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  1. Oscar W

    Projector Screen Help

    Check out Carada. Good screens at good prices. There is a link for them on the main HTF forums page. ;)
  2. Oscar W

    FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area

    Sold. Lock me up, delete me, hit me with a wet noodle.
  3. Oscar W

    FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area

    SVS accidently shipped two of them to me. Darn the luck. They advised to refuse delivery on the second one, or I could buy it with free shipping. Darn the good bookkeepers! I don't have a need for a second sub and figured I'd try to sell this one for them. The sub will arrive at my house on...
  4. Oscar W


    just checking out this RANT button
  5. Oscar W

    Computer clock losing time

    Well my problem has come and gone and come again, though not as bad as before. It fixed itself, I did nothing, for a few weeks and it is back to losing about 2-3 minutes a day. I check it with AtomTime regularly.
  6. Oscar W

    Anyone try a flat hose?

    On a pet message list I belong to. Sorry the link they sent doesn't work but here's the message. > Those flat garden hoses they advertise on tv. Do not get one if you plan to > fill your dog's water bucket. In fact I wouldn't even water my beloved plants > with it. > If the link...
  7. Oscar W

    Don't read the first reply

    Yep, it works.
  8. Oscar W

    In my profile, what is meant by "Referrals"?

    No, Keith, the 0 means how many referrals you have left before you are booted. So you better start behaving! :D Whoops, I'm at zero also. :)
  9. Oscar W

    Hey, why the heck do people read the "testing area"?

    Because, one day maybe Trevor's Testing Page will come back. That was entertainment! :D
  10. Oscar W

    Are pure-bread dogs for the ultra rich now?

    You might look to rescue organizations for the particular breed of dog you want. I recently adopted a pure-breed dog. The puppies sell for $800+ from breeders, I paid $100 to the rescue organization for mine. Granted he is 2.5 years old when I got him, but they do get puppies occasionally and...
  11. Oscar W

    If i am a registered user, how can i get myself a signature?

    Hey! It's another Oscar out here in the wild west of El Paso of all places! :emoji_thumbsup: Howdy Oscar! ~oscar (near Mesa & Festival)
  12. Oscar W

    Is Smirnoff Ice considered a woman's drink?

    okay, I found it. The definition of beer (in texas at least) is considered a beer if it is a malt beverage with 0.5%-4.5% alcohol content. The Smirnoff Ice would not contain vodka as that would make it a mixed beverage. From what I understand they only use the Smirnoff logo (as does the...
  13. Oscar W

    Is Smirnoff Ice considered a woman's drink?

    Actually it is BEER. Read the label it says flavored beer. Ice, Bacardi Silver, Skyy, Zima and wine coolers are flavored beers, read the lables.
  14. Oscar W

    Computer clock losing time

    Well in the past 24-hours it only lost 1 second. I am currently running Win ME, haven't splurged for XP yet, though I need to. I've been running SETI since January, problem only came up about 2-3 weeks ago. Until that time it usually ran a little fast. I check my time with a program from...
  15. Oscar W

    Computer clock losing time

    My computer clock has consistently been losing 15-45 minutes a day for the past few weeks. Before I noticed this it usually ran a few seconds fast. Any ideas why??? My computer is on 24/7, with a DSL connection. When I am not active on it the only programs running are: SETI, Outlook and AIM...
  16. Oscar W

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Restoration discussion thread

    I had never seen this film, until last night. For those who missed it it was on the Turner Classic Movies channel. I got lucky channel surfing and came across it at the very beginning. This is a great film that truely deserves to be restored! How does the current version on DVD appear...
  17. Oscar W

    my computer is asking if I can take a cookie every ten seconds, help!!

    I use a program from Kookaburra Software called Cookie Pal. You can download a 30-day trial, but it keeps working after that period. I splurged on the $15 registration. It handles all of your cookies for you. I only have to deal with new cookies once and it takes care of any future cookies...
  18. Oscar W

    How/Where to find good rental car prices online?

    Try ORBITZ . Click on the "CAR" tab towards the top. My parents rented a 01 Ford Taurus from them in December for like $19/day with unlimited miles. Though just trying now the best I could find was an ecomony car for $24.
  19. Oscar W

    Is Oldsmobile Being Phased Out ??

    Swinging back around to Olds, yes. The Alero and Aurora are slated for production until 2004, when they will be phased out and Olds will cease to exist. The Alero shares the same platform as the Pontiac Grand Am, so it will survive until the GA redesign comes along in 04. The Aurora just...
  20. Oscar W

    How to figure out which memory type to buy?

    Swing over to Crucial.com and enter your computers model number, etc and it will tell you what you need and probably get you some pretty good prices.
  21. Oscar W

    Any Police Officers out there? What should I expect from the oral board interview?

    Brian- an oral board is like a job interview, instead of a one-on-one type interview a board is made up of several persons that ask you questions. Eric- Boards can vary from place to place. Some of the ones I've been through and some from friends of mine are: -anywhere from 3-7 board members...
  22. Oscar W

    301-disc Player? Why?

    Convenience. I have a 301-disc changer that I upgraded to from a 5-disc and I am looking at getting another mega-changer. I was tired (read lazy) of having to go though my collection loading and unloading cd's all the time. Now I can just lay back on the couch and push a button. Damn, were...
  23. Oscar W

    Anyone ever buy RAM online?

    Yep another in the Crucial boat! :emoji_thumbsup: I have two computers running Crucial memory. Never had a single problem. Good prices and FREE shipping.