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  1. Todd Hostettler

    What is a Millenium DTS decoders worth?

    Steve, I don't know if you're still monitoring this thread... But I have a pristine black Millennium 2.4.6 that I was just about to unload on eBay. (Complete with original packaging and DTS calibration disc.) PM me if you're interested. EDIT: Not to violate forum rules, I'd be happy to let...
  2. Todd Hostettler

    Single-season wonders that deserve a DVD release

    Jeremy Piven's Cupid is the last remaining "Holy Grail" awaiting a space on my DVD shelf.
  3. Todd Hostettler

    Monster Power 3600 MKII Rack Ears

    I've got to have a set laying around the house somewhere, and I'm pretty sure I'll never use 'em. If you want to Paypal me a few bucks in exchange, just PM me. EDIT: Yep. I've got 'em. Still in the original packaging from when I got my 3500. I assume they/ll fit yours.
  4. Todd Hostettler

    The DVI input on the SP 4805...i'm very confused.

    Where are you located? I've actually found these adaptors on the shelf at my local Micro Center.
  5. Todd Hostettler

    Michael Jackson could lose Beatles catalog rights!! YES!!!!!

    Way too long in coming. :emoji_thumbsup:
  6. Todd Hostettler

    Paramount and the Trek Collective sets (Joke)...

    Uh, maybe you picked up an old press release. They've already put one out... ;)
  7. Todd Hostettler

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Must Love Dogs

    My wife and I have a 3-year old Newfoundland dog, and I got her a lobby poster for the film since a Newfie is pictured prominantly in the middle. Oddly though, we never got around to seeing the movie! Maybe now we'll catch it.
  8. Todd Hostettler

    Threshold ongoing thread

    Well, to the inevitable group of fans who try to save this show, let me offer you something to call yourselves: "Thresholdouts" You can thank me later. ;)
  9. Todd Hostettler

    Matt Helm Lounge 4-disc set for December

    Now THERE'S my idea of a "cover quote"...:D
  10. Todd Hostettler

    Matt Helm Lounge 4-disc set for December

    Damn, I was looking forward to this. I feel like throwing one Sony exec from a speeding hovercraft. Then drowning another in my under-floor bedroom pool. :angry:
  11. Todd Hostettler

    Where did 'Ngoma' go?

    Damn. One of my favorite XM music channels, the African world music channel, seems to have lost its space in the lineup to some lame French music channel. :angry: When did this happen? And is it ever possibly coming back?
  12. Todd Hostettler

    InFocus 4805 vs Optoma EP716 Projector

    If you can get a 4805 for five bills, that is as close to a "no brainer" as is humanly possible. I paid $900 for mine, and I still consider that a steal. EDIT: Keep in mind, the 4805 doesn't have a DVI input. It's a multipurpose M1 input, for which you'll need to buy a $30 or so adaptor to...
  13. Todd Hostettler

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Muppet Movie, 50th Anniversary Edition

    This is really, really disappointing news. This movie deserves much more respect than its getting.:thumbsdown:
  14. Todd Hostettler

    which HDMI DVD player is good and reasonably priced?

    I assume you're using your Outlaw as a video switcher? DVI-to-HDMI adaptor cables are commonplace. So don't let that dissuade you.
  15. Todd Hostettler

    Radio Shack: HDMI Cable $34.97

    Patrick, Parts Express was offering that exact same cable (complete with RS markings) for a similar price about six months ago. I picked a couple up back then.
  16. Todd Hostettler

    Radio Shack: HDMI Cable $34.97

    I just bought a pair of their DVI-D 12-footers for a whopping... $12.50 apiece. Spec-freakin'-tacular deal. :emoji_thumbsup:
  17. Todd Hostettler

    Full list of DVD players that pass 480i via HDMI?

    Yes, but IIRC, the consensus is that the macroblocking problem isn't apparent with the Oppo/4805 combo in 480p mode. Am I incorrect on this? :confused:
  18. Todd Hostettler

    The NHL/OLN Disaster

    Uhhhh... since when is pro hockey played outdoors? :confused:
  19. Todd Hostettler

    Full list of DVD players that pass 480i via HDMI?

    Ralph, thanks for the clarification. Do you have a link and/or phone # to get the firmware patch? Because it's becoming abundantly clear it'll either be the Sony or an Oppo for me. At least, that's the way it looks this week. :D
  20. Todd Hostettler

    Full list of DVD players that pass 480i via HDMI?

    Rather than start yet another "what's the best player for my Infocus 4805" thread, I'm hoping to get answers to this single, burning question. From the research I've done, the Sony DVP-NS975V seems like a contender... but I've heard there are some serious build issues. Could I get a consensus...
  21. Todd Hostettler

    Farscape: Starburst DVD Problems

    The sheer amount of problems I had with 1st season Starburst discs (I ended up having playback problems with 2 of the 4 sets) virtually assured I won't be double-dipping on the rest of the series. :thumbsdown:
  22. Todd Hostettler

    Old MGM titles that you want to see in a New Special Edition

    Annie Hall It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World FORBIDDEN PLANET, dammit!
  23. Todd Hostettler

    Weekly RoundUp 9/20/2005

    Also at Costco: Wallace & Gromit - 3 Amazing Adventures for $11.99.
  24. Todd Hostettler

    XM, Still One Step Ahead of Sirius

    Tell 'em, Fred. Hoo hoo hoo.
  25. Todd Hostettler

    Ever wondered what became of Grizzly Adams...

    I heard he started a profitable moonshine operation in Hazzard county. But lately, he's been the victim of identity theft.
  26. Todd Hostettler

    Blowup sale of Infocus X1 at the Official Store

    I've seen both, and if you're even slightly prone to seeing rainbows, there is a NIGHT & DAY difference between the 4805 and its predecessors. Try to see both in action before pulling the trigger.
  27. Todd Hostettler

    Universal's Legacy Series

    Simple. The price tag.