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  1. Josh Simpson

    mixing board for home recording and small gigs.

    First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, considering it's more for music and recording rather than home theater. I was browsing through musiciansfriend.com looking at live mixers. I'm looking for a small board for small gigs and doing simple recordings at home through my...
  2. Josh Simpson

    Disney's "The Wild Country" (1971). Ever coming to dvd?

    Is there any interest in this little Disney family film? I don't remember all that much about it, but liked it a lot as a kid. It'd be cool to own this, even if it didn't have any extras. upon further review, as far as I can tell this was released on VHS in 1986, so I guess I won't hold my...
  3. Josh Simpson

    Xbox Live won't connect to EA sports games but will with others.

    I played on my X-box(original) on xbox Live for the first time in a while. I put in Halo 2 and it connects fine. On Tiger Woods 2006 however, i punch in my passcode and it says "gamertags cannot be found." On NCAA Football 2006 I punch in the code and it just "signs in" forever but doesn't tell...
  4. Josh Simpson

    Psycho album conducted by Hermann...

    I've read of an out of print album of Psycho conducted by Hermann. This wasn't the soundtrack, but one he rerecorded years later. Does anyone know of it or should I just check ebay? It may just be on LP for all I know, which is fine as well. I have the Elfman condensed score and the McNeely cd...
  5. Josh Simpson

    Coffee/Alcohol combinations...

    I'm a coffee addict and when I go out sometimes I like to have a coffee drink with a bit of alchol mixed in. I'm wanting to make some of my own and was wondering what you like to use? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Josh Simpson

    Bob Dylan newbie...where do I start?

    I'm looking for some new (well...new to me) tunes, and I thought about Dylan. I'm not really familiar with much of his stuff, but where should I start? Should I go with an overview of the "Essential Bob Dylan" set? I was given a $25 gift card from iTunes, so I might go that route. If I like it...
  7. Josh Simpson

    Diana Krall: Christmas Songs... is there a Dualdisc?

    I saw her last album was put out on a dualdisc. It wasn't my favorite of hers but it grew on me. I noticed a new Christmas album online and was wondering if anyone has seen the Dualdisc as well? Thanks for the help.
  8. Josh Simpson

    Transferring i-pod, not itunes library to external hard drive.

    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, but I think it's right. In the past I've dealt with hard drive space issues, but I just bought an external hard drive. It's 80 gig, and I own a 20 gig hard drive. I know there is an easy way to move my Itunes library to a new drive, but I deleted much of it...
  9. Josh Simpson

    Philips DVP642 resetting player question?

    I recently got a cheapie Philips player as a secondary player. Well, the other day I hooked it up to a friend's Hi/Def ready tv, and when I took it home, I forgot to change the settings back. I tried to hook it up to the folks tv tonight and obviously there is no picture. Does anyone have any...
  10. Josh Simpson

    What is an MPC file and how to I play it?

    I have a few sounds clips with MPC as the type of file and I don't know what to use to play it. VLC player, media player, and lots of others I've tried. Can someone tell me some way to make them work? Thanks.
  11. Josh Simpson

    Air purifier for dorm room. Suggestions?

    Ok, I'm waking up every morning congested and miserable, and I think possibly the dorm vents are responsible. Does anybody have suggestions for a purifier for a small room? Thanks. With some research, I'm finding there are air purifiers, air cleaners and other stuff. Basically, I don't know...
  12. Josh Simpson

    Phantom of the Opera (1989) with Rober Englund. Who would buy?

    I was searching through Movie Gallery the other day and was reminded of this movie. Haven't seen it in years, but remember I liked the music. The question is would anyone want this besides me? Who even remembers it? I remember Robert Englund looking just like Freddy. With the Freddy Vs. Jason...
  13. Josh Simpson

    WTB: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds GAMECUBE.

    I'm looking for this game on Gamecube. Is anyone willing to part with it? Thank you.
  14. Josh Simpson

    Silverchair: Best of Volume 1. Who owns it?

    Thinking of picking this up for $12 at deepdiscountdvd. What does everyone think of it? What's the audio options? Thanks.
  15. Josh Simpson

    Need help displaying movie poster.

    For Christmas my friend Nick (fellow HTF'er) got me the Italian print of Army of Darkness. It's 27x40 and I got it professionally framed. Here's the deal. I live in a dorm and we're not supposed to put holes in the wall. Does anybody know of a good way to hang it or display it? I've heard...
  16. Josh Simpson

    Vinyl stores in Dallas/Fort Wroth area????

    I've been in Fort Worth since August now and I'm looking for vinyl stores. I know half price books on Heuland is pretty good. Who else knows of some from this area? Thanks a lot.
  17. Josh Simpson

    Sony PS-X500 turntable. Anyone own it?

    I just got this turntable cheap off of ebay and it doesn't come with a manual. I have an Aiwa receiver with a phono jack in the back of it, but there still is a very soft sound, even with the volume up. I'm guessing I need a pre-amp of some sort? I thought that if your receiver had a phono jack...
  18. Josh Simpson

    Producer says Inday 4 will not rely on CGI.

    From www.imdb.com Producer Says 'Indy 4' Will Not Rely on CGI Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall is determined to shun the current trends in movie making - insisting the upcoming fourth installment of the hit franchise will avoid using computer effects. Frank is adamant the sequel to...
  19. Josh Simpson

    No sound through CD-rom headphones.

    I just installed a new cd rom up to a new soundcard. Everything's going fine through the speakers, but I plug my headphones in the headphone slot on the front of the cd-rom drive and there's no sound. I went to all the volume settings and nothing appears to be muted or turned down. Is there a...
  20. Josh Simpson

    DVD Decoder problem for computer

    First I want to apologize if this isn't in the right forum. I'm stumped. I recently upgraded an older AMD 700 Windows 98 to XP. Ok, no problem there. My brother recently bought a new DVD burner for his new gateway, so he gave me his dvd rom. I installed it fine, everything works fine. I put in a...
  21. Josh Simpson

    Seamless branching not used on Halloween 25'th Anniversary.

    DVDfile says that Anchor Bay will not be using seamless branching between the two versions of the theatrical and tv version of the movie. I enjoy the theatrical version by itself, so this isn't a huge deal, but a little disappointing. I'll still buy this though, without a doubt, as I've been...
  22. Josh Simpson

    Apex AD-1110W. Does it play DVD-R?

    I have a Toshiba 5 changer I'm happy with, but I'd have a few dvd-r's and wonder if this inexpensive player plays DVDr's? It doesn't say on the box, but wondered if anybody owned it as a secondary player or something? DVD rom plays them fine, but what about this apex? Thanks.
  23. Josh Simpson

    WTB: Dances With Wolves DTS, Hitchcock Discs

    I'm looking for Dances With Wolves, and don't want to buy it used off Amazon.com for fear of buying an import. Also I'm looking for Hitchcock dvd's such as Rope, The man Who Knew Too Much, To Catch a Thief, Rebecca, The Birds, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Shadow of a Doubt.
  24. Josh Simpson

    Easy to use VCD maker freeware?

    Not really sure where this thread belong, but here goes. Does anybody put old home movies on VCD and DVD's? I'm looking to do this, just for the fun of it, but all the freeware I've downloaded is rather complicated. Is there anything out there for simple people like me?
  25. Josh Simpson

    Had big date, but am Snowed in!

    Now that college finals are over, I was going to go on a big date with a girl I've gotten very close to. She lives about 30 miles from me, and Monday (23'rd) it started to snow. And it still hasn't stopped Tuesday morning. I had to cancel the date because we've gotten almost a foot of snow. It...
  26. Josh Simpson

    Fire in the Sky. Anybody want this on DVD?

    I always thought this movie was pretty good, and I'd love to see it on DVD. IMDB says Paramount is the distributor. Did anyone like this movie and would like to see it on DVD? I remember Robert Patrick in it, and I remember the last 30 minutes or so with the flashback being pretty freaky.
  27. Josh Simpson

    Next blind purchase. Near Dark or Re-animator Millenium Editon?

    I've heard great things about both of these, but don't have access to either of these for rent. Which do you guys reccomend? I love vampire flicks, and I love EDII style humor. I only have moolah for one right now, so which one should be first? Both looks to be top notch DVD's as far as extras...
  28. Josh Simpson

    Classical and Opera DVD's???

    I like about all music, and own Diana Krall and The Eagles DVD's. This isn't for everyone I'm sure, but what classical concerts or Opera DVD's do you reccomend? La Boheme or something like that is what I'm looking for.
  29. Josh Simpson

    Lawrence of Arabia, blind purchase???

    I've seen this used for $17.99. I've seen a lot of the "classics" but I haven't seen this one yet. I've heard a lot of dispute about the aspect ratio and different things and was wondering if this is worth a blind purchase or if another edition was coming? Let me know.
  30. Josh Simpson

    Buying new player soon. Help me decide!!!

    I'm going to Best Buy soon to get a player. I'm in college on a budget but will soon after get a HDTV, so I'm looking at Progressive Scan. There is a Panasonic RP 62 for $179 and a Sony DVP-NS715 for $199. I want one that will play my DVDR's well. I just want to know from any of you that own...