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  1. Darrin W-G

    Wharfedale Sub

    I own a powercube 12 and to be blunt. If you want WOW factor don't waste your money. I listened to The Empire Strikes Back DVD @ -5 below Ref Level and the AT-AT scene walking is weak to say the least.. My sub is calibrated to 75dBC using the reciever's internal test tones. My Audio Equipment...
  2. Darrin W-G

    DVD Review *** Official HTF REVIEW & Discussion Thread: Star Wars Trilogy, pt. 1

    I have a few issues with the trilogy for which I hope can ratified with a dvd exchange and some can't. 1) A New Hope only plays in 5.1 when the other 2 dvd's play in DD EX 2) A very noticable audio stutter between frames at the start of each dvd. A New Hope Blockade Runner...
  3. Darrin W-G

    What do you guys know about Ixos?

    I'm using Ixos XHV704 Component Cable and I also have Ixos XHD308 Optical cable on standby at the moment. I'm waiting for the delivery of my receiver: Pioneer VSXD912-S. My current receiver: Pioneer VSXD209 has only analogue inputs, so I can't comment on the Optical cable at this time. But I...
  4. Darrin W-G

    What method do you use to toe in speakers?

    I set my speakers up using the Golden triangle method. Tools: Tape Measure, String, Push pins, Plumbob, 180 degree Protractor Tip: Use either cellotape or Blutack to a plumbob on a string to the top of the center speaker, so it falls down the middle of the tweeter. 180 degree...
  5. Darrin W-G

    Why are there so many speaker manufacturers?

    It's refreshing discovering speakers from a manufacturer that no-one in the main stream has heard of before... I had a listening opportunity some years ago when a friend purchased nz made speakers called Image powered by a Plinius pre & power amp combo. Most of us are patriotic towards...
  6. Darrin W-G

    Is AVIA benficial for people with only two speakers?

    You could calibrate your television. But you're 5.1 speakers short of fully appreciating your receiver...
  7. Darrin W-G

    Merged Thread: LOTR: ROTK - Theatrical & EE Release Dates? & DVD Features

    according to Onering.net LoTR RotK EE running time according to that site is 4hrs 15mins..
  8. Darrin W-G

    Total *LACK* of Energy Dealers in Toronto...

    I had no trouble getting Energy 4.1e's 10yrs ago and I live in NZ. Energy was well represented in NZ Audio/Video Mag then.. :emoji_thumbsup:
  9. Darrin W-G

    Supposedly terrific movies that just didn't do it for you... and why.

    1) Terminator 3 *Shakes head and pretends it's part of the trilogy* 2) Spiderman and The Hulk *They have could have been faithfull to the comic book, as it does have pictures and dialogue* ) SW TPM & SW AOTC SW ROTJ *Misery* 4) Harry Potter 2 *Doesn't look good* 5) Superman 2 & 3 *It wasn't...
  10. Darrin W-G

    some idiot knocked over my Paradigm!

    Paradigm Monitor 11's cost NZ$2900 a pair. I'd smash his knees caps in... I felt the same when my drunk uncle yrs ago toppled over my Energy 4.1's...
  11. Darrin W-G

    As promised SVS B4+ pictures

    At least the sheer size and weight of the SVS B4 Bomber (lol) will prevent anyone from stealing it... :D
  12. Darrin W-G

    As promised SVS B4+ pictures

    Simon, I'm only across the ditch from you, I'm sure if theirs any earthquakes here, I will know where to look. (lol):D
  13. Darrin W-G

    Home Theater set up Comments

    Your choice of weapons is perfect. The only question that needs to be asked; Is your HT room fully tweaked?
  14. Darrin W-G

    Music lovers, what do you recommend?

    Energy Veritas 2.4i "floorstanding speakers"..
  15. Darrin W-G

    Wharfedale MovieStar 60+ -- Any info??

    I have tested moviestar 70+ series. For value for money the product is worth it. The center and surrounds are ideal for a living room but I have ??? on the low powered subwoofer which to me sounded boomy rather than a deep bass. The speaker stands they come with are hollow to allow the speaker...
  16. Darrin W-G

    Best way to mount Mini Monitors on wall

    An essential piece of hardware I recommend for mouting rear wall surrounds is a "Stud Finder Laser level".
  17. Darrin W-G

    wife problem... i mean speaker prob!!!!

    Does your wife do gardening? :D If so, tell her to move some flowers because you don't like the look of em. :emoji_thumbsup: Whats the worse your wife can tell you? Your sleeping on the couch tonite.... If you move your speakers won't their be nasty holes where you attached the speaker to...
  18. Darrin W-G

    Movie Death Scenes that really got to you...

    Willem Defoe death scene in Platoon.
  19. Darrin W-G

    monster cable, worth it?

    Ideally I would want Monster Turbine plugs silver soldered onto Acoustic Research Cable.. :D
  20. Darrin W-G

    5.1 Finally set up, wife freaking

    :emoji_thumbsup: :D That is just as funny as watching people check their cellphones and telephones...
  21. Darrin W-G

    Banana plugs...who needs stinking banana plugs?

    Banana plugs are good. I personally use spade plugs attached to the speaker cable with silver solder and used a small adjustable spanner to tighten them enough for the best possible fit on the receiver and speakers... ;) Cheers Darrin