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  1. PhilipW

    Third Watch Season 6 ongoing thread

    I thought this was just a great episode. The first 15-20 minutes reminded me alot of the final battle in Saving Private Ryan. Very raw and gritty.
  2. PhilipW

    Tornado Terminology

    For all who wish to travel to the midwest to chase storms, this list might be helpful. For those of you who aren't familiar with tornadoes and are hearing news coverage of this, I put together a short glossary to help you understand. Fujita Scale: Scale used to measure wind speeds of a...
  3. PhilipW

    Need Help with SCSI

    I need to be able to control a scsi scanner from 2 computers. Is there a scsi "switch" like the old parallel or serial switch where you have 2 computers that can control 1 scanner. This can not be done in a chain as one of the computers is a high dollar rip computer that we cannot add...
  4. PhilipW

    Switching 4:3 to 16:9 in video editing

    Need a little help. I have a Sony Vaio and have started to edit some of my home videos. They were shot in 4:3 and I would like to letterbox them for my 16:9 Pioneer. I have Premiere LE and the other Sony software. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. PhilipW

    OOPS!! Need Help

    I have a Pioneer SD 532HD and I went in to do the electronic focus and before I knew it I turned the DRV knobs instead of the focus knobs. Any help will be appreciated. Is there any way to get it back or am I going to need to eyeball it? I think I have it close but some channels still seem to...
  6. PhilipW

    New LOTR Trailer?

    Apple.com/trailers has a new trailer out today. Looks like it had some new scenes and characters I have not seen before. Not sure what they were as I have not read these books, holding off until the first movie comes out. Just in case anyone was interested. ------------------
  7. PhilipW

    Where to buy Floorplans with HT's

    I'm looking to build a house in the near future. I've designed a layout I like, but may just buy a set instead of going through the hassle of having them made from my layout. The layout I developed is 1/4" scale with elevations (I had 2 years of architecture at OU) but would like to look at...
  8. PhilipW

    Disabling SVM on non-elite Pioneers

    I've gone into the service mode and turned the sharpness down to -128 and still have some of the white outlines on the Avia test pattern. I've been "inside" the unit before so that's not a problem. I'm just not sure where to disable it. Any help would be appreciated. ------------------
  9. PhilipW

    $10,000 to spend...Need suggestions.

    I am in the process of designing and building a new home that will have a dedicated HT. The dimensions will be 15'x21'. I need to purchase the following: Front Projector & Screen DVD Player Receiver Speakers (In Wall) DirectTV HDSTB Wiring (audio and video) not included in $10,000 but...