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  1. Greg Thomas

    Any Boomtown Fans Out There? S1 $14.99

    I just picked up Season One of Boomtown on DVD brand new for $14.99 at Wherehouse. This is definitely my best purchase of the year. I remember watching this show a few years back and I'm sure I missed several episodes. Its a shame NBC canceled the show so early into season 2. The Wherehouse...
  2. Greg Thomas

    Yamaha HTR 5760 on sale for $229

    In today's Fry's ad they are blowing out the Yamaha 5760 receiver for $229. This is the second time this week I've seen the price in their ads. That's quite a bargain for a 7.1 receiver with automatic room optimization and 9 speaker outputs including Zone 2 or presence speakers. Yamaha must...
  3. Greg Thomas

    Costco has Pioneer VSX-1014 for $399

    Was cruising the Costco site and noticed they have the Pioneer VSX-1014 receiver for $399. Maybe not an authorized dealer but Costco has a better warranty. Costco guarantees your satisfaction with the merchandise you purchase from us. Costco.com products may be returned to any of our...
  4. Greg Thomas

    AVR 630 for $599

    In the local Fry's ad this morning the HK AVR 630 is on sale for $599. It's a one day only sale. I'm guessing HK has new models coming out pretty soon?
  5. Greg Thomas

    We Got a New Fry's in Bay Area!!!!

    Just happened to be driving around in Concord today and heard a Fry's ad on the radio. Grand opening Friday at 8am at the new store on Willow Pass. Just then I drive by and find out it actually opened today. Headed straight to the audio/video section and saw all the HK's. Right there was the...
  6. Greg Thomas

    How good Is Yamaha RX-V3300? It's $599 now!

    Just noticed in my local Good Guys ad the the Yamaha RX-V3300 has been reduced to $599 on closeout. The ad says it is a $1000 savings? Is the sound bright like past Yammy's or is it more in line with the new x400 models? Power claims are 130 watts x 6. How would it compare to the Denon 3803...
  7. Greg Thomas

    Monitor Audio B4 vs Paradigm M7 vs Axiom

    I was at my local Good Guys yesterday and they've begun to carry Monitor Audio speakers. I was looking at the Bronze B4 model and compared them to the Energy C-5, XL-250 and Klipsch RF-15 towers which were in the same sound room. The MA speakers sounded smoother overall to me with much tighter...
  8. Greg Thomas

    Does DPL II convert 2 channel sources to 7.1?

    I own an HK AVR-320 and finally hooked up an external amp to test my surround back channels. When playing 2 channel sources thru Logic 7, DTS Neo 6 or 7 channel stereo I can get sound from all 7 speakers. But when switching to Dolby Prologic II I only get output thru 5 speakers. In fact when I...
  9. Greg Thomas

    Good Guys no longer carrying Polk

    A buddy and I were at a Good Guys in the SF Bay Area last weekend looking for some Polk RT35i bookshelfs. We were informed they will no longer be carrying Polk Speakers due to the fact too many competitors carry the Polk line. I'm guessing Circuit City and Fry's still carry them. Our local GG...
  10. Greg Thomas

    Denon 1601 and 1801 under $300!!

    Good Guys is selling the 1601 for $279 and the 1801 for $299. Is it worth it to get one of these models or just buy the Onkyo 494 for $299? I know the Onkyo 494 has Logic II but am I getting a better amp section and sound by going with Denon instead. They would be used about 60/40 between home...
  11. Greg Thomas

    Denon 1802 vs Onkyo 595. New under $400 champ?

    I noticed online retailers are taking orders for the Denon 1802 and the price is roughly the same as the highly regarded Onkyo 595. Looks like the Denon has these features. 80 Watts, all channels driven 8ohms 20hz-20khz Dolby Pro Logic II Dolby Digital & DTS (a given) 5 Channel Stereo mode...