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  1. Deane Johnson

    Any John Grisham novels into movies recently?

    Have any movies been made from John Grisham novels in the past few years? It seems to me it's been close to 5 or 6 years since we've had one. IMBD shows Runaway Jury in 1993. Is that the last one? A great writer, I hate to see the material dry up. Haven't seen any new Tom Clancy in many...
  2. Deane Johnson

    Sergio Leone Anthology on Blu-Ray?????

    Has anyone seen any indication that the Sergio Leone Anthology will be coming out on Blu-Ray? I was thinking of purchasing the DVD version, but don't want to if there's a chance it will be on Blu-Ray in the reasonable future.
  3. Deane Johnson

    DVD Profiler. Is it gone?

    I hadn't updated my list for a month or so and when I went to do so, found the site missing. Intervocative's site doesn't respond either. Anybody know anything. I did a search on this forum, but it doesn't seem to bring up anything.
  4. Deane Johnson

    Memphis Belle?

    I had Memphis Belle on my "to buy" list, but now don't find any indication it is being re-released. I would have gotten it on my list if I read somewhere about a release, so it must have been mentioned somewhere. A "search" in this forum produces nothing. Anyone know anything about it? Deane
  5. Deane Johnson

    Mad Dog and Glory - Anamorphic?

    This Robert DeNiro/Bill Murry DVD is due out in early March, but I can't find any indication it is 16X9 enchanced. Anyone know? Thanks
  6. Deane Johnson

    The Day The Earth Stood Still. How's the transfer quality?

    I was surprised that a search didn't bring up anything on this title. Just saw it on TV and it still looks great for a 1951 movie. Anyone know how the DVD looks? Deane
  7. Deane Johnson

    Rudy - to be out 9/30 - New tranfer?

    Anyone know if this is a new transfer of Rudy, or a reissue of the old one? I know they've added a sound track CD, but my interest in replacing my old one would be a new transfer. Thanks Deane
  8. Deane Johnson

    Arrival/Arrival 2 Any news of 16X9 versions?

    Didn't find any mention of these in a search. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything of an anamorphic version of these two films. Deane
  9. Deane Johnson

    Prizzi's Honor 9/16 - New transfer?

    I'm wondering if this is a new transfer or just a price reduction of the old one. The thing that raises the question for me is that the cover looks identical to the old one. Anyone know anything? Thanks Deane
  10. Deane Johnson

    Sneakers: Collector's Edition. New transfer?

    Does anyone know if the transfer in the Collector Edition of Sneakers was updated, or is it the same one as the orginal 1998 DVD release? Thanks Deane
  11. Deane Johnson

    Renaissance Man-Anyone know if it's anamorphic?

    Disney's at it again. No information released on Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito. Anyone know if this is 16x9 enhanced or not?
  12. Deane Johnson

    Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys --16:9? NOT Widescreen? (MERGED THREAD)

    Has anyone acquired this that can tell me if it's anamorphic or not? Some sites list it as 16:9 Enhanced and some simply say Widescreen. I checked the box at the store and it only says "Widescreen". I'm hoping that someone who has gotten it can tell me what's actually on the disc. Thanks Deane
  13. Deane Johnson

    Life Or Something Like It - 16:9 enhanced?

    The retail sites and DVD Price Search are showing this as LBX only and not 16:9 enhanced? Is this possibly correct? Deane
  14. Deane Johnson

    Thumbs Up for MGM

    I can remember a few months ago when MGM made a chat appearence on this forum, and I especially remember the harsh criticism they received in the following days. Frankly, it was a bit brutal at times. But, I think some of us sensed they were listening, reading and learning what the market...
  15. Deane Johnson

    Theater related joke

    A man lay sprawled across three entire seats in the posh theater. When the usher came by and noticed this, he whispered to the man, "Sorry, sir, but you're only allowed one seat." The man groaned but didn't budge. The usher became impatient. "Sir, if you don't get up from...
  16. Deane Johnson

    True Blue - Tom Berringer - Anyone else watch this?

    I couldn't believe how bad the transfer was. I had to make some major adjustments with the color balance, color level, tint, contrast and brightness to get this DVD watchable. I am wondering if anyone else has experience with it and what they found. Deane
  17. Deane Johnson

    The Abyss: SE (Widescreen) Release 5/21/02 - Is it Anamorphic?

    I did a search and couldn't find anything definitive in any of the threads. Anybody know. DVD Soon says it's 16:9. Peter Staddon has stated that all Fox widescreen titles will be 16:9 enhanced. DVD Empire says it isn't. How is one to know whether to order it or not. I don't buy anything...
  18. Deane Johnson

    BULLY - Anyone know if it's anamorphic?

    I can't find any indication it's 16:9 enhanced. Does anyone know? As usual, I'll only buy it if it's anamorphic. Some studios are so bad about providing the information that it's impossible to find out. They don't seem to realize they're losing sales by not indicating when it's 16:9...
  19. Deane Johnson

    Is there a site listing the new releases each week?

    All of the sites I used seem to have dried up. Does anyone have a link where I can see what's being released in the next week or so? With only one more title on my February list, I must be missing something. Thanks. Deane
  20. Deane Johnson

    Layer Change on Toshiba SD-3750. Is yours slow?

    I've had a 3750 for about a month now and the layer change seems slower than other players I've had. Something like a good second and a half or so. My previous player was a SD-5109 and it seemed faster. But, the 3750 is noticably sharper. I'm wondering what other 3750 owners have...
  21. Deane Johnson

    Office Space - Anamorphic???

    I picked up Office Space yesterday at Best Buy. Now I'm thinking it isn't anamorphic even though Peter Staddon had said that all Fox theatrical releases would be 16X9 enhanced. It was based on his statement that I bought it. Is this maybe an old release from before his time? It doesn't say...
  22. Deane Johnson

    Is Rambo IV the first movie spawned by 9/11?

    The ABC site is saying that Sylvester Stallone is busy writing Rambo IV and that in the movie Rambo will kick some Taliban butt. This is the first movie I have heard of directily based on 9/11. This link will probably only be good through today...
  23. Deane Johnson

    Can special packaging ruin certain Discs?

    I recently got two DVDs that had special packaging, Total Recall and Basic Instinct(ice pick version). Both come with a piece of foam for the disc to rest on. Since foam breaks down chemically over time, some types faster than others, is there danger of this stuff becoming gummy and ruining...
  24. Deane Johnson

    Feds turn to Hollywood for terroriest theories.

    According to this story, the feds have enlisted the help of Hollywood people for possible theories on what the terrorists my try. Obviously they have some respect for the imagination available from the Hollywood writers. Please don't turn this into a political comment or off subject thread so...
  25. Deane Johnson

    Did the Drudge Report go away?

    Anyone know where The Drudge Report went? It's been gone for several days. Deane
  26. Deane Johnson

    Hackers may get life sentences under proposed new law!

    A new Anti-Terrorism law proposed by the Bush Administration would include computer hacking as a Terrorst act with penalties up to life in prison. Now if they could just include spammers and telemarketers in the bill life would be good. :) Deane
  27. Deane Johnson

    Will our mail be delayed?

    Doesn't most of our cross country mail move by air? With all of the planes grounded, won't the mail sort of be stopped in place for a while? Just wondering. I guess FedEX and UPS air would also grounded wouldn't they? Deane [Edited last by Deane Johnson on September 13, 2001 at 09:05 AM]...