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  1. chris c

    RCA F38310 38-inch CRT HDTV

    About 3 months old! Near perfect condition. Original owner, and 3 year service contract from Conns. If you are in the Houston area and can come to the Meyerland area to pick this baby up (bring at least 2 strong friends) you will get a great deal on a great television. I must sell it, as I will...
  2. chris c

    Are you we ever going to see 'After Hours' on dvd?

    I love this movie and, along with 'Better Off Dead', has the highest rewatchability factor of any movie I have seen. Anyone have any news?
  3. chris c

    Twin Peaks Pilot DVD....yuck!

    Well, I had to get this as I have the series boxset that managed to not get the rights to the pilot. This is without a doubt the worst picture and sound I have ever seen from a dvd. A copy of a copy of a copy of a VHS tape of an off the air broadcast about sums it up. Can't wait to ebay this...
  4. chris c

    Furthering my respect for DDD...

    they are selling the P&S version of AI for 2 dollars more than the LBX despite the same stated MSRP. Wow, just realized that I used five acronyms in one sentence. DDD = Deep Discount DVD
  5. chris c

    what is a good ~$100 stereo VCR?

    anything in this price range worth getting? - primarily for taping and watching tv shows.
  6. chris c

    FS: Unopened Soprano's Season II boxset

    Soprano's Season II boxset - still in the shrinkwrap. $50 email me
  7. chris c

    Desperado superbit - rather large thumbs up!

    Watched the superbit Desperado last night. I must say this is the best I have heard my system sound. The opening sequence with Antonio Banderas singing/playing guitar to the crowd was jaw-dropping (my system is geared more towards music than explosions (EAD/Theta/Proac with a cheapo, but...
  8. chris c

    need help with connecting spade terminations to my speakers

    Well, I finally upgraded my speaker cables from DH Labs T14 to Acoustic Zen Satori's - and encountered somewhat of a problem. The terminations in the DH labs were banana plugs and the cables were pretty thin. The Acoustic Zen's are terminated in spades and are nearly as thick as garden hose. I...
  9. chris c

    Question regarding sub x-overs

    Can someone please explain to me why so few sub manufacturers offer defeatable crossovers? To me it is entirely an unforgivable omission. Who in this day and age doesn't perform bass-management in the digital domain of their pre/pro. The vast majority of sub users are forced to cascade the...
  10. chris c

    FS: Muppet Show Collection 10 disc set

    9 of the 10 have never been opened and are exactly as I got them from TimeLife. Volume 6 was opened, watched once and is in prisitine condition. I am asking $105 and I'll pay shipping by USPS box-rate, unless you want them shipped a different method. If interested, contact me at...
  11. chris c

    Tailor of Panama - stay away

    I watched this last night. Yuck. Had to turn the sound up to a level that can only be called ridiculous. Even then, compressed sound with barely intelligible dialogue was the result (ok, part of the fault has to lie with Geoffrey Rush's speech impediment? I mean, this guy is an actor -...
  12. chris c

    Anyone else have trouble ordering from best buy online?

    They sent me an email with a coupon for $10. Great, except I can't checkout. I get to the last step and it gives me a server error or "page doesn't exist" message. Tried a number of times over last few days. Anyone have an idea what's going on?
  13. chris c

    Audio Refinement Complete Int. Amp

    Great amp, in perfect condition. It is about 7 months old. With optional $50 remote. Prefer local (Houston) sale. $650 ($1050 list). Call 713-729-1880. Here is a link describing the amp:http://www.audiorefinement.com
  14. chris c

    Ruark Dialogue One center channel

    In great condition, two years old. I would like to sell to a local (Houston). $250 ($500 new) Phone - 713-729-1880 Here is a link describing the speaker:http://www.homecinemachoice.com/fram...ialogue1.shtml
  15. chris c

    REM's 'Reveal'

    This is my favorite REM album. Anyone else's?