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  1. Martin G

    Problems with my Optoma HD70 and PS2

    My ps2 will only work on my projector when playing a ps2 game. If I try to play a regular playstation game, the projector is unable to find the source. All it gives me is a blue screen with "No Singal" across the middle of it. The opening ps2 screen and the other screens before the game...
  2. Martin G

    X-Box + 2 games FS

    I have a slighly used X-box with Halo and Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, game of the year edition. Also comes will standard AV hookups and 1 controller. For an additional $12 I'll add the high definition pack on top of everything else. Cost is $90 or $102 w/HD pack.
  3. Martin G

    WTB Someday's Dreamers. Anime

    I am looking to get ahold of the 3 someday's dreamers dvds. I am willing to buy, but I would be more interested in trading. I would also perfer to get the collectors box with the dvds. I have the following anime dvds for trade: Nadesico Vol 1-6 Lain Vol 1 I also have a few other dvds...
  4. Martin G

    Seven Samurai CC + Hidden Fortress CC F.S.

    Seven Samurai CC + Hidden Fortress CC for $32 + shipping. Discs have no scratches and the cases have all the inserts. Pay Pal is the perfered payment method. Shipping charges will be provided based on zip code and how quickly you want the discs to arrive. I am on the good...
  5. Martin G

    Halo Special Edition XBOX N.I.B.

    I accidentally ended up with two of these. This is an unopened new in the box system. It comes with the game halo as well as the special edition controller and green xbox. it is serial # 505415X 414XX. I can't furnish the entire serial number for security reasons, but this should give...
  6. Martin G

    Marantz DP870 for sale

    This is an old Marantz DD decoder that also does Laserdisc demod. Price is $50 plus shipping. Here is some info about the unit: http://www.cybertheater.com/HW_Reviews/DP870/dp870.html
  7. Martin G

    FS Gameboy Advanced SP

    Flame colored Gameboy Advance SP $75 Comes with original nintendo AC adapter/charger. Things that I would consider trading for: Pelican game selector pro or other HDTV compatible component video switcher with at least 6 inputs. Ranma 1/2 season 2 boxed set. A top loading NES...
  8. Martin G

    Anime and Samurai dvds for sale or trade

    I have the following for trade: Ceres Celestial Legend vol. 1 and 3 $8 each or both for $15 Devil Hunter Yohko collection vol. 1,2 (old rental store copy, dvds are in nm condition, but they do have a sticker on the dvd label) $20 Lain vol. 1 $12 Seven Samurai CC $20 The Hidden...
  9. Martin G

    Marantz DP870 for sale

    I have one Marantz DP870 Dolby Digital decoder for sale. You are use this as a laserdisc demod. I thought I had a buyer on here, but he seems to have dissapeared. $100 + Shipping
  10. Martin G

    Infocus X1 for sale.

    I recently bough one of these and found that the rainbows were to much for me to handle. unfortunately I didn't notice this until after the time to return it had elapsed. It has under 20 hours on the bulb. It's about as new as you can get without still being sealed. I also haven't registered it...
  11. Martin G

    FS Audiophile USB sound card

    I have an M-audio audiophile USB for sale. for more information about it go to http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=...9588578a74aa58 Its a pro quality usb sound card. I'm getting rid of it because I no longer need my mobile studio and I upgraded my fixed studio to a pro tools set up. This...
  12. Martin G

    WTB 2 polk audio f/x500i

    I am looking for a pair of polk audio f/x500i. I would prefer to trade for them, but I am willing to buy if necessary.
  13. Martin G

    Man Ray Silent films

    Does anybody know if there are any plans on releasing some of Man Ray's surrealist films on dvd? If not, are they out on ld? The one movie that I am looking for in particular is "Starfish". I have an old vhs copy, but it is very worn.
  14. Martin G

    Bizzare TV Problem

    My TV is a Magnavox 55P8241. Whenever I switch to either the av1 or CVI (component) imputs the tv will immediately turn off and the power button will start to blink twice. I've disconnected all the imputs to the tv and it still has the same problem. on the av1 channel I can briefly see the...
  15. Martin G

    Some anime DVDs and Foreign LDs for sale/trade

    I have the following DVDs for sale: Ceres Celestial Legend Volume 1 $13 Ceres Celestial Legend Volume 3 $13 Ranma 1/2 The Way We're Not $10 I have the following Japanese LDs for sale: Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance (sold) Lone Wolf and Cub Baby Cart to Hades (sold) Lone Wolf...
  16. Martin G

    Marantz DP870 for sale

    I still have one of these still sitting around. Great for use as a LD demod. for information about this product see: http://www.cybertheater.com/HW_Reviews/DP870/dp870.html asking $130 plus shipping.
  17. Martin G

    Marantz DP870 FS

    I got ahold of one of these to get Dolby Digital sound from my laserdisc player. It works great, but I do not have a manual for it. I love the way it sounds, but I am a student and money is a little tight right now, so it must go. $140 + shipping.
  18. Martin G

    Marantz DP870

    What would be a good price on one of these. I am looking for a RF de-modulator for my LD player and I think that this model has one. I can get one for what I think is a good price, but I wanted to know what people think would be a good amount to pay for one, as well as any info about the...
  19. Martin G

    Sony Laptop FS

    Sony PCG-F650 Laptop for Sale/Trade Since is has been a year since I upgraded laptops its time for another upgrade. The battery in this laptop seems to be dead, but it still works great with AC power. I am the original owner. Some of the features are: 600 mhz Pentium 3 processor...
  20. Martin G

    Sony Laptop FS

    Sony F650 Laptop for Sale/Trade I have recently upgraded laptops and I have this one laying around collecting dust. The battery seems to be dead, but it still works great with AC power. I am the original owner. Some of the features are: 600 mhz Pentium 3 processor 192 MB of ram...
  21. Martin G

    WTB: lone wolf and cub LDs

    I am still on the lookout for the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th movies of this series. If anyone has these for trade or sale please send me an email. I would not be against acquiring all 6 if you don't want to break up a set. I know these are set to come out on dvd with a new anamorphic...
  22. Martin G

    Questions about NCAA 2003

    Could someone please post a listing of all the teams in NCAA 2003 as well as the rankings of the top 25. Thanks, Martin
  23. Martin G

    Final Fantasy X FS $30

    I have a used copy of Final Fantasy X for sale for $30 + shipping. It is not a previous renter and it has been tested and it plays fine. Comes with the original case and booklet.
  24. Martin G

    Final Fantasy X for $29.99

    I just picked up FFX at my local Hastings new for $29.99. I'm not sure if this is just a local thing, but it might be for all Hastings stores.
  25. Martin G

    FS: ati radeon all in wonder 32 meg DDR

    I recently bought a new video capture card so I no longer need this. I have all the original software as well as accessories. you can read up on the features here Link Removed $95 shipped to the continental US.
  26. Martin G

    starwars LDs and anime for sale/ trade

    I'm heading out to Vegas this week for the first true vacation I have had in over 3 years. I'm looking to sell of some stuff before I go to have a little bit more spending money. I have the original WS Ld releases of the trilogy (1989) for $25. They sleeves have shelf wear, but the disks play...
  27. Martin G

    DVD import question

    I found a good deal on two of my favorite movies (Dead Poets society, and Mr. Holland's opus), but it is only available from Canadian companies. Will I be charged customs and or fee's to import these to the US? Thanks for any Info.
  28. Martin G

    FS Star Wars trilogy WS laserdisc

    This is the original widescreen release of the Trilogy on LD. 6 LDs total. CLV I accept paypal $30 + shipping.
  29. Martin G

    1646 SVS the right one for me?

    I have been doing a lot of thinking about what SV subwoofer to get. MY situation is one where I can't play movies or music very loud. I was basicly wondering if I would still get deep satisfying bass from an SVS 1646 CS sub at low volume levels. My other concern is that unless I can grab a...
  30. Martin G

    WTB: SVS 1646 CS or PC

    I am looking for a used svs 1646CS subwoofer. Without an amp my budget is $450. I know it might not be possible to get one at this price, but since I am a college student money is really tight right now and this is all I can spare. After all it can;t hurt to ask. I am bugeting about $125 for...