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  1. SteveMc

    Where's The Day After DVD?

    I've been searching for info on this title and can't find anything. I know Anchor Bay rereleased it on VHS a year or so ago, but why no DVD release? Are they planning on doing one? I've been wanting this one on DVD for years.
  2. SteveMc

    Buying income property

    My fiance and I are toying with the idea of buying an income property to rent out. We rent an apartment now, so ideally we'd love to get a duplex, live in one side and rent the other out. However we're both young (25) and my jobs haven't been steady for a year, so I don't know how that would...
  3. SteveMc

    Building a Soda fountain?

    Just came across a link on Arstechnica about building a soda fountain. Has a lot of great info. I wish I had room for one :frowning: Thought i'd share... http://www.boneville.net/soda/default.htm
  4. SteveMc

    Scanning 35mm slides -need scanner ideas

    Im looking to start archiving some of my relatives old 35mm slides. I want to burn them to a cd so it can be played on a DVD player. So my question is what resolution do i need to worry about so I get clear pics when they get blown up on a 27" TV. Anyone have experience scanning slides or 35mm...
  5. SteveMc

    Removing mirror on Pioneer HDTV

    I will be moving in a couple months and am looking for a way to lighten up a Pioneer sd53hd5. the set is in my basement right now and I'm amazed I even got it down there. Would tipping it on its side be a bad idea? I was thinking if I remove the mirror that it would lighten the set up quite a...
  6. SteveMc

    car help and site suggestions

    Well I done broke my car! I have a 2001 Ford Mustang and it is now minus a drivers -side mirror :frowning: I took it to the dealer this morning and they inform me its going to cost 250 to fix. The only thing wrong with it is the plastic casing got snapped and its basically hanging there by the...
  7. SteveMc

    Where is Micky's christmas Carol?

    I have been itching to see this classic for years on DVD. Disney keeps putting out new Xmas Micky DVDs but not the best one of all. I used to watch this one every year when I was a kid and on TV. Never saw it on video...tis the season to be releasing Xmas DVDs!!
  8. SteveMc

    DirecTv / HBO question

    I am researching the HD possibilities for DirectTV, but they don't list list specific HBO channels that you get in the package. Is the HBO-HD channel (509) part of their package or is it an extra to the extras? Aside from that, looking at the line up, it looks like it has some decent HD...
  9. SteveMc

    Buying a new washer/dryer

    Anyone have advice on where to start? This is my first time i have had to deal with buying real appliances. I started looking around at Best But to get an idea of prices. We are looking at a budget of 350-400 a piece ($800 for both). I am leaning toward Maytag or even Whirlpool, but am...
  10. SteveMc

    Undeclared - First impressions?

    Anyone else catch Undeclared on Fox tonight?I thought it look pretty good from the previews, and i gota chuckle out of it here and there. Overall though, I thought it was a little lacking, but I think once we get a little more familiar with the characters it'll be a pretty good show. also quick...
  11. SteveMc

    What's your favorite arcade game ever!

    Putting together a MAME machine soon and was curious to what games people hold as the ones the remember or played the most. I'll start with mine: TRON - #1!! Pole Position Hogan's Alley Ms. Pacman Donkey Kong Jr. and not really an arcade,but best pinball ever: Terminator 2...
  12. SteveMc

    Yet another frusterated shopping experience

    [rant mode on] So I made a stop into my local hi-fi shop yesterday since I hadn't been there in a while and I must say i left utterly perturbed! The salesman walks up doing his "What brings ya in?" shpeil and I start telling him what I am looking for..everything except for my new Pioneer HDTV...
  13. SteveMc

    Phosphor burn on new TV?

    A while back I had posted on some cyan colored spots on the screen of my Pioneer SD532 that I now have learned is most likely due to phosphor burn on my red CRT tube. I have only had the TV since mid-March, don't know when it was manufactued though (anyone know how to find this out? Is it listed...
  14. SteveMc

    HELP! Spotted screen

    OK I am really getting desperate to figure whats up with my Pioneer SD532. I have about 4-5 bluish-green spots (slightly larger than a pencil eraser) in the upper middle portion of my screen. I figured it was on the screen (since I took the protective screen off) but it wasn't on the outside...
  15. SteveMc

    Cleaning question

    I have a Pioneer SD532-HD5 and opened it up about amonth ago to do a mechanical focus on it. Shortly after I've noticed a few small blue-ish dots in the upper middle part of my screen. I figured i may have gotten the inside of the screen dirty (i know i wasn't on the outside). So I opened it up...
  16. SteveMc

    DIY A/V rack- newbie

    I am thinking of starting a couple DIY projects to keep me busy while i save $$$ for my future upgrades. I noticed most people seem to be building subs but not many mains, are mains that much harder to build? I want to try mains and build the Cabs myself too. My first project though is probably...
  17. SteveMc


    Well i finally did it. I ordered my Pioneer SD532HD5 tonight! Could take up to 3 weeks to get it though! That's along wait, but i need to get the right accessories to compliment my new HDTV. So my main beef right now is does it matter which DVD I calibrate to, VE or AVIA? I can get VE cheap at...
  18. SteveMc

    Cable viewing on HDTV

    I will be buying an HDTV in the next couple of weeks, got my choices down to two: Toshiba 56H80 or Pioneer Sd532HD5. I will probably be doing 50/50 viewing between DVD and regular broadcast/Cable. Anyone have experience with how regular cable looks on these sets? I was worried about stretching...
  19. SteveMc

    Toshiba 56h80 vs Pioneer sd532hd5

    Well the time has finally come for me to make up my mind on which one I want. I have been researching the posts and reviews for HDTVs for a couple months and have narrowed my choices down to the 56h80 or the sd532hd5. I was wondering if anyone can give some insight on my decision as I have...