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  1. Timon Russo

    Need receiver with HDMI ins and component out

    I have an older HDTV with component input only (no HDMI). I would like to get a new receiver so I can switch between HDMI inputs (I now have several) but I need to go OUT to component, at least until this TV dies. I asked Best Buy and the guy said he was no expert but he knew for a fact that...
  2. Timon Russo

    HTPC noob needs guidance

    Sorry if this comes up all the time. I have spent the last two days looking for a solution and I'm now as confused as ever. I want to take my old PC (Dell 4600, XP) and make it into a HTPC. Essentially I want to use my HDTV as a giant monitor for playing games, viewing media, or just...
  3. Timon Russo

    Dinosaur DVD recommendations for 2-year-old?

    I figured I'd start here, then do some research and check back later. Thanks for all input. My kid has already shown an interest in dinosaurs, so I wonder if I can go wrong here.
  4. Timon Russo

    Those with toddlers: age appropriate entertainment?

    My 2 year old son has seen Star Wars. He loved it. He asks about it all the time, and I deny him because he seems to have a growing interest in guns and shooting pretend stormtroopers and sometimes me and mom. He also saw me playing Call of Duty with a friend some time ago and asks me about...
  5. Timon Russo

    Need new video card, but which: PCIe or AGP?

    I have a Dimension 4600 with a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 that I want to replace. It says its on PCI bus 1 in the Device Manager. I haven't bought a video card in a while. Does this mean that I need a PCI express card? I am looking at the mother board, and I don't see any other slots but regular...
  6. Timon Russo

    Cheap web hosting/domain registration advice?

    My homeowners association wants a web site and I volunteered to look into it. In the interest of cutting costs to an absolute minimum, I thought I'd ask around to see what other people have used. I need to register a domain name, then find a host for the files. Is there one-stop shopping available?
  7. Timon Russo

    I installed SB Live and now my headphones don't work

    Or maybe they never did and I just never checked, but here is the current situation: I bought a Dell Dimension 4600 with inegrated audio, then soon after, installed a SoundBlaster live. Everything is fine, but recently, I started using some multi-tracking software, and really need to use the...
  8. Timon Russo

    How juicy should a ripe mango be?

    I guess I have never had one, because as I was cutting into it and preparing a mango salsa, it struck me as totally unfamiliar. Now I am concerned, because the mango was completely juiceless. Was the one I used not yet ripe? I peeled it until all I had was the yellow part, then started slicing...
  9. Timon Russo

    My widescreen laptop has black bars on side of anamorphic DVDs

    Its a Toshiba, and I am using windows media player. I figured it would somehow just "know" to use the entire screen. Instead, I get black bars on the sides where there should be picture. Technically, the black bars are all around it for anamorphic DVDs. But obviously that would be normal to have...
  10. Timon Russo

    Wireless network security help!

    I have a linksys wireless router and connected to it is a DSL modem and 2 (wired) PCs. We also have a laptop elsewhere in the house that connects wirelessly. I know the neighbors can see the wireless network, so my questions are, what do I need to do security-wise to make sure people can't steal...
  11. Timon Russo

    What's going to happen to Adelphia?

    I have Adelphia here and really don't care for them. I have been pondering getting satellite for a couple of years but keep finding new reasons to wait. Recently I heard that Adelphia might be taken over this year, by Time Warner maybe? Anyone else heard this? I can only imagine this would...
  12. Timon Russo

    Anyone having a LOTR:EE trilogy party?

    Friends and I have been talking about watching the entire 12(+?) hours in one day since FOTR:EE came out and we all got together and watched. Lots of junk food, couple beers, you know. Then we did it again with TTT. Now, we have set a January date for the big all-day trilogy fest-a-thon and I'm...
  13. Timon Russo

    More HL2 problems, this time with TCP/IP

    So I finally replaced my old 10Mbps 4-port hub with a new Linksys Wireless-B broadband router. I plugged my 2 wired PCs in the back (I don't have a highspeed internet connection yet) and made the 1 change required to get the computers talking: Obtain an IP address automatically. This is the what...
  14. Timon Russo

    Can anyone else NOT get HalfLife2 working?

    Steam won't accept my CD key. It just says its invalid. It doesn't say the servers are busy or anything. I think I managed to create an account and everything. I've been working with it for about an hour now. I bought the game Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 11:00am EST. I entered the key several...
  15. Timon Russo

    NVIDIA GeForce 5200 FX and Doom3 FPS

    I was a little sad to find that I had to run Doom3 at 640x480 to give me a playable frame rate. But I just read an article in PC Mag on the new line of super vid cards, with chips like the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra, and they use Doom3 at 1,600x1,200 as a benchmark. Granted, the frame rate wasn't...
  16. Timon Russo

    Advice on what to put on ultimate Beatles A-Z CDs

    I burned (what I thought) was all of their official studio songs to CDs years ago in alphabetical order and thats pretty much the only way I listen to the Beatles now while I'm driving. Problem is, that old media sucked and there are lots of pops and skipping, so I want to burn a new set. I...
  17. Timon Russo

    Dell integrated 5.1 sound isn't really 5.1!!!

    Help! I can't believe Dell is telling me this but its been 2 months and this is their final answer: even though my Dimension 4600 shipped with integrated 5.1 audio, it is not true 5.1 and will need a dedicated 5.1 sound card to get true, discreet 5.1. The tech. who spent the most time on this...
  18. Timon Russo

    Outlook loads SOOOOOOO slow!

    I have a 2 month-old Dell 4600. I wiped everything out recently and did a fresh reinstall of Windows XP, then all the XP patches, then MS Office XP Small Business, the Office service pack, and now Outlook takes almost a minute to load. Help!
  19. Timon Russo

    Re-insalling XP to C: drive; will my D: hard drive be unchanged?

    I figured I could just back everything up to there, and have it be intact at the time the re-installation is complete. Is this right, or am I in for a rude awakening?
  20. Timon Russo

    Neilson TV ratings guy hung up on me

    I agreed to do "a brief phone survey" when he called just now, but his only question was would I like to write down what I watch for a week and mail it back to them postage paid and I said no thanks. He asked again and I declined, so he hung up. I'm on the national do-not-call, and if I keep...
  21. Timon Russo

    Need WindowsXP patches, but only have dial-up

    On one of my PCs, the windowsupdate.com scan shows I need 54 megs of critical patches. Is there any way I can request a CD-ROM of these fixes? How do people with dial-up get this stuff?
  22. Timon Russo

    Beatles / Zeppelin posters

    I want one great poster of each for my HT, but neither art.com or allposters.com have what I'm looking for. Can anyone suggest a good place to start looking? I'm not sure what Beatles pic I'd like - though I'm sure I'll know when I see it. For Zeppelin, I'd like nothing more than the...
  23. Timon Russo

    New Dell with integrated 5.1 sound NOT DISCREET?

    It seems as if sound comes from all 5 speakers equally when I play DVDs. I just got the PC yesterday, and the only thing I did was change the speaker setup from 2 to 6 (5.1) in the Sound part of Control Panel (Windows XP). I emailed Dell tech support and the guy told me I need a dedicated 5.1...
  24. Timon Russo

    I have OUTLOOK.PST, but can't import!

    Did I lose my emails? I get a wide range of errors trying to import the PST file back into Outlook, and even Outlook Express won't let me do it. Something about defining fields, duplicate folder names, etc. I don't really care to actually import them, I just want to go through the file and see...
  25. Timon Russo

    Installed new hard drive, now I can't burn CDs!

    I put a second IDE hard drive in my Dell Dim. 4500 recently. Since I have a DVD+RW and a ZIP drive, I had only 1 IDE connection left for it, but the cable wasn't long enough to stretch down to the hard drive bays. Soooo... I got a longer cable with, I think, 3 connecters on it. It works. Only...
  26. Timon Russo

    Modem dial-up sounds from my speakers?!

    Seems like all of a sudden, I hear the modem dial-up sounds from my main PC speakers. I've always had the internal modem speaker on, but now the noise goes thru my speakers as well. I had a problem with my Soundblaster Live muting itself randomly and recently installed a patch for it. Could...
  27. Timon Russo

    Need AV/DV capture device

    I don't have a DV camcorder yet, and probably won't for a while, but I want a unit that can support that in the future. For now, I want to capture from VCR/Laserdisc/analog camcorder. I want the ability to edit, and eventually put out on DVD. I have a DVD+RW on my Dell, and SonicMyDVD (the...
  28. Timon Russo

    Windows Media Player trying to get online!

    I want to use this program to play CDs and DVDs, and don't need it to dial out on my internet connection to get song names or update playlists or search for updates to the program or any of that crap. How can I stop from constantly having to cancel that dial-up connection box?
  29. Timon Russo

    More Netware 3.12 help!

    I posted a while ago about getting some files off an old server I have. Someone recommended TOOLBOX.NLM which is a set of Netware utils that mimic DOS commands. That did it, and I was able to copy the files I needed to the A: drive. But some files I now need are too big for floppy disk, so what...
  30. Timon Russo

    Help with Novell Netware ASAP!

    I have an old file server running 3.12 and I desparately need some files on it!! It boots fine, to the FS_1: prompt but now what do I do? It had an I: drive and I want a file from a directory on that drive. It has a floppy drive and the file is small. But what are the Netware commands for...