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    Thanks For FOX!!

    Let's hear it for FOX - 23 pre 1975 Films on/announced for Blu-ray, plus 10 MGM titles which they distribute as of April 2010: Miracle on 34th Street The Day the Earth Stood Still The Robe South Pacific The Diary of Anne Frank The Longest Day The Sound of Music Batman...
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    SONY Bluray, where's the rest?

    Why is it that of the " 9 " pre 1975 film titles SONY /Columbia has released to date on Blu ray - 5 five of them are Ray Harryhausen films? Doesn't anyone at SONY know Coulmbia Pictures made other types films before 1975??? It Came From Beneath the Sea Blu-rayEarth vs. the Flying Saucers20...
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    FOX, what happened the thr Rodgers & Hammerstein releases for 2010???

    last year Fox announced more R&H in 2010. So far only "the Sound of Music" is on the way (and not until December) where are the others? "Oklahoma!" "Carousel" "The King and I" and what about "Hello Dolly!" this Todd-AO film would look great on Blu-Ray
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    Warner Bros Archieve - problem movies?

    According to the DVD savant (Glenn Erickson) A pub release by Warners touts the Warner Archive Collection as the perfect venue for problem pictures. Mammy, they say, is "a film whose political (in)sensitivity may make it inappropriate for mainstream audiences, but whose historical importance...
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    SONY and Paramount - where is your classics out put for 2010?

    Sony has only a few titles scheduled for Blu-ray this year - "The Karate Kid I & II" and "The Natural" - where's the rest? Whatever happened to "Lawrence of Arabia" "Bridge on the River Kawi" "Funny Girl"? Paramount has "The African Queen" but that's about all. It's already March and there are...
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    "Reds" (1981) Blu-ray

    Anyone know why the 1981 film of "Reds" has been discountinued on Blu-ray? is Paramount planning a new release?
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    Spartacus - March 25th

    Universal to release "Spartacus" on March 25th (now listed as May 25) according to Bluray.com Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that, on May 25th, it will release Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (1960 Now that's an anouncement - 1 month away unlike FOX's laughable "Big"...
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    Early DVD Titles that do not look good on High Def displays

    I've been watching a lot of DVDs on my High Def SONY Bravia and Pioneer Plasma sets and many look great - some even better than many blu-ray discs. Last night I put on "Mister Roberts" Hnery Fonda/James Cagney/Jack Lemmon/William Powell and it looked - really bad, this disc was beyond bad. It...
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    "Doctor Zhivago" Digibook art work up at Amazon.com

    Amazon has the art for the "Doctor Zhivago" Blu-Ray - but no release date yet
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    Classic titles for 2010

    What classic films (pre 1970) are scheduled for release in 2010 (if any) I only know of "The Music Man"
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    Paramount vs Warner Bros 'My Fair Lady" DVD

    any differences between the new Paramount "My Fair Lady" DVD and Warner Bros older DVD? According to the packaging, It looks like the same material was carried over (I would guess the Paramount logo now replaces Warners and the Copyright warning comes at the beginning)
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    Paramount Pre-1950 Films owned by Universal

    Universal owns the rights to the Paramount features made before 1950 due to a distribution sale they made for Television years ago. Of course as most on this forum know, Universal doesn't release many catalog titles, esp pre 1970's. Can these titles be licensed out? Does Universal even care...
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    "Porgy and Bess" restoration

    Mr Harris, have you ever been approached for the "Porgy and Bess" restoration. The rights are available, but the studios feel the restoration will cost more than the video sales. I was told the Samuel Goldwyn company restored/worked on the film in 1985 but then the rights were an issue. The...
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    "Porgy and Bess" / "Where's Charley" on DVD?

    Anyone interested in adding the 1959 film of "Porgy and Bess" to their collection may be happy to know that there is good news: the Gershwin Estate wants to finally release it, and the Sammual Goldywn company has the elements, the not so good news is that the elements need to be restored and so...
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    Catalog Sales up 72%

    Blu.ray.com is reporting Blu Ray Catalog Sales are up 72%, the main reason catalog titles haven't been selling is the price. When retailers lowered the prices this year sales went up. Shoppers don't want to spend $15 more on a cataloge title than it's DVD counterpoint, but if price...
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    Blue-Ray's at Frys

    Over the last few months I have purchased many Blu-Ray discs I never thought I would - but only because Fry's had them on sale for $9.99 (didn't want to upgrade many titles but for $9.99 I would - I remember when a title cost $40 on Lasersic) I hope others follow Fry's pricing, Hope Fry's...
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    SONY OOP titles

    Some SONY out of print titles are coming back to store shelves and mail order in Septmeber Moscow on the Hudson The Bride Agnes of God Hanky Panky plus others Hopefully more will come. Still waiting to get widescreen versions of "Picnic" "Annie" & "MacKenna's Gold" plus the epic film "Lord...
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    Where are all the back catalog titles?

    Where are all the back catalog titles? I've noticed more and more older catalog title DVDs (some released only a few years ago) are disappearing from store shevles and on-line retailers. Is DVD starting to die?
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    70 MM later this year from FOX

    20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will release 2 classics on Blu-ray later this year: 'The Agony and the Ecstasy' and 'Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines'', both shot in Todd-AO There's a full reported over at Blu-ray.com
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    Dick Van Dyke show complete series vs indivual seasons

    I'm looking to buy the Dick Van Dyke show on DVD, it's cheaper to buy each indivual season than the whole complete series set. Does the complete series set include anything not on the indivual season sets? Is there any reason to buy the complete series set?
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    "My Fair Lady" on Blu-Ray?

    Who holds the blu-ray rights to the CBS owned film "My Fair Lady". Warner had the DVD rights but they have lapsed. Is Warner planning to get the Blu-ray rights or will they go to Paramount who last held the VHS rights? Or Does CBS deal with a different company on Blu-Ray? Amazon has a...
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    "My Fair Lady" Video rights???

    Who holds the dvd /blu-ray rights to the CBS owned film "My Fair Lady". Warner had the DVD rights but hey have lasped. Paramount had the VHS rights for a while. Are there any plans to release the film on Blu-Ray?
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    Is SONY releasing any pre 1970's films?

    They released "Dr Strangelove" but little else before 1970. Are they abandoning their catalog on Blu-Ray? FOX and WB/MGM have released some pre-1970's films is anything in the pipeline besides "Easy Rider"?
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    Was the "South Pacific" Blu-Ray a success?

    Was the "South Pacific" Blu-Ray a success? Sales wise? I'm guessing FOX is using this title to gage how other older films will sell on Blu-Ray. Amazon has placeholders for other FOX large screen format films: Oklahoma The Sound of Music Cleopatra
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    Ken Russell Box Set??

    Ken Russell Box Set: Warner could do a Ken Russell Box set. They could release the standard version of "The Devils" and include in the box set only the Director's cut of "the Devils" This way the average Joe 6-pack can buy the standard (edited) version of the film at Walmart and Best Buy (...
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    Fox the next "Ten"

    FOX to release the following on Blu-ray on June 2nd: Dark Blue The Graduate M*A*S*H Navy Seals Out of Time Road House Rollerball To Live and Die in L.A. The Towering Inferno Walking Tall Specs have not announced yet, but expect a 1080p video presentation with a DTS-HD Master Audio...
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    WB/MGM 70MM films

    Warner Bros has a few 70MM titles currently on Blu-Ray: How The West Was Won (Cinerama) Battle of the Bulge(70MM) 2001: A Space Odyssey(70MM) But where are the rest? The film company only released two 70MM features: Cheyenne Autumn My Fair Lady (CBS owns the rights to license out for...
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    "South Pacific" Disc of the year?

    DVD Beaver has screen captures from the new FOX "South Pacific" Blu-ray - they look fantastick! DVDBeaver states this is the best looking Disc so far this year (The film is 50 years old - But the image is from a 70MM source which was screened in LA recently and looked fantastick) South...
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    Any Word on Ken Russell's The Devils

    Any Word on Ken Russell's film "The Devils"? Warner annoucned the DVD last year (with art work) then quickly pulled all infomation on it. Then they issued a press release stating the film would not be released during 2008. Did the Studio ever give a reason why this title was pulled? Will it...
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    "Land of the Giants" recession edition

    With the economy going down ever future will FOX ever release a bare bones edition of the very expensive "Land of the Giants" TV series? I've been holding off on this one and likely to pass altogether now - unless a bare bones edition is issued in smaller and easier to store packaging. they...