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  1. Charles M

    Splinter Cell:PT Pricematch

    Sorry for the last minute post on this. I got splinter Cell:PT for $29.99 @ Sears from a pricematch ad in this weeks COMPUSA. Look and you'll see the box and price for the PC version for $39.99, and directly under it in small print, the XBOX title w/stock # for $29.99. Bestbuy's was willing...
  2. Charles M

    Tao Feng:Fist of the Lotus?

    Is anyone picking this game up? I'm convinced to drop $50 on this title. I've been keeping a close eye on it on some of the sites as well as www.trmk.org . Take a look at http://www.ign.com also. Let's get feedback from you gamers on this title.:emoji_thumbsup: :thumbsdown:
  3. Charles M

    Pioneer 45TX or H/K 520

    I've a Denon AVR1700. I'm looking to upgrade. My local Fry's has the H/K on sale for $497. I also went to a local authorized dealer for the Elite. Man did the 45TX sound nice. At Fry's the 520 wasn't any slouch either. Should I save now and get the 520, or be patience and get the Elite later...
  4. Charles M

    Need help with RP91!

    I rearranged my living room about three weeks ago. My RP91 has been unplugged since then. I put my equipment back together today. I try to play Resident Evil(superbit) and it want play. So I opened and closed again. I got a HO2 code. I can't find my manual. No Disc will play. Anyone with the...
  5. Charles M

    Who has the Movie Night DVD from CinemaWise?

    I thought I take a look at it. It seem pretty interesting. I'm thinking of taking the plunge on this. It's funny I use to wonder if something like this ever exist. It's exactly does what it supposed to...entertained until the movie starts. The twist is, before a DVD. What would be nice is if the...
  6. Charles M

    Yamaha RX-V1 for $1399 @ Tweeter's

    I got the paper today and was looking through the Tweeter's flier and noticed the RX-V1 Was advertised for $1399. So I called my nearest Tweeter. I was told that they are all brand new, no B stock, but brand new fresh out of the box. They have a lot in stock and in the warehouse. That's $1800...
  7. Charles M

    Toshiba 50H82 or Panny 53WX52 ?

    I got chance to price both of these sets at Sears. I need some feedback on both of these. I've seen the Toshiba at Onecall for $1979, but where can I get an internet price one the Panny 52? Not the 42, because Sears only carries the 52. I have a Panny RP91. I have to make this short because a...
  8. Charles M

    How to reset controller for GameCube?

    I don't know what the problem is, but I think I did something to my controller. I was all set to play NBA2K2. As I was powering up the GameCube, it was going through it's stages of loading. I think I was moving the control stick around at the time. As I got to the start menu. I couldn't get the...
  9. Charles M

    Explorer or Trailblazer?

    I'm looking to get a new car in couple of weeks. I haven't driven either yet, but I have heard good reviews on both. The Trailblazer seems to be getting the best though. I'll have to see for myself this weekend when I test drive them both. Any members who have or driven one please post your...
  10. Charles M

    What is a good receiver match for these speakers?

    I don't know if this has been addressed before. I have polk all around. I have an older Denon receiver which I am going to be replacing soon. I'm looking at Yamaha(rx3200) right now, but I see Circuit City seems to be matching their Polk's with Harmon/Kardan and Onkyo's. For any polk owners...
  11. Charles M

    Need help w/hooking up RT1000i powered speakers

    Guy's, What is the right connections to make when hooking up these speakers? The owners manual is little confusion to me. It reads, take a single RCA type cable and run it from the front right or left preouts from the receiver into the speakers inputs or from the receiver into one speakers...
  12. Charles M

    New Denon receiver's on the way?

    I was at my local Tweeters today to inquire about the new Ymaha receiver's(730). They only had the 530, 430 but, on 730, 630. SO I was brousing and notice that they had the Denon 3802($879) and 2802($579) on clearance! This I had to double check for sure. It wasn't open box...it was clearly on...
  13. Charles M

    Polk f/x500i wall mounting?

    I've had thes rears for 2 months now. I'm curious to know to mount them on the wall. If you own these speakers please respond. I don't see how they would stay on the wall(anchored to a stud of course) with the screw that comes with the speakers. I think the weight would be an issue. What methods...
  14. Charles M

    What receiver will match best with Polks?

    Recently brought a whole new Polk setup. rt1000i: fronts cs400i: center f/x500i: rears I'm now in the market for a new receiver to mate well with my Polks. Anyone have a similar setup? And what receiver do you use? Which reciever will do Polks justice, like Denon does to Klipsh? Charles
  15. Charles M

    2002 Ford Exlporer, who's got one?

    I've been considering the new 2002 Explorer. Does anyone have one that would like to share some info on. Does it ride good, what are the pros and cons? Any reviews would help me greatly. Charles
  16. Charles M

    Reviews on the SVS 25-31pc?

    I'm looking to get on of these. I'll be moving on the 8th of March. The living is 20x18. Will this be enough? I really like the size of 25-31pc. It's the smallest of the bunch. From the photos on the SVS website, it's just the size that I'm looking for. The bigger ones just don't seem to do it...
  17. Charles M

    Need RP91 236 firmware upgrade!

    I was hoping that some would let me borrow a copy of the latest upgrade. I'll pay if necessary. I don't have a cd burner. And to make it easier for me, without trying to figure out how to download the files. Thanks Charles
  18. Charles M

    Got a pair of RT1000i's from Fry's for $499

    I was at Fry's last weekend to pick up a pair of RT40's that they were advertising for $99 each at closeout. But then I came acroos the RT1000's that salesmen was demoing for another customer. Their were a few people in the room as well. They sounded pretty outstanding. One guy asked the price...
  19. Charles M

    The Hauting bass(DTS).......WOW!

    I just watched the a sample of the movie last night on the DTS sample disk and I was impressed.......the bass that is. Very deep and dynamic. I was thinking of buying this movie. I heard some reviews about the movie, some good, some bad. Of course as far as the sound go, that's the good part...
  20. Charles M

    New Saturn Vue!

    I'm trying to decide on a new car. Which SUV should I get? Top two choices: 2002 Ford explorer 2002 Saturn Vue Considering: 2002 Ford Exscape 2002 Jeep Liberty 2002 Hyundia Santa Fe I made my mind on the Explorer but, then I got chance to drive the new Saturn Vue this Week and I...
  21. Charles M

    Where are all the shooting games for GC?

    I should probably do a search but, I decided to come here instead. I was at my local Fry's Electronic's recently and notice a game called Vampire Nights for PS2. It looks pretty sweet. I don't have a PS2 and am not about to buy one for that reason. I have A GC, when are all the shooting game coming?
  22. Charles M

    Dead or Alive 3, is it an exclusive for Xbox?

    When I looked on the box cover of the Xbox, I didn't notice any sticker saying "only for Xbox". But in the Television commersial it shows it in the right hand corner. Doesn't the Dreamcast have the DOA 2?
  23. Charles M

    NFL Quarterback Club 2002(GC)

    Isn't this game susposed to be released this week? I thought I saw it somewhere mentioned on Planetgamecube. Dec. 18
  24. Charles M

    Has anyone done a price match on the 50H81 at Sears?

    Just wanted to know if anyone has gotten the 50H81 for less than $2000 at Sears or have been sucessful price matching this set. There's talk at The Spot on a sucessful price match on the Panny 47" (originally $1999, been price matched at $1400-1500). Any online vendor saling the 50H81 for less...
  25. Charles M

    S-Video for Gamecube, what a difference!

    Just picked a set up on Friday. I notice how sharp the picture was and how the colors became more fuller. Overall better texture and graphics. I'm completely satisfied. Does anyone know if know the componets will make a better difference?
  26. Charles M

    S-Video, what a difference!

    Just picked a set up on Friday. I notice how sharp the picture was and how the colors became more fuller. Overall better texture and graphics. I'm completey satisfied. Does anyone know if know the componets will make a better difference?
  27. Charles M

    RP91 not playing Saving Private Ryan(DTS)

    Has anyone else had problems with this disk. I tried to play it last night and it won't read the disk. Player gave me a message " player doesn't play theses types types of disk". Has this been mentioned before w/Dreamwork's DVD's? Shrek works just fine. Any suggestions? Charles
  28. Charles M

    Just ordered the RP91 what can I expect

    I decided on the RP91 for it's good reviews. I will be soon getting HDTV. It's my first upgrade since 1998(Toshiba 2109)For those of you who own one already, what can I expect? Did I make the right choice? I know the answer or I woulndn't have chose it. But what I want to know is with so many...
  29. Charles M

    Is NFL2K2 coming to Gamecube?

    Any word on NFL2K2 as a release for GC? NBA2K2 is suspose to be coming. GC is going support Segasports games right?. Charles :)
  30. Charles M

    I'm late.......what happen to Nintendo's Dolphin

    I'm just now now getting into the mix of all this. I originally wasn't going to pick up one of these consoles(XBOX, GC), but now I'm persuaded. Probably the Game Gube for now. XBOX later on What ever happen with the Dolphin? I'd never followed up on why it was cancelled or replaced. At first it...