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  1. Dan Seewald

    FREE! Lot of 124 DVD cardboard shipping boxes

    Just as the title says, FREE!, just pay shipping. They will come flat packed and have perforations at the folding points. I've used several of these in the past to send DVDs to other HTF DVD trading members, and have had absolutely no complaints. I'd rather get rid of them all at once to 1...
  2. Dan Seewald

    Makita Automatic Drapery Opener

    Model # ZZCM101 with receiving unit. I am the second owner of this system, but have never gotten around to install & using it. Everything is complete (minus curtains, of course). Track length is 2 105in. Financial drains are forcing the sale. $900 new, sell for $300 shipped to any US destination...
  3. Dan Seewald

    FT: Westworld, Mr. Bean The Whole Bean, Kangaroo Jack, & others

    All in excellent condition, and OAR. I ship all my DVDs properly boxed, never Media Mail. I expect the same from you as well. I have: Lord Of The Rings - FOTR The Miracle Worker (Bancroft & Duke) Mr. Destiny Nothing Sacred Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean Close Encounters Of The Third Kind -...
  4. Dan Seewald

    FS: Panasonic AG-A95 Editing Controller

    Very good condition, works perfect. Features: Power Source: 5 V DC (Supplied from VTR) Time Indication : Max. + 9 hr. 59 min. 59 sec. (Player Unit/Recorder Unit) Remote Control Connector: 5-pin Remote Connector (Player Unit/Recorder Unit) Compatible VCR: AG-18x thru AG-1980 Operating...
  5. Dan Seewald

    Nad 6325 Cassette Deck

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally. Has Play Trim and Dolby C noise reduction. A true audiophile deck and built to last. $60 shipped to anywhere in the 48 states only. Email for pics. Dan 317 776-2862
  6. Dan Seewald

    FS: Toshiba cable modem brand new

    PCX2500. I bought this modem to save the cost of renting one. But it is not compatible with my ISP (insightbb.com). DOCSIS 1.1 Here is the MAC # so you can run a reference to see if you can use it. 00-00-39-19-28-4E. I received it 3 days ago new in the box. All is complete, nothing missing. Just...
  7. Dan Seewald

    Sony MDS-JE320 minidisc recorder

    Mint condition. Has ATRAC, digital optical input, but no digital output. Just your basic deck folks. Has a remote sensor. I have the original box, and manual, but no remote. Basic operations can be done on the unit though. Sell for $60 shipped to US destination only. Sold!! Dan 317 776-2862
  8. Dan Seewald

    WireWorld Oasis III 9ft. pair bi-wire speaker cable FREE, LITERALLY!!!

    Unterminated. Sells for $22ft. It's free, just be the first to post here, not by email. All I want is $10 (money order only - no PayPal) to cover the shipping. No shipping outside of US. Any insurance is the responsibility of the claimer. Dan
  9. Dan Seewald

    FS: 2 Criterions

    Each title viewed only once and are in mint condition. Prices are firm and include shipping to US destinations only. No international shipping. I properly box my DVDs for shipping, NEVER media mail. Insurance or delivery confirmation is extra. The Importance Of Being Earnest - $20 My Man...
  10. Dan Seewald

    WTB: Stewart Studiotec 130 16:9 screen

    Need the 82" diag. (40.5" x 72"),Luxus Deluxe ScreenWall with VeLux material border screen. Please help out a fellow HTF member find his dream a reality and sell me your Stewart screen you no longer need because you upgraded to a much bigger stewart screen. Needs to be mint or near-mint...
  11. Dan Seewald

    FS: WireWorld Oasis III speaker cable 90ft. pair

    Sorry for the misprint in my post. It is a 9ft. pair, not 90ft. pair!!. They are bi-wire cable, unterminated. Sells new for $22ft. Excellent condition. $40 shipped to anywhere in the USA, no international shipping. Dan
  12. Dan Seewald

    FT: The Blob CC for Spartacus CC

    Watched once. Absolute mint condition. I expect the same for your trade. I also have, all widescreen: The Pink Panther Strikes Again While You Were Sleeping Some Like It Hot (not SE) Father Of The Bride The Rookie It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (bought new without inserts) Birdman...
  13. Dan Seewald

    FS: Electrohome Marquee 8000 CRT projector

    Unit is in excellent condition, and functions perfectly. Only 1391 hours on the 8" CRTs and no burns whatsoever and just over 1028 hours in standby. Colors are uniform with equal brightness all round the screen. Has S-video as well as composite, RGBHV inputs. Made in May of 94'. I will include...
  14. Dan Seewald

    FS: Linn Classik (no tuner)

    Mint condition. Black diamond finish. Amp, preamp, CD all in one unit. 75 watts per channel. Accepts BFA speaker connectors only. Serial #002897. Has gold emblem on bottom of unit commemorating Linn's 25 year anniversary (1972-1997) somewhat indicating that the unit was made in 97' or 98'. I...
  15. Dan Seewald

    FS: Draper Cineperm M1300 .40" X.94" screen

    It is a fixed mount screen in 2:35:1 aspect ratio. 1.3 gain. Draper does not supply any mounting hardware whatsoever with their screens. I drilled the four holes into the frame as recommended with the instructions, however I'm not a professional at this kind of work. The results reflect it. The...
  16. Dan Seewald

    DVDs for trade

    All are in excellent condition. Father Of The Bride Chicken Run Some Like It Hot (not SE) Curly Classics Groundhog Day (not SE) My wants: Rear Window Guns of Navarone Snow Dogs The Birds Spartacus Tora Tora Tora Jaws and others, just not R rated titles Dan
  17. Dan Seewald

    FS: Computer hardware

    Both are like new. I just don't have use for them anymore. Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - with disc, PS/2 adapter, but no manual. No original box. $20 shipped to US only. No international shipping. Logitech QuickCam Home PC Video Camera - with installation disc, but no manual or original...
  18. Dan Seewald

    FS: Proton NT-2120 20" TV

    This set is in excellent condition, with no flaws cosmetically and functionally. Has been calibrated using Video Essentials and looks absolutely fantastic! Made in December of 98'. Cost $500 new, sell for $125 firm plus shipping. I have the remote, but no manual or original box. But the set will...
  19. Dan Seewald

    FS: B&K AV6000 6 channel amp $625 shipped!

    125 per channel. Excellent condition with no marks or nicks of any kind. $1695 new, sell for $625 FIRM shipped to anywhere in the Continental US only. NO international shipping. Dan 317 776-2862
  20. Dan Seewald

    FT: PlayStation1 with nascar 98 included

    I have the controller, manual, and box, as well as the aforementioned Nascar 98 in on the deal. I am looking for a CD-rewriter in trade. Dan [Edited last by Dan Seewald on November 07, 2001 at 09:03 PM]
  21. Dan Seewald

    WWT: 9 DVDs for CD burner

    I have: A Bug's Life - standard edition Benji Funny Farm Toy Story 2 Pack Capricorn One Ben-Hur The Philadelphia Story Sense And Sensibility Dan Seewald [Edited last by Dan Seewald on October 27, 2001 at 04:00 PM]
  22. Dan Seewald

    FS: DirectTV system, complete. $50 includes shipping

    RCA DS422ORE Dual LNB, never used. Only opened box to see the components. I have decided to go the digital cable route. $50 includes shipping to US destination only. Dan 317 776-2862
  23. Dan Seewald

    FT: Toy Story 2 pack, Funny Farm, A Bug's Life, Ben-Hur, etc.,

    Also have: The Lost Films Of Laurel & Hardy vol. 1 & 2 Curly Classics Chicken Run The Magnificient Seven The Dirty Dozen Benji The Philadelphia Story Sense And Sensibility Wants: Harvey Rear Window The Three Musketeers (Disney) A Shot In The Dark The Guns Of Navarone Dunsten...
  24. Dan Seewald

    WTB: John Goldfarg, Please Come Home - on LD or VHS

    I am looking for this classic movie made in 1965. I need a copy for a dear friend of mine. I know it was never released on video, but it has appeared on cable tv. So if you have a taped copy you no longer use, and it is in good shape, please let me know. Dan [Edited last by Dan Seewald on...
  25. Dan Seewald

    Ben-Hur, Magnificent Seven, etc, DVDs F/T

    I have the following for trade in mint condition: Funny Farm Arachnophobia (TRADE PENDING) The Magnificent Seven Ben-Hur The Prince of Egypt - Signature Selection Sense And Sensibility The Dirty Dozen First Knight Father Of The Bride - Steve Martin & Diane Keaton The Lost Films Of...