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  1. Phyll

    What Happened To the Classic Shows on DVD?

    It seems like Sony, Fox and Warner Brothers have just shut the door on so many wonderful shows that are still in the vaults. I mean, why not finish The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the Bob Newhart Show? Or how about MGM finishing Green Acres or Mr Ed? And how about Sony at least finishing the...
  2. Phyll

    Is the classic tv on dvd market being killed off?

    I haven't read any news items in the last four months about any newsworthy releases or anything I would buy with the exception of the Lucy Show. I mean after season 3.2 of Gunsmoke, I doubt we will see any more of that show. Where is the rest of All in the Family, Maude, the Jeffersons, the Mary...
  3. Phyll

    Any news about All in the Family-Season 6?

    Has Sony given up on this show? In January it will be a year-does anyone think that maybe January could see a release date or does anyone care anymore? I am so bummed. Could Sony be any slower? They release the sets bare bones anyway so why the long wait?
  4. Phyll

    Does anybody know if Sony will release any more seasons of Norman Lear shows?

    I am wondering if Sony is still going to release more All in the Family, the Jeffersons or the last season of Good Times. Sony has been very quiet about these shows lately. I was just wondering if anybody knows if Sony is finished with these shows, if so it would be nice to know. I would also...
  5. Phyll

    With many show releases coming to an end this year-any guesses for next year?

    It seems this year many shows will be totally released so what is next for these big studios? I don't think they can afford to set on their catalogs any more. I would guess Three's Company will be finished and possibly TAGS and others I am not thinking of right now. Does anybody have any good...
  6. Phyll

    Hooking up a receiver to a tv

    Hi-I just bought a new tv and I didn't bother to check but the stupid thing doesn't have any audio out components. Is there any way to hook my stereo receiver to this tv? I couldn't believe they would make a tv this way. Well if anyone has any ideas please post. Thank you.
  7. Phyll

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show-Seasons3-7, any news

    Has anybody heard any news about whether Fox has decided to release more Mary? What I think they should do is after Mash is done-maybe by December of next year, they could step up the release of Mary then-eh? And of course the Bob Newhart Show and Rhoda!! Yeah!!!! Maybe Dave Lambert could find...
  8. Phyll

    Any News on Hawaii Five-0?

    Any chance Hawaii Five-0 will be on dvd? It's a natural to put on dvd because of the beautiful scenery and the storylines are well written. Just curious. Book em Danno!!