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  1. Greg Rowe

    Fox: Wonderfalls on DVD?

    You should check out www.savewonderfalls.com. They have a nice forum there now. Also, Bryan Fuller wrote a letter that says that chances are pretty good that a cable network would pick up the show. They have postcards that you can print and mail to networks. They also have a lot of contact...
  2. Greg Rowe

    With all the beef eaten in this country...

    This might be a bit gross to some people but cow hides are used in the production of Jello. http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/jello.htm
  3. Greg Rowe

    How do you read the HTF?

    I can't read this with out a tabbed browser like firefox or mozilla. I open DIY, Interiors, and AfterHours into their own tabs (middle click). Then I go into each and open each thread that looks interesting into it's own tab. Then I read, sometimes reply, and close the thread/tab when I am done...
  4. Greg Rowe

    Building my first house! What should I do for a home theater room + other questions

    ...Only slightly related but the electricians installed one of the pull pipes parallel to an electric wire (parallel for a span of about 6 to 7 feet). They tried to tell me that the PVC pipe would shield the data cable but I was skeptical. I verified with another electrician and others that PVC...
  5. Greg Rowe

    Building my first house! What should I do for a home theater room + other questions

    Kyle, I am in a similar situation. My wife and I are having our first home built right now. My house is framed and has the heating and ductwork in place at this point. There is about 2 months to go before we get to move in. I have about 500 pictures on the web of the process so far...
  6. Greg Rowe

    How to convert HTML to PHP?

    :) As wally said, php is a scripting language. The *output* of your php scripts is usually HTML. See www.php.net for excellent documentation. Greg
  7. Greg Rowe

    How to protect my web images from theives?

    As has been said before the only solution is to not post your pictures publicly. You can disable right clicking and toolbars all you want but that accomplishes nothing. Just look at the source of the page (and no it is not possible to block this either, the idea makes no sense), find the URL...
  8. Greg Rowe

    Is a Degree in the Computer Field Still a Good Option?

    First let me admit to not reading every post in this thread. Now, on to my advice. I am 24 and graduated in 2001 but could be considered as working professionally for 3 years. When I was in college I was saddened by the number of CS students that were getting their degree "because there...
  9. Greg Rowe

    Any (former) musicians give up their instrument?

    I am in almost the same position. I bought my first guitar when I was 14 or 15. Once I went to college, the amount of time I spent playing rapidly declined. WHen I graduated it continued to decline. I have played for about 1 hour in the last year :frowning: Right now I am looking to sell my...
  10. Greg Rowe

    Programmers Beware!

    I guess that's why I call myself a code monkey... I'll let the REAL monkeys use VB. I'll continue with c, c++, java, perl, bash, etc... Greg
  11. Greg Rowe


    I am pretty much with Scott on this thread. I got into it when I was in 6th grade and my brother bought ...And Justice For All. That is still my favorite CD of all time. I was there opening day to buy "the black album". I was VERY disappointed by it. After Justice Metallica was a completely...
  12. Greg Rowe

    A question for Slashdot readers

    I am a regular reader of slashdot. I always read the comments for interesting headlines. You can easily filter out noise by reading only comments that have been moderated to +4 or more. Slashcode has a LOT of features. Don't forget that every slashdot reader has a journal, lists of friends...
  13. Greg Rowe

    Quick: Name something sci-fi/comic nerds might argue over

    I can't believe this one hasn't been posted yet: emacs or vi? Greg
  14. Greg Rowe

    I Miss White Cheddar Wheatables- Your Favorite Discontinued Snack?

    Nacho Cheez-its (I don't think they were ever widely distributed but they were awesome) Tato-skins. These are/were potato chips with the skin on them. I know there is TGI fridays branded version of them out there still.
  15. Greg Rowe

    Driving a standard tranny...

    I was an auto only driver until just about 1 year ago. A friend taught me how to drive stick and then I bought my celica. It isn't too hard to learn but it can be frustrating when you stall the car in a busy intersection (and somewhat scary as well). It took me a while (longer than most I think)...
  16. Greg Rowe

    Apache and IIP web server

    One note... Apache can serve up ASP pages as well using mod_asp. I am sure there are limitations but you can do it. Having administered both IIS and Apache I can give you some advice. IIS is easier to initially get setup and running, however, as soon as you want to do something the designers...
  17. Greg Rowe

    Should I get a Mac or PC for my next computer?

    Oh, one more comment on Macs in schools. SUNY Geneseo invested in an entire lab full of dual G3 Macs. They planned on using them for intro classes as well as for distributed computing! I don't know if they ever followed through on this because I left before they even installed OS X on them. Greg
  18. Greg Rowe

    Should I get a Mac or PC for my next computer?

    Justin, I think this really depends on the school. The university I attended (SUNY Geneseo) has a lot of Macs. The computer science department had all Macs for lower level courses and Sun workstations for higher level courses. With the Sun machines you could ssh (remote login) into the...
  19. Greg Rowe

    Should I get a Mac or PC for my next computer?

    Jeff, Everyone is entitled to opinions and I respect yours. I don't think they had to throw out their old code base but made a wise decision to base their design on a tried and true architecture. If you want to see a code base that *should* be thrown out check out win32. If you've ever...
  20. Greg Rowe

    Should I get a Mac or PC for my next computer?

    Andrew, OS X is very stable. Previous Mac OS version weren't based on the Darwin UNIX core. Prior to Mac OS X any application could corrupt the entire system. Now each program runs in its own address space and can't harm others. The worst that can happen if a program mis behaves is the...
  21. Greg Rowe

    Should I get a Mac or PC for my next computer?

    Benefits of a Mac: OS X - UNIX!!!! (if you are a geek) Stable Great dependable efficient hardware Quiet due to less fans (G4s are efficient and don't pump out tons of heat like AMD or Intel chips) Disadvantages of a Mac: What Brian said : less software, price (but you get quality...
  22. Greg Rowe

    The "People" That Send Spam

    Michael, Look into fetchmail. It will fetch from many different sources (pop, imap, pop over ssl, imap over ssl, etc) and inject them into your local delivery agent. Greg
  23. Greg Rowe

    Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

    ...oh why not...I'll throw in my opinion. If I had to choose I'd take win2k due to less bloat, and less annoying "features". I have to run windows at work and i choose to run win2k. That's at work where I am forced into windows (well, I could always leave my job). At home it's Linux. For...
  24. Greg Rowe

    The "People" That Send Spam

    I am lucky enough to be able to administer my own email server. Every time I fill out any form on the web I make a new email address (just an alias to me real address). If I get spam to that account I just delete the alias and the problem is mostly solved. I say mostly because the spammers still...
  25. Greg Rowe

    The "People" That Send Spam

    ...because the removal is just a way to confirm that you are in fact a real human being that *read* their message. Ask your ISP to install spamassassin (www.spamassassin.org) on their mail servers. It's a great piece of software that scans an email and attempts to figure out if it is spam...
  26. Greg Rowe

    Safari, Chimera, IE: The OS X Browser Battle

    I am not a mac user. I am a big fan of the mozilla rendering engine, gecko. The mozilla browser is bloated because they have a cross platform UI. Use mozilla on Linux, Solaris, Mac, Windows, whatever, and it looks and behaves the same. Most of the time I get to use galeon which is a simple...