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  1. Jeff*H

    WISEGUY release from VEI

    VEI’s upcoming WISEGUY DVD release mentions on their website and their email blasts that it includes all 75 episodes. Given that previous releases dating back almost 20 years had music replacement and were missing the “Dead Dog Records” storyline, I was rather skeptical of this announcement...
  2. Jeff*H

    Happy 50th Birthday, HAWAII FIVE-O!

    Wanted to make sure to note that today marks the 50th Anniversary of HAWAII FIVE-O, which premiered on September 20th, 1968, on CBS with the pilot movie, which was later rechristened “Cocoon”!! Happy 50th birthday to a true classic that never went out of style! Here’s a 50th Anniversary salute...
  3. Jeff*H

    Stoney Burke: The Complete Series

    STONEY BURKE: The Complete Series arrived on my porch today from Amazon. Nice set from Timeless, who disappointed me a little recently with their lackluster-quality GRIZZLY ADAMS and HARDY BOYS Season 3 sets. It's 6 discs, 32 episodes for the complete series (5 episodes to a disc except for...
  4. Jeff*H

    WISEGUY-The Complete 1st Season (Mill Creek)

    Having picked up the original WISEGUY releases a few years ago from Ventura Distribution, I was naturally curious to see what Mill Creek has done with the property in the new release (The Complete First Season) that came out this week. Here's my initial observations, positives and negatives...
  5. Jeff*H

    Netflix offering streaming video of TV seasons not on DVD yet

    I mentioned this in another thread and figured it may deserve its own. I recently re-joined Netflix because they have a new feature in which customers can view streaming video of many movies and TV shows. In the TV show section, they had listings for many TV shows, primarily Universal, in...
  6. Jeff*H

    Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Rumored for June 08

    Hawaii Five-O DVD news: Rumors for Hawaii Five-O - Season 4 | TVShowsOnDVD.com Per tvshowsondvd.com CBS Paramount is looking at June for a season 4 release, coming 5 months after the January season 3 release. This season had another great 2-hour espionage thriller with Wo Fat, along with a...
  7. Jeff*H

    Dukes of Hazzard Season 6--May 30, 2006

    According to tvshowsondvd.com Warner Bros. has announced the season 6 release of Dukes of Hazzard on 5/30. Oddly enough, this will mark a return to the flip discs they used in the first few seasons. It's 4 discs, double-sided, with extras to be announced later. Also, they have returned to...
  8. Jeff*H

    Galactica 1980, anyone?...Anyone?

    I was curious if there has been any mention from Universal about a potential release of the God-awful BG sequel, "Galactica 1980". Given the popularity of the new series, and the success of the DVD releases of the old series and new mini-series, this one kind of seems like a no-brainer. Speaking...
  9. Jeff*H

    THE JOB on DVD (merged thread)

    Denis Leary fans, it's time to celebrate, as TVShowsonDVD.com has announced that all 19 episodes of "The Job" will arrive on DVD in May from Shout! Factory. Practically every single one of these episodes is a gem, especially "where Denis' character, Mike McNeil, tries to quit drinking but gets...
  10. Jeff*H

    The A-Team: Season 2-- April 12th!

    "The A-Team: Season 2" has been officially announced for release on April 12th, along with "Magnum: Season 2" and "Knight Rider: Season 2", 2 of my other favorites. "A-Team" Season 2 was my favorite season for several reasons: 1. It had the best 2-parter of the series, "When You Comin' Back...
  11. Jeff*H

    Viacom to Move TV Library to DVD

    This was posted yesterday on IMDB.com's entertainment news feed:
  12. Jeff*H

    Wiseguy-Vol. 4 Question

    Has anyone purchased the new set today, titled "Between the Mob and a Hard Place"? I went to my local Best Buy and neither that nor "Gilligan" Season 2 were on the shelves at all! This worked in my favor, however. The previous "Wiseguy" sets retail around $60, and sell at Best Buy for $46.99...
  13. Jeff*H

    Wiseguy: Vol.3-"Prey for the City"

    Greetings, I just picked up the new "Wiseguy" set today; it's the 3rd volume of an eventual 6-volume set that will comprise the entire series. This set features the White Supremacy arc (4 parts), the Garment Trade arc (5 parts), and 4 stand-alone "bonus" episodes (2 from season two, and 2 from...