll be able to connect to BD Live without connecting an Ethernet cable between the player and my modem (which are on opposite ends of the house). The manual says that...