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  1. Artur Meinild

    De Vliegende Hollander DVD?

    Hi. I'm looking for this European DVD from director Jos Stelling. I saw a cover here: Vliegende Hollander, De (1995) - MovieMeter.nl But it seems like this DVD is unavailable right now. Does anyone know if it's possible to dig up anywhere at all??? Thanx in advance, Artur
  2. Artur Meinild

    24 bit wave audio in Media player?

    Hi, there are so many clever people in here, and I'm looking for help. I'm trying to play 24 bit wave files in Windows Media Player, but right now it looks like WMP will only handle up to 16 bit, 48 kHz wave files. Does anybody know it if's possible to install a codec that will enable playback...
  3. Artur Meinild

    LCD TV resolution of 1366x768 - WHY?

    Please enlighten me: Why do some LCD TV's have a resolution of 1366x768 pixels when the HD format is 1280x720??? I would assume that this small amount of upsamling would only blur the picture further, can someone explain this? Here is a Samsung TV with this resolution...
  4. Artur Meinild

    Formula 1: Red Bull Team / Star Wars promotion.

    Check this out if you haven't already seen it. Very cool. The pit team was wearing stormtrooper suits during the race... http://www.formula1.com/gallery/imag...day/60751.html http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryList...=117794&nbc1=1
  5. Artur Meinild

    UPS has trademarked the color brown...

    I saw this on another forum and thought it was a joke, but no... Browsing the UPS website, you can find this under their trademarks: COLOR BROWN (clothing)® COLOR BROWN (vehicles)® LOL :D This is hilarious... Maybe I will trademark pink sunglasses, just for shits and giggles... As...
  6. Artur Meinild

    Shrek 2 - where are the reviews?

    So the release is 2 weeks away, and still nobody on the planet knows whether the box set is going to be released in widescreen? There are contradicting info all over the internet, what's going on here? Seems like an awful joke to me...
  7. Artur Meinild

    Shrek 2 details from national meet?

    It is my impression that the HTF national meet was visiting Dreamworks one of these days, and I wonder if there is any new info about the upcoming Shrek 2 and Shrek box set? Will there be a widescreen version? If not, was there given a reason why? Thanx...
  8. Artur Meinild

    Dreamworks - re: Shrek DVD Box Set

    To whom it may concern: :) Whereever I look regarding the new Shrek Box Set (The Story So Far), I see only a 1.33:1/fullscreen version. However, I don't believe this to be true. I don't believe that we in the year 2004 are going to witness a deluxe DVD release of a top-grossing movie in...
  9. Artur Meinild

    Movies NOT available in theatrical version on DVD.

    This thread is meant as an ongoing record for movies which are released on DVD in a version altered from the initial theatrical run. This goes for both image and soundtrack and the list includes all regions. P&S titles are not included here, and of course bootlegs are not included as well...
  10. Artur Meinild

    Was there ever a Monsters Inc. re-issue?

    There were problems with the original disc on several DVD players... Was it ever corrected? Or do I still have to accept a lock on the layer shift?
  11. Artur Meinild

    Lord of the Rings on DVD-A?

    I read on the Digital Bits that Lord of the Rings soundtrack was supposed to arrive on DVD-A, but I didn't find any other information. Anybody got some info about this?
  12. Artur Meinild

    Return of the King trailer?

    Will there never be a trailer for Return of the King??? I've been to the cinema twice in the last couple of weeks, and I still haven't seen a trailer - and there aren't any on the website either... Is it not correct that the trailer for the other Lord of the Rings movies were out by this time...
  13. Artur Meinild

    Custom X-men covers...

    This is posted on dvdcoverart.com as well... Matching covers for X1.5 and X2 (but without any of the silly descriptors "1.5" or "X-Men united") - just plain and simple. Only thing missing is some flavor and legal text, so any comments before they are frozen? :) EDIT: Covers removed because...
  14. Artur Meinild

    Menu screenshots?

    I'm pretty sure someone asked not too long ago about a site with menu screenshots. However the thread seems mia or I just can't find it... Who can help? :)
  15. Artur Meinild

    Ghosts of the Abyss DVD?

    Has anybody heard something about this title on DVD? Some of the questions popping up in my mind are: When will it be released? Will it be a 90-minute version? Is it going to be in 3D? Hope someone has a little info about this...
  16. Artur Meinild

    New Matrix DVD?

    Niel Joseph wrote in another thread:
  17. Artur Meinild

    Silver DVD cases...

    Hi everyone! Does anybody know a place that sells Silver DVD cases (Alpha or Amaray) and ships worldwide??? So far I have only found inetdvd and something called ARP media, but none of them ship to Denmark. :frowning: So first I would ask if there are other places? If not, I would ask...
  18. Artur Meinild

    Gremlins SE and Gremlins 2?

    It has been almost a year since these DVD's were released in R1, and I haven't heard a peep about them being released in Europe... So what's the deal here, anyone?
  19. Artur Meinild

    Saving Private Ryan SE?

    Am I the only one holding out for a special edition release of this movie? The current DVD is 4 years old, and I don't believe there was no documentary footage shot when filming the movie. SPR deserves a special edition treatment, and I'm waiting patiently for this release to happen. It's a...
  20. Artur Meinild

    Lovecraft fans check this!

    Some of you may know this already, but I didn't until today... I was just rofl when I saw this site! :) http://www.cthuugle.com/
  21. Artur Meinild

    Fight club questions...(SPOILERS GALORE!)

    Just watched fight club the other night, and while it's a great film there are some things that are really illogical. For example, when Tyler meets Bob for the 2nd time, Bob tells that he haven't seen Tyler in the Fight Club, because they go different days. But you also get the impression...
  22. Artur Meinild

    MTV movie awards 2002 - Jack Black spoofs!

    Hey Guys! I didn't see the show, but I heard that Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar made some hilarious spoofs of Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, and Panic Room. I would really love to see these clips, does anybody by chance know how I can get to see them??? I haven't been able to find...
  23. Artur Meinild

    Favorite forums...

    I experience some slight problems with the Favorite forums feature. I would really like to customize the front page to only show selected forums, and currently I have chosen 4 forum "Categories" as my favorite: Home Theater, Entertainment and media, Other distractions & Feedback/Misc. The...
  24. Artur Meinild

    Please test my new website!

    Hello everyone! I'm currently designing my new website, and a beta version is up and running at this address: http://artur.meinild.net/ One of the main issues about this site is cross-browser compatibility. I really want to show that you can build a rather hi-tech website with advanced...
  25. Artur Meinild

    I love thunder!

    Going to bed now and it's thundering like hell... I just love this weather (as long as I'm staying indoors that is) - good thing I'm not sleeping in a tent right now! Am I the only one who is completely in love with thunder and lightning??? :)
  26. Artur Meinild

    Re-animator DVD versions...

    Hey, I need someones help to determine which version of Re-animator to buy. According to IMDB, the R-rated version runs 86 minutes and the unrated runs 95 minutes... According to Amazon.com the Elite Millenium Edition is unrated, but the running time is listed as 86 minutes. The Ventura...
  27. Artur Meinild

    Prophecy - DD or PCM?

    I just rewatched the Prophecy (1995, God's Army) on my surround setup, and I noticed that both my DVD player and receiver indicates that the soundtrack is 2-channel Dolby Digital. However, both DVD Empire and Express says that the title is PCM, and the Dolby logo is nowhere to be found on the...
  28. Artur Meinild

    I have a new smiley for you...

    The BIG GRIN INVASION SMILEY!!! :D http://www.student.dtu.dk/~s001525/smiley/invasion.gif
  29. Artur Meinild

    All Studios - re: two-sided covers.

    I hear many complaints and comments about DVD cover art. Often a DVD cover is changed by the studio from the original poster art into something often completely different, and often disliked by "purist" like the majority on this forum. I know it's hard to satisfy everyone, especially with...
  30. Artur Meinild

    Flash intro needs update.

    Yeah I know, all regular members go directly to the boards, but I still think the flash intro should be up to date. The link for OBI's reviews is invalid, and why not add a link to Ron's reviews as well??? I think it's a good idea for newbies to have the intro page with quick access to faqs...