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  1. rodney wiley

    Help my Grandmother

    I know talk of religon is not welcome on the forum,but Im hoping they will make an exception. My Grandmother is critically ill and the doctors arent expecting Her to make it. I trust in God and ask that anyone who will, please pray for Her. Thank you
  2. rodney wiley

    rp56 just did now what?

    Well my rp56 just died within a year. The famous h02 error code. Im now looking for a new player that will eventually be played through some type of doubler into a sony crt front projector vph12xx. Any suggestions? I have seen the rp91 at great prices but am now gun shy on Panasonic. Im looking...
  3. rodney wiley

    Max Length on S-Video Cable

    Whats the maximum lenght I can run a s-video cable before I need some type of amplifier? Thanks
  4. rodney wiley

    The incredible Hulk DVD

    For the first time ever, Television series pilot on dvd with free pass to the new hulk http://www.incrediblehulkdvd.com/ Finally! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Can you tell I like the HULK?
  5. rodney wiley

    Glow in the dark stars

    Has anyone tried these on their ceiling? If so how does it look?
  6. rodney wiley

    K19: The Widow Maker

    Any reviews online? I haven't heard much about this film. Did anyone see it in the Theater?
  7. rodney wiley

    WTB: Projector

    I am seriously interested in purchasing a front projection unit. I think CRT will be my choice. I only want to spend around 500.00 and have searched high and low on Ebay of course I have found several units but Im a newbie to front projection and really dont know what to look for. Plus ebay is a...
  8. rodney wiley

    The Hulk trailer

    A while back I remember reading somewhere on the forum that some soon to be released dvd had a trailer for the upcoming "Hulk" I have done a search to no avail. Can someone jar my memory as to which dvd it is?
  9. rodney wiley

    200 coupon at best buy.

    Sign up for 2 years of MSN internet service and get a 200.00 dollar instant coupon! Hurry ends tomorrow!
  10. rodney wiley

    Queen of the Damned

    Has anyone watched it yet?
  11. rodney wiley

    Pronto 1000 question

    Does anyone know how to hide the device templates that aren't being used?:)
  12. rodney wiley

    remote controlled lamp dimmer?

    Does anyone know where I can find one? I have a string of rope lights I want to be able to dim from my pronto.
  13. rodney wiley

    WTB: Power conditioner surge suppresser

    Looking for unit reasonably priced. Good condition a fairly new.
  14. rodney wiley

    Denon AVR-3802 Dealer Cost

    UPS picked up my 3802 yesterday and the tag I was given had a insured value of 584.30 This is such a strange number, do you think that this could be the dealer cost of the unit?
  15. rodney wiley

    Two week old 3802 acting up

    Add another to the list of bad units. I came home from work today and nothing, not even a standby light. tried the processor no luck. I unplugged it and let it sit for a while no luck. Any ideas? If not I will be requesting That Chris from 6thave send a replacement and I will send this back to...
  16. rodney wiley

    Denon AVR-3802 Dimensions

    Can somebody give me the dimensions of the 3802
  17. rodney wiley

    Dances with Wolves

    Well I haven't been able to find a copy at my local best buy but I have found one for around 50.00 Somebody either tell me that's a great deal or That's way too much. I need to be knocked off the fence!
  18. rodney wiley

    FS:Sony RM-AV2000

    I Just bought a Pronto so I will be selling my Sony touchscreen universal remote. 50.00 shipped. Its in Good condition screen is perfect with slight wear around the buttons from everyday usage. A great remote for the price.:)
  19. rodney wiley


    Playcentric free shipping and a dollar off every item in you order. Hurry, dont know how long it will last but its a pop up on the site:emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  20. rodney wiley

    Where to get inexpensive DTS titles

    I have searched the archives but no luck. Can someone direct me to inexpensive dts titles?
  21. rodney wiley

    Universal Remote

    I want to replace all 4 remotes with one unit that can easily control all my units. I would really like a Pronto but don't have a pc at home to program the unit. I now have a Sony touch-screen unit rm-2000? that just doesn't cut it. Its just too big for me, and It doesn't do exactly what I want...
  22. rodney wiley

    Help in choosing new receiver

    Well the Denon AVR-1082 is FRIED:frowning: Is there any other unit I should look at in the 1500.00 range? Or should I pocket the difference and get a new 3802/1082 :)
  23. rodney wiley

    Blown avr-1082

    :angry: Help!!! I came home from work yesterday and decided to watch a movie. Put in The Rock and began to watch. Well about an hour later I was awakened buy a loud clap of thunder. Before I could get up to turn off the equipment I hear a loud pop from my 1082:thumbsdown: Now I get nothing!! Not...
  24. rodney wiley

    More front projector help

    I would like to take the front projection jump. But I must admit its totally confusing to me. Do I want a crt or a lcd I just don't know I don't have a lot of money to spend. My biggest concern is picture quality with dvd I have a rp56.Also what type of screen will I need. I don't even know...
  25. rodney wiley

    FS: Satelite multi switch

    I have a brand new still in blister pack Terk multi switch. Allows up to 4 receivers to be used. 50.00 plus shipping of 7.50
  26. rodney wiley

    Alien Legacy box set

    I received mine Saturday and watched the first two. While Im not too impressed with the picture the soundtrack is AWESOME!! Definitely worth the 40 bucks! Anybody else have this set and a opinion?
  27. rodney wiley

    Panasonic DVD-rp56

    Through a few connections at My local CC I was able to pick one up for 129.00! It is a wonderful player! I previously owned an older RCA which was great I never experienced a chroma bug bot it had no DTS support. My purchase of the Panny was more so based upon the dts more so the progressive...
  28. rodney wiley

    Help with SVS purchase

    OK I am going to take the plunge. My room is about 25x30 with 8 foot ceilings. A stairway leads to the main floor (4 level split) I haven't yet come up with an acceptable idea to close off the room so I have to take that into consideration. Currently I have two Audiosource sw-15 which do a...
  29. rodney wiley

    Help with Laser Disc

    Im considering purchasing a LD player and have no Idea what to look for. I have a AVR-3802 and want a player that will be compatible with it.(5.1) Also where is a good source for purchasing the disc themselves. Im really wanting The Star Wars trilogy. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in...
  30. rodney wiley

    Denon avr-1082

    Denon avr-1082 at buydig.com 629.00 This is the same receiver as the 3802!