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  1. Lucas Dang

    Blue Laser HIDEF DVD recorder available now!

    Just received this month's Sound and Vision magazine, in a brief new update article it says that the nine founding companies announced their liscensing terms in February (early) and in March Sony said it would start selling their Blu-ray recorder for about 3,800$ in Japan as early as this April...
  2. Lucas Dang

    Help ! what to use for Star Wars LD, THX, Dolby Prologic2, ?

    I just purchased the Kenwood 6070, then I realized I didnt see any specs on a RF modulator for Laserdisc DD5.1. While I could use my old amp as a preamp, that would be very wasteful of space just to get the RF mod for my Starwars LD. All of my other 5.1 LDs are out on dvd now, so its just...
  3. Lucas Dang

    Pioneer Elite CLD 95 Laser Disc Player

    HEE HEE, just found this steal of a deal in great shape Elite LD player at....GOODWILL!.. for 22bucks. Anyone have any info or opinion about this player. So far I know it flips sides, and has digital and svideo outs. It looks so nice, compared to the standard LD players, it has a...
  4. Lucas Dang

    A new DVHS review thread.

    Before I get started I want it to be very clear that this thread is not for people who dont have an HDTV, or who hate any non disc format to show up and start complaining about how much stuff costs. As a long time member of this forum I must say I have seen many great years here, but this last...
  5. Lucas Dang

    Legend SE FT:FS, new release double disk set

    17$ shipped via media mail or 1st class. ]SOLD! Legend SE 2 disc set, watched once. Looks and sounds beautiful better than when i watched it in the theater. My wife says its just too scary. I also have the following for trade. space hunter Starship troopers- original release not se...
  6. Lucas Dang

    FT:FS Metropolis new anime dvd with mini dvd!

    Metropolis new anime dvd with mini dvd watched once, not my bag. 18$ shipped, paypal accepted too. or trade for whatever. send trade list [email protected] the review thread is : http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...ght=metropolis Sold!
  7. Lucas Dang

    FT:FS Ghost of Mars, Enemy at the gates...

    Hi. shipping included is for media mail, you pay more if you want it quicker, unless 1st class is the same. Ghost of mars 14$ Enemy at the gates 15 Tora Tora Tora SE 15 Battle Beyond the Stars 15 Space Hunter 12 Buckeroo Banzai 14 Replicant- Jean Claud Vandamn- recent action thriller 15...
  8. Lucas Dang

    Buckaroo Banzai FT:FS+ others, and one adult

    Watched once Buckaroo Banzai For trade or 16$ shipped. Also have Spacehunter- Campy 80s sci fi with molly ringwald 14$ Duets- Gweneth Paltro and Huey Lewis hit the road for Karaoke championships- made popular by their rendition of Cruisin by smokey robinson played on the radio. 10$ Also one...
  9. Lucas Dang

    wanted: HDTV receiver for analog signals

    Anyone want to upgrade their Hdtv receiver, I just need one that can send the antenna signals from the air to my Mits 65807 ws set. Anyone have a recommendation, no direct tv, digital or dish service, Im just gonna get local stuff.
  10. Lucas Dang

    xbox Max payne, Want to trade for any basketball game xbox

    [email protected] any of the xbox basketball games for my Max payne.
  11. Lucas Dang

    Xbox Max Payne Game FT:FS

    Max Payne is ultraviolent action game where you like a hong kong movie can hit (limited amount)slow motion and dive into a room of guys while bullets zing past like the Matrix. It has some of the best graphics and special effects, and is downright violent. XBOX version, mint. FS for 35$...
  12. Lucas Dang

    FT FS: Made (Jon Favreau), and xbox Amped!

    My email has changed to [email protected] Made- SOLD Amped for XBox- 35$ shipped Lord of the Rings 3 disc animated pack- 27$ or trade for whatever Wants- I can paypal the difference Rocky box Die hard ultimate box Planet of the Apes- 2001 Ghost of Mars
  13. Lucas Dang

    FS Cheap priced dvds, trades welcome

    Sorry for having so many theads going. I wish there was a way to edit the subject line. All prices include shipping, usually 1st class. All titles in near mint condition with no flaws. The lord of the rings animated 3pk, LOTR, the hobbit, return of the king 28 Battlroyal SE Region 3 SOLD...
  14. Lucas Dang

    Tombraider, 14$ shipped, or trade for whatever

    Email me at [email protected] 14 dollars shipped, 1st class. It should have been called boobraider, its at least worth a look for the Jolene's big.vuluptous.um.er....lips!
  15. Lucas Dang

    Give you heap of dvds(some new titles) and maybe $ for Rocky or Diehard Box set

    Wanted, Rocky or Ultimate Diehard Box set chose a reasonable stack from list below. All other trade offers welcome. [email protected] I have these, and some cash via Paypal! The Lord of the rings animated 3pack, LOTR, the hobbit, return of the king. Mirrorball Exit Wounds Tombraider A...
  16. Lucas Dang

    WTB or trade for Die Hard New Box Set.

    I will pay 45$ shipped media mail for the set or have the following for trade. Robocop Criterion Lord of the Rings 3pk Animated, LOTR the hobbit and return of the king. Mirror ball Leviathon Sphere Godzilla 3 adult titles Shaolin vs Ninja Playstation: Grantourismo 2 [email protected]
  17. Lucas Dang

    wanted: Final Fantasy dvd FT or FS

    Got it now. Never mind, sorry to waste your time. please close this thread post. [Edited last by Lucas Dang on October 24, 2001 at 09:00 PM]
  18. Lucas Dang

    TPM DVD is edited, new edition, not same as theatrical print

    I just watched the deleted scenes segment for the podrace, then I watched the actual movie, and during the podrace I noticed some of the new footage shown in the deleted scenes have been added into the movie, but not all of it, I havent noticed any other instances yet but there may be more than...
  19. Lucas Dang

    FT: Blood the last Vampire- new Anime and a few others

    FT: Blood the last Vampire- brand new anime movie from creator of Ghost in the Shell. Spawn- all three volumes of the animated series + the live action movie. Exit Wounds Godzilla Terminator- OOP THX MONO Sphere Mirror Ball Leviathon Battle field Earth Wants: Goonies Gorest Gump...
  20. Lucas Dang

    Iron Monkey, in theaters and already on dvd?

    Whats going on, why is this movie being advertised for a theatrical release when it is readily available on dvd and vhs for old JP6. Does the studio really believe that people will see the trailer on tv, and run out and see the movie while not hearing the buzz from friends and family that this...
  21. Lucas Dang

    Assorted items for trade

    American Pie: Unrated Version Firestorm Overboard Runaway Stand By Me: Special Edition Thirteenth Floor I have: Highlander Endgame 2 disc set Mirrorball-5.1 w alternate angles the hidden the relic battle beyond the stars leviathon sphere shaolin vs ninja [email protected]
  22. Lucas Dang

    dvd trade

    Im interested in: Vertical Limit Rocky SE Crow SE Princess Mononoke Legend of Drunken Master Ben-Hur Broken Arrow Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo Firestorm anime, martial arts, action, comedy, sci fi, ect. I have FT Crouching Tiger hidden dragon, official region 3 same as R1 The hidden...
  23. Lucas Dang

    Help, Mits WS HDTV and dvdo iscan

    I have a mitsubishi 65807 WS HDTV and version 1 DVDO iscan. I bought a VGA to component cable, and I hooked it up. I get a picture thats in the animorphic screen mode, but it wont allow me to switch modes, its the locked in progressive problem, but the thing is my tv is not supposed to lock in...