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  1. Jeff Willis

    Ann B. Davis (Brady Bunch) Passed Today 06/01/14

    RIP for the housekeeper in the "Brady Bunch" TV series (1969-74).
  2. Jeff Willis

    Looney Tunes Golden Collection V1-6 Sale

    For those that haven't yet obtained the Looney Tunes Golden Collection vol 1-6, they are featured as a bundle sale for $48.49 U.S. at Amazon's "Deal of the Day" today Fri 05/09 U.S. time. Link is here
  3. Jeff Willis

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr - R.I.P.

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr passed Friday 05/02 at his residence. News story is here . He'll be remembered for his timeless role in "The F.B.I." in addition to his daughter's role in "Remington Steele". Prayers & condolences to his family as we reflect on his contribution to what many here consider...
  4. Jeff Willis

    Knight Rider - Amazon Deal of the Day

    If anyone's interested in picking up the complete series, it's the Deal of the Day at Amazon here at $52.49
  5. Jeff Willis

    What is the Trend with 50's-60's TV on Blu-Ray

    I was curious about this and wanted to check with you guys on what's been released (or announced) on Blu-Ray with 50's-60's TV shows. Here's the ones that I can think of at present: - Honeymooners - Twilight Zone Original Series - DIck Van Dyke Show - Prisoner - Star Trek TOS With BR...
  6. Jeff Willis

    DVD's, Focusing on TV/DVD - How's the Future Looking

    Bill Hunt's "The Digital Bits" posted an interesting article about the topic. He linked an article by Dade Hayes at the Forbes site. The full Digital Bits post about the topic (last 2 paragraphs in the post) is here Here's the portion of Bill's post pertaining to this, including the link to...
  7. Jeff Willis

    RIP Barrie Maxwell (The Digital Bits Classic Movie & TV columnist passed away July 10)

    Barrie Maxwell will be missed by many readers of Bill Hunt's "The Digital Bits" site. Barrie contribuited periodic "Classic Movie & TV" release news columns and reviews of the classic releases. Bill's daily post for today (July 11 in the States) is here
  8. Jeff Willis

    Executive Decision (WB) Nov 9 2010 DVD Release / Question about remastering

    Does anyone know if the re-release of this film (Nov 9, 2010 release) is the same transfer as the original release back in 1997? I can't find any info on this at Amazon or DVDTalk, among a few sites that I searched for some review info. Film info: WB (1996) Cast: Kurt Russell...
  9. Jeff Willis


    Can anyone confirm that the re-release (Nov 2010) is anamorphic? I'd guess that it is, since it's a WB release. I didn't see a review at DVDTalk and Amazon doesn't indicate that it's anamorphic but they often don't do that.
  10. Jeff Willis


    :cool: Posted this morning at TSoD http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6659 Maybe we shouldn't give up on the classic releases so fast. Seems like it's picking up some after a slow-down for a couple of months. I've noticed this trend (Jan-Mar) during the last 2 years as well...
  11. Jeff Willis

    Mike Hammer (Keach/'84) TV Movies Coming 04/25

    TSoD posted today about the 04/25 release of the 2 TV-Movies that were the pilots for the '84-'87 version (Stacy Keach) / Mike Hammer series. I have the '97 series but the '84 version is the one I really want bad. Gord/Dave, what do you guys think? Is this a good sign for the '84 series getting...
  12. Jeff Willis

    What Did Santa bring you (& forget) for Christmas '05?

    Ok, time to give Santa his "Thanks" :D Here's what I got this past Christmas: Dallas S3 Moonlighting S1 & 2 Murder She Wrote S1 What Santa "forgot" & left at the North Pole :D : Murder She Wrote S2 Remington Steele S1 Remington Steele S2 Star Trek Complete Original Series...
  13. Jeff Willis

    Classic TV/DVD Wish List for '06

    Hey, all... Anyone else want more of the classics in '06? In this case, I'd say "classics" are any series that were originally aired between the mid 50's thru the '80's. Mine are in my signature. [editorial] I'm constantly amazed that there are some of the youngsters out there that like...
  14. Jeff Willis

    Sony TiVo-compatible DirecTV Receivers

    Hi, all Does anyone know if Sony has a TiVo-compatible (DirecTV system) Satt Receiver Unit available? I'v only seen RCA, Hughes, and the generic "DirecTV" logos on Receivers in the local stores and I haven't seen any Sony's on the 'net. I've been told this: "The TiVo Receivers are in an...
  15. Jeff Willis

    DALLAS Season 4!!! ("Who Shot JR")

    Yeahhhh.....finally on DVD :emoji_thumbsup: (coming Tue 01/24/06) Anyone that was around back during the original airings remember where they were that evening of the "Who Shot JR" episode airing? I was out that evening and I remember having to close our eyes driving home to keep us from...
  16. Jeff Willis

    A-TEAM Seaon 3 announced 01/31/06

    Super-:cool: news. Thanks, "Dave" (TSoD headliner guru) for another award-winning headline :D I haven't seen this series until the DVD's were released. I'm about halfway thru S2 at the moment. Any A-Team "Vets" out there have info for me about how S3 ranks and compares to the other seasons...
  17. Jeff Willis

    Columbo S2 pkg + McCloud coming?

    Hello, Columbo fans :) I just received the S2 pack today and the pk'g is much improved from the S1 pack. There are 2 separate cases containing 2 disks each in the "easy-to-disengage" type hubs :) but they hold the disks well. These cases also have the "tabs" that lock the cases closed located on...
  18. Jeff Willis

    The Rifleman Boxed Sets / question

    Hello, all I have a question about the boxed sets of "The Rifleman". I've been thinking about getting these but I was wondering if these boxed sets are full season sets. I've seen several of the Rifleman DVD's on Amazon and some are "volums" with 2-3 eps but there are also several "boxed"...
  19. Jeff Willis

    Hogan's Heroes Season 1 03/15

    Hi, all.... I'm waiting for one of my all-time favorite's "Hogan's Heroes" due out 03/15 (Season 1). Any idea why Amazon hasn't put up the "pre-order" page? It's available on a couple of other online competitor's sites. Strange... I hope the sales #'s for Season 1 will support future...
  20. Jeff Willis

    Universal's TV/DVD's Question

    Hi from a new member. I haven't had a chance yet to navigate this site much but I'm amazed at the posts and knowlege of you all regarding TV/DVD's and the great feedback's I've read so far! :star: to all :) Apologies if this thread is old news, but I'm interested in getting feedback on...