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  1. DaveGTP

    Babylon 5 scripts being published - including the alternate B5 outline with Sinclair

    FROM JMS on the moderated newsgroup. DISCUSS. :D :D For years, I've been at conventions and had fans come up with photocopied scripts they'd purchased from script stores or dealers for $20 a pop, many times in poor condition...with loose or missing pages, hard to read, and thought...
  2. DaveGTP

    Onkyo TX-SR502B refurb receiver $149.88 - $100 gift card = $49.99 + shipping - J&R

    Onkyo TX-SR502B refurb receiver $149.88 - $100 gift card = basically $49.88 + shipping (provided you can find some stuff to use the $100 g/c on). http://www.jr.com/JRProductPage.process?Product=4014530 Credit to tb00957 on fatwallet FYI, great deal on a refurbed Onkyo 6.1 receiver :D
  3. DaveGTP

    Terry Brooks - Magic Kingdom of Landover optioned for movie

    Hmmm I did a few searches and didn't find anything. I was just catching up on some fantasy author pages for new releases and noticed this...I didn't see a discussion about it anywhere... http://www.terrybrooks.net/news.html News from Febuary 21st, 2005 Personally, Van Helsing...
  4. DaveGTP

    Foamy the Squirrel Flash Funnies - Dark Angry Humor

    I noticed that no one here on the forum has ever mentioned Foamy the Squirrel. I have mentioned the site in passing in a few threads. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I thought I would post this link, for those of you that like dark humor. My wife and I really laugh our heads off at...
  5. DaveGTP

    Prescription Error Turns Man to Woman?

  6. DaveGTP

    Infocus DLP Super Thin RPTV!

    http://www.infocus.com/company/press...gion=1&id=1135 http://www.infocus.com/eng/amer/home...rmanent=false# --> click on Details on ScreenPlay 61" for picture. 61" DLP RPTV @ 6.85" thin. Something in the press release about an Infocus patent on the technology.
  7. DaveGTP

    FP on the rise - Anyone else notice? Lots of Qs about projectors

    I've been wanting to make this comment thread for a while. It seems like there has been a substantial rise in the # of threads about FP here @ HTF. Lots more projector questions. Is this my imagination? Is there a reason that FP is picking up steam? Discuss! :D
  8. DaveGTP

    Radeon 8500 problem in DX games - FFXI, UT2004

    Hey guys, I've got a Radeon 8500 and it is acting really funny in DirectX games. In FFXI (just bought) and UT2004 demo, I get weird planes and horizontal lines coming out of nowhere. I have tried driver update, DirectX update, playing with AA and other settings, to no avail. Any suggestions?
  9. DaveGTP

    Stephen Hawkins says he was wrong about black holes

    I know we've got quite a few space geeks around here :D WHOOSH! Over my head! :D
  10. DaveGTP

    Why do modern electronics greet you? HELLO! I AM YOUR DVD PLAYER!

    I've been meaning to post this for a while... Why do modern electronics kind of "talk" to you? You know, say hello and stuff. My Panny CP72 always had this irritating WELCOME TO DVD WORLD run across the LCD when I pressed the on switch. I always was hastily waiting for it to finish so...
  11. DaveGTP

    Lou Reed says "I'd pay money not to hear that" about Bose Acoustimass set

    There is an article about speakers in SmartMoney, called "The Sound And the Fury". I couldn't find it online. A co-worker/friend here that isn't Bose-washed at work clipped it out of the magazine because it was funny. Lou Reed does some speaker reviewing on 5 different sets of speakers. (Bose...
  12. DaveGTP

    Old 300mhz laptop vs portable dvd player

    Hey, Any comments from anyone that uses an old laptop as a portable dvd player? My and my fiancee are driving on a cross country trip in June and have been looking at portable dvd players for in the car/tent/hotel/etc. She'd also be using it at work. We weren't happy with the image quality on...
  13. DaveGTP

    Samsung DLP RPTVs - anyone know what speed the color wheel is?

    Hey, I had only a couple of minutes with my Infocus X1 (fresh out of the box from Circuit City) today. Untuned/calibrated/crooked, etc I saw some rainbowing. I was wondering - does anyone know what speed and how many segments the color wheel has in the Samsung DLP RPTVs? I couldn't see...
  14. DaveGTP

    Help needed! Will GC output via component AND composite outputs?

    Question for those of you with equipment that accepts component: If you plug in the component video cables to the GC (digital a/v out), and leave the standard composite/s-video/av adapter plugged into the standard a/v out, can you get a video signal from both of them? I've got an issue -...
  15. DaveGTP

    Considering FP - viewing distance and screen help?

    Hey FP folks, I am in the market for an AV upgrade. I really had my heart set on a 42" commercial Panny plasma for about $3k, but the responsible side of me keeps kicking in. I would have (barely) the fundage to cover the plasma (if they ever come into stock). I've been thinking about...
  16. DaveGTP

    New Panny DVD player with Faroudja DCDi & HDMI - MSRP $299.95

    Just though you guys would be interested. Didn't find a post on it (I ran a search but didn't find the info). Thought I would share. Credit to the animeondvd.com and avsforum.com forums for the link. I've got a CP72 myself, but I thought some folks might be interested...
  17. DaveGTP

    Squeeze help primarily, comments on Samsung TXN3245FP EDTV appreciated as well

    Hi all, Backstory if you are interested in why the cheap upgrade I have some money coming in (it's tax time coming up + I got good grades and have some tuition reimbursement money coming). I have decided to pay off a big fat credit card or two, pick up a few long-desired items I could...
  18. DaveGTP

    Anime Ending Spoiler Discussion Thread - Rahxephon

    Anime folks, As I mentioned in the Advanced Anime thread, I am starting a thread to discuss the ending of Rahxephon. Actually, I thought about it, and this would be a useful thread for ending/spoiler discussion in general, as there are a few (NGE, Evangelion, Lain, etc) that are real mind$^&@...
  19. DaveGTP

    Budget setup Fluance, JBL NSP1, Onk SKSHT510, or Acoustic Research HC6

    Hi all, I am on the verge of ordering a cheap surround setup. My budget basically consists of whatever overtime I work (I'm working a 12 hour shift of it right now), so, basically, probably about $500 at max. I am willing to wait a month or so and pick up the sub to go with it if needed...
  20. DaveGTP

    Calling all book collectors

    Hi, I don't start a new thread very often. I did a couple of searches, but didn't find a thread on this. I'm mainly a fantasy/sci-fi reader. I have started trying to pick up used hardcovers lately, instead of just buying new paperbacks at Waldenbooks. I was also thinking of upgrading some of my...
  21. DaveGTP

    FFX-2 Import review

    I didn't think I had seen this posted...here's a FFX-2 review from www.rpgfan.com. 74% overall. Sounds about like what I figured, storyline suffers due to the quest-based gameplay, and it sounds like it is very easy (my worst fear after how easy FFX was). Here's the link...
  22. DaveGTP

    Refurbished plasma choice

    It sounds like it depends on what you are paying. I'm not too familiar with Samsung or Marantz. The acknowledged best 42" plasmas are Pioneer (better colors), Panasonic (better blacks) and Fujitsu (both? too rich for my blood), so I have kept to research on them. www.avsforum.com 's Plasma forum...
  23. DaveGTP

    Older H/K receivers, 320 vs 325

    After quite extensive research, I found my optimum starter set up: HK AVR-325 & JBL NSP1's (I will take recommendations for a decent cheaper sub (not sure on the $150 sony, overkill for my small living room). I want the 7 channels for a cheap upgrade path this year, and I like the Logic 7...
  24. DaveGTP

    Receiver choice--need lots of A/V inputs, hopefully DTS-ES and/or Dolby EX

    All, I am a home theater newbie. Or I should say, I was, until I started reading this board a few months ago. Now I feel like I know about 5% of what I need to know to not be a newbie :). I try and offer my input on the message boards that I can help with (IE HTPC board). I have been...