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  1. Bill J

    2003 World Series DVD

    I was wondering if anyone has seen the 2003 World Series DVD anywhere, which was supposed to be released on November 18th. I checked several stores like Best Buy and Circuit City and I was told that there was a delay in production. They also said that it should be available by Thursday or...
  2. Bill J

    Cold Mountain - New Trailer Up

    Unfortunately it's not quicktime, but can be seen here.
  3. Bill J

    The Ring: Unrated Edition???

    According to darkhorizons.com an "unrated edition" of The Ring (remake) is scheduled for 10/7, but that seems a little soon to me if this rumor were true. The previous release did not have many extras, so maybe this is the DVD re-release that many anticipated. Even if this rumor were true...
  4. Bill J

    Apocalypse Now R2

    Does anyone know what the bonus features are for the region 2 version of Apocalypse Now? I heard somewhere that it has deleted scenes that aren't on the R1 disc. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Also, I am talking about the original cut of the film, not redux.
  5. Bill J

    3001: The Final Odyssey???

    Check this out, I think it's kind of interesting. Link Removed Click here for more information As much as I would like this film to be made, I doubt it ever will.
  6. Bill J

    I need advice on laserdisc

    I am thinking about buying a laserdisc player and I have a few questions. First of all I saw a Poineer CLD-V2400 for sale on ebay for $75.00. Is that a good deal or would I be bidding on a piece of crap? The seller claims it is in good condition and says it has the remote. I would also...
  7. Bill J

    Pearl Harbor trailer music

    Someone may have already asked about this, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I noticed that the teaser trailer's music on the Pearl Harbor DVD is different than the music on Total Movie's DVD. They are the same exact trailer except for that. Did anyone else notice this or am I wrong?
  8. Bill J

    Paramount: Apocalypse Now special edition

    I was very dissapointed when I saw the list of bonus features, or feature for Apocalypse Now Redux. This film deserves a special edition with bonus features. The story of the production of the film is interesting and would be great for a commentary track by Coppola. A special edition...
  9. Bill J

    What movie was most humiliated by pan&scan?

    I would have to say either 2001: A Space Odyssey or Lawrence of Arabia.
  10. Bill J

    Apocalypse Now Redux

    I have heard rumors that Francis Ford Coppola recorded a commentary track for Apocalypse Now Redux. Are they incorrect or is there a possibility of a special edition being released in the near future?