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  1. RaphaelZ

    need jumpers for hk avr 520???

    Hi, bought a hk avr 520 on ebay for a grat price used. Doesn't have ANY jumpers between preamp and main in. I don't get any sound from any of the speakers unless I plug a source into the main-in terminals, but then I get no volume control (but the speakers definitely work then). Do I have to...
  2. RaphaelZ

    panasonic F65 paired with Infocus 4800. Which to use for deinyerlacing?

    Hi,I also posted on A/V sources forum. Not sure which area is better. I'm using my Panasonic 5-disk progressive scan player (F65) with my Infocus SP4800 projector. Which one does better deinterlacing? 1) I can hook up the component output of the player to the s-video input of the projector...
  3. RaphaelZ

    frequency vs impedence?

    Hi, I have 3-way DIY speakers that I built a few years back using all Radioshack componetnts. I'm using their standard, convertible 3-way cross-overs, and the crossover points are 800, and 5000. The whole system is 8 ohm, including all thre drivers. My question is how would the crossover...
  4. RaphaelZ

    Is DTS processed through DVD player or receiver?

    I have a HK avr 310. I'm buying a new DVD player. The DTS logo is obviously on the receiver, but what if I bought a DVD player without the DTS logo? Do they both have to have decoders in them, or is the receiver enough? Thanks
  5. RaphaelZ

    5.1 (6 channel) otputs/ inputs?

    Hi,Ive also posted this question on the Audio/ Video Sources forum. Don't know which one's better. Lookin at buying a new DVD player, entry level. I've seen a few with a 6 channel (5.1)output on the rear panel (6 RCA's) in addition to the ususal digital Coax and Optical. These DVD players are...
  6. RaphaelZ

    5.1 (6 channel) inputs/outputs?

    Hi, Lookin at buying a new DVD player, entry level. I've seen a few with a 6 channel (5.1)output on the rear panel (6 RCA's) in addition to the ususal digital Coax and Optical. These DVD players are NOT DVD Audio players. My HK 310 receiver has a seperate 6 channel input. What would be the...
  7. RaphaelZ

    Composite video cables

    Him my tv only has the yrllow, composite video jack so thats waht I've been using for my DVD. The cable is one of those $20.00 deals, 1/4 " thick, nice gold plugs, insulated, etc. It was labeled as "didgital video cable". Its not Coax. My question is whether I should use a coax cable with RCA...
  8. RaphaelZ

    Mission drver specs?

    I have some old Mission 717's (1980 vintage). The 8" drivers are in great shape and have rubber surrounds but the audax tweeters are dead. I'd like to build some new cabinets for the 8" drivers but I don't have the specs. Mission won't give them to me. I have the model#. Does anyone have any...
  9. RaphaelZ

    how to get stereo sound from my tv cable?

    Hi, My vcr is mono. Is there any way to get the stereo channels from my TV coax cable into my H/K 5.1 receiver for tv sound? My tv does not have an audio out. Raphael
  10. RaphaelZ

    do I need to flush mount my subwoofer?

    In my 4 way towers, the 10" sub is side firing outwards from the tv cabinet on both towers. It will be mounted no more than 6" from the floor. The drivers on the front baffle are all flush mounted and the baffle edges are all tapered and rounded. Do I need to flush mount the side woofer, or can...
  11. RaphaelZ

    port size/length for a 3-way tower?

    I'm building a large 4way tower simmilar to the NHT VT series. It will have 2 sepearate chambers with a side firing (closed)10" woofer on the bottom, and a 3way, vented chamber on the top (8", 6.5",1"). The mid will have its own enclosure in the upper chamber. The dimensions of the upper chamber...
  12. RaphaelZ

    cabinet lining materials?

    How important is it to line the inside of the cabinet in addition to any fiberglass or poly insulation. I've read about asphalt roofing materials, felt, carpet underlay, and I was thinking of using some kind of spray-on rubberised stuff possibly. How important is any of this if the cabinet is...
  13. RaphaelZ

    Magnetic shielding for a box?

    I'll be building a centre channel to sit on top of my TV. The drivers that I have are not shielded. I would like to simplify things and shield the enclosure itself. Are there any materials that I can use and where can I get them? Thanks, Raphael