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    Need some tips on fun stuff in NY,NY

    Going to NY on monday with a friend of mine.. I was originally going for a wedding but decided on bringing along a friend who has never been there. We will be in NY until sept 8th. I guess a day or two will be spent on touristy stuff for my friend, and most of that stuff is fun even if...
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    Are no HTF:ers watching the Ice Hockey world championship?

    I havn't seen any discussion at all here about the world championship going on right now in Finland. A little late though.. final game in less then a hour. Canada - Sweden Looks like a good game!!
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    Bond 20 - Die Another Day (official title)

    The pressrelease is over att jamesbond.com EON PRODUCTIONS LTD PINEWOOD STUDIOS DIE ANOTHER DAY The Twentieth James Bond Adventure MGM and producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions announced today that the twentieth film in the legendary James Bond series will...
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    "SPOILERS" New book from Tom Clancy, "Red Rabbit" - due in August.

    For the last couple of years TC has always released his "Ryan-verser" novels in August every two years. The title of his next book, "Red Rabbit" has been known for some time. I just noticed through a post on alt.books.tom-clancy that it is now up for preorder at amazon.com Here's the...
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    Speed and Predator S.E.? (with specs)

    Fox R2 will release a two-disc SE of Speed in Sweden on June 30th. I haven't seen anything about the specs for the R1 5-star but the Swedish release will have the following: Director’s Commentary (Jan de Bont) Commentary by Graham Yost SEVEN EXTENDED SCENES On Location Featurette...
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    Civilization III

    Any Civ3 players here? Personally I've been waiting for years for this title to be released. Installed it on saturday and have been at it since (with pauses for some sleep, food, coffee and work). Incredibly addicting! What do you guys think of it sofar? There's plenty of new stuff to talk...